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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I bought a car in May for the first time in the UK unfortunately, the dealer didn't inform me properly of what I had to do after I bought it and I am a bit confused. I don't have a log book - not sure if I should have already received it or if I need to do something in order for them to send it to me. Also, it's worth mentioning that the dealer didn't fill my details on the V5C/2. (I read on the DVLA website that he should fill my details when he sold the car to me). So currently, I only have the V5C/2 with only the vehicle's details on and not mine. The new keeper's details fields are all empty. I am moving flat (in 4 weeks) and in order to apply for resident parking permit the vehicle needs to be registered to the new address. I don't even know to which address the vehicle is registered at the moment as I don't have a log book. I know, I should have been more careful and I should ask someone else as well apart from the dealler, but now it's done and I really need some help. Does anyone know what I should do to change the address? Should I just ask for the log book and then change my address (this will take a long time...) or should I just fill in the new address on the V5C/2 and send it to them. Very confused... Thanks in advance! Lisa
  2. Just bought my first car in the UK from a large auto auction and was curious about the V5C document. Do I really need the signature of the registered keeper (previous owner) if purchased through an auction where I have no contact with the previous owner at all? :???:
  3. momon121

    Fine for v5c

    Hi In July I purchased a van and on the same day I completed the part 9 of the V5C and posted it. At the time I did not get proof of postage however after few weeks now DVLA are now issuing me with a fine of £80 as I have not declared. They have asked to me provide proof and I did made a copy of the original V5C before posting it now even then at this juncture they are not happy with the evidence. They are demanding that i have to pay the £80. I strongly disagree with their decision as it was not my fault if my post went missing. Is there anything I can do to challenge this late licensing penalty. Thank you for reading
  4. TallArnie

    Two V5Cs

    The previous owner of my car used to have a personalised number plate. But when we bought the car (through a proper garage), it had the original plates on. Soon after buying the car in Feb last year, we received the V5C document with the car and the original reg. But yesterday (almost a year after we bought the car), I received another V5C for the same car (= same serial number) but now with that personalised reg from the previous owner. So now I have two V5Cs for my car!! Should I worry? Do I need to contact the DVLA? Am I now the owner of a personalised number plate (which actually is just an 03 plate with the previous owner's initials, i.e. of very little use to me)
  5. Hi Caggers, last year i got myself into a bit of a pickle. Too many hours at work and a marriage that i couldnt hold together. Dire times. Had to sell the car. Couldnt at the time of sell, find the V5 but i knew that i did have it in a pile of papers. I rang DVLA to ask about a replacement and the following day, i found it. Entered the new owners details into the form and sent it off A couple of days after this, i had to move out. That was that.... OR WAS IT! A few months down the line i took receipt of a letter that stated i was to pay some fine or something. .. Wait a moment, i didnt owe anything anything so i rang the number (poole court) and spoke to someone about the issue, turns out dvla had prosecuted me! It was suggested on the phone that i submit a stat dec. No body told me that i had only 21 days to do so. Now, in between all the moving around and trying to salvage the marriage and working 70 hours a week to pay for everything (again) i totally forgot about the whole thing, time passed, i moved out and found a little flat. No letters from dvla, no letters from hmcs nothing.. . until monday when i had a nasty letter from marstons wanting to remove goods . HANG ON ! So.... . i researched the whole DVLA lost letter thing and boiled it down to section 7 interpretation act etc. I got in touch with the local mag court and told them what had happened and they said that i did not respond within the 21 day stat dec requirements so an out of time stat dec would have to do... I was then advised by the mag court staff that i would be better off sending them a letter, marking it "letter of appeal against conviction", so i penned the following letter: LETTER OF APPEAL AGAINST CONVICTION / SENTENCE DATED : FRIDAY 22nd NOV 2013 I wish to appeal against my conviction on the following grounds: 1) I did not receive a “Notice to owner” from DVLA” 2). I gave notice to DVLA in accordance with law which they claim they did not receive: Section 7, Chapter 30 of the 1978 Interpretation Act - References to service by post - “Where an Act authorises or requires any document to be served by post (whether the expression “serve” or the expression “give” or “send” or any other expression is used) then, unless the contrary intention appears, the service is deemed to be effected by properly addressing, pre-paying and posting a letter containing the document and, unless the contrary is proved, to have been effected at the time at which the letter would be delivered in the ordinary course of post.” 3). I was not able to represent myself in court not knowing that the case had been heard in my absence: ARTICLE 6 , Right to a fair trial 1. In the determination of his civil rights and obligations or of any criminal charge against him, everyone is entitled to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal established by law. Judgment shall be pronounced publicly but the press and public may be excluded from all or part of the trial in the interests of morals, public order or national security in a democratic society, where the interests of juveniles or the protection of the private life of the parties so require, or to the extent strictly necessary in the opinion of the court in special circumstances where publicity would prejudice the interests of justice. 2. Everyone charged with a criminal offence shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law. 3. Everyone charged with a criminal offence has the following minimum rights: (a) to be informed promptly, in a language which he understands and in detail, of the nature and cause of the accusation against him; (b) to have adequate time and facilities for the preparation of his defence; © to defend himself in person or through legal assistance of his own choosing or, if he has not sufficient means to pay for legal assistance, to be given it free when the interests of justice so require; (d) to examine or have examined witnesses against him and to obtain the attendance and examination of witnesses on his behalf under the same conditions as witnesses against him; (e) to have the free assistance of an interpreter if he cannot understand or speak the language used in court. I wish to apply outside of the 21 days notice (Out of time statutory declaration) because: 1). I was unaware until very recently that I could only submit a statutory declaration within 21 days and knew nothing of an “Statutory Declaration Out of Time” submittal or its applied process. 2). If I had been aware of a pending prosecution I would of attended to give my defence. Mr xxx Went down to the court with said letter and submitted it today. Now then, a few questions. Did i do the right thing ? How would you of done this and why? Does this stop the bailiff from executing a warrant of distress? Would i contact bailiff to let them know that a contest has been submitted? What if the whole thing gets refused? What next ? DVLA SAR to get as much as possible FOI requests to prove mail gets lost Would appreciate some guidence on this one folks. As always, thanks in advance.
  6. I bought a new car this year and the car was delivered in the first week of April. Money handed over the same day. UK Car Discount operate online and over the phone only. I was told that the log book would be registered in my name as the car was being made and upon receipt of the funds, they would fill out the "Change of Address" tab on the V5. I phoned up recently to say that I still havn't received my V5 and it transpired that they only sent off the change of address form on 19th May. I contacted the DVLA today and gave my details along with the Car Reg plate and they said that the car was not registered in my name. Surely there is some dodgy practice going on so I will contact UK car discount again tomorrow, but who can I officially put in a complaint to about this?
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