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Found 1 result

  1. I got a letter today from a Student Loans company demanding a little under £5,000. (This isn't the normal Student Loans Company but a company that buys Student Loans.) I have 3 pre 1998 Student Loans (old-style loans). After I left Uni I deferred for a year or two but then I got ill (mental health issues) and even though I wasn't earning anything/enough to pay back the loans I stopped deferring them. I got letters for a while which I ignored and after a while I even stopped opening letters that looked like bills/debt letters etc. After a while the letters stopped coming and I haven't heard anything about student loans for years and years. (Although not totally better I am recovering slowly and do now open my post!) As I haven't ever paid this debt and haven't acknowledged it for 6+ years I was going to use the Limitations Act to say they were Statute Barred. However I was searching a pile of old unopened post today to try and find more details about my student loans as the reference number on the letter is not a student loan number. I did eventually find some student loan paperwork and the 3 loan numbers I have are all different to the referance number on the letter, but the amount seems about right if you added them altogether and added some costs on. while doing this I came across a CCJ for my student loans that was decided in their favour by default as I didn't respond to the claim. This CCJ is dated 2001. I did not know I had this CCJ until today. The amount on the CCJ is about £500 less than what they are now asking for. They have not enforced this CCJ. I have never had bailiffs come round. I have only lived here and at my parents house since leaving Uni, so it's not like they couldn't find me. Now I'm not sure what to do. I can't use the statute barred route because of the CCJ. (Kind of wish I'd never found the CCJ letter - the CCJ does not appear on my credit report, so if I hadn't found the letter I wouldn't have known about it). However from reading forums online/calling helplines I have discovered that CCJ's that are over 6 years old cannot be enforced unless they go back to court again. The general consensus seems to be that courts rarely let them renew the CCJ as they should have enforced it sooner. Some forums advise asking for a copy of the original CCJ, then if they cannot provide this, they say you can the go down the Statute Barred/Limitations act route as when you do this the creditor has to prove that there's been a CCJ & been payment/acknowledgement, and as they can't do that the debt then cannot be enforced. If this is true please could someone talk me through how to do it? Doesn't asking for an original CCJ document prove that you know there was a CCJ destroying the whole statute barred argument? Or can I just request all documentation - would the CCJ be included in this? Other places advise that I should just write saying I do not acknowledge the debt and accept no liability for it and therefore won't be paying it, then wait and see what happens. Other advice was just wait till the bailiffs come, don't let them in (advisor said they have no right to come in), and then apply to court to vary the CCJ to an amount that I can afford. (They said I shouldn't do this yet, as I might end up paying money I don't have to. This is because when they apply to renew the CCJ they might be turned down). How can I tell if they have been back to court to get the CCJ renewed? Are they allowed to chase me now if they haven't already got the CCJ renewed? Would I be told if they were planning to go to court to renew the CCJ, in which case could I defend myself from it? Sorry it's such a long post, but I think that explains everything. Hope it all makes sense. I'm really confused and very stressed about this. Please can someone help me with this and advise what I should do and if possible point me in the direction of sample letters? Thank you very much
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