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Found 6 results

  1. Hi. In brief... I drove a car belonging to my wife and parked it in the free parking for customers car park at Vastern Ct in Reading. I left the site for literally 2 minutes then came back and bought a load of stuff at The Range, looked at some wines in Majestic (but didnt buy) and then bought some stuff in Aldi. When I got back, found ticket, was pretty cross, when I got home looked at the forums (which at the time were of the ignore until the NKD came through opinion). When the NKD did come through, we replied and told them that I was the driver at the time and not my wife. She then got a letter back from them saying her appeal had failed... and then came a slew of letters upping the ante at each stage, but all addressed to my wife. At the time, the relationship was somewhat rocky, so comms weren't great anyway. So I googled again ad came up with Parking Prankster who recommended an outfit called [removed] who for £16 would fight your case, or pay the fine guaranteed. I thought great! Paid up, thinking all dealt with, until many months later discovered that the company had collected the money, shut its doors and run... thanks! I had been done over And other expletives. the letters still came, the charge was now £160, and started coming from DRP now. Then there was a lull. After the big High Court case, and appeal, the letters started coming again, citing the High court appeals etc, which made my wife nervous. she wrote to DRP denying their claim ,and suggested they refer back to the first and only correspondence in the matter. She did not mention my name in that letter. Today, I received, in my name, a letter from DRP, demanding the £160. This has been going on for over a year - will have to dig the dates out - but it must be at least 14 / 15 months, and this is the first time they have written to the right person. Do I have any defence re time limits - given that they had my details all along? Any suggestions as to what route I should take? Many thanks
  2. Brief Overview: I purchased a car around 5 weeks ago from a used dealer for around £1900 on the proviso they arranged for it to be serviced as advertised (it hadn't been). Post purchase we arranged for the cambelt to be done at the same time for an extra £230. After getting the car back various bits of trim had been put back shoddily and the car was seriously lacking power compared to before. Turns out the dealer users an 'ex-ford specialist' mechanic moonlighting from his normal job and not an actual garage. A week later it goes back to them to be fixed as the timing is clearly out, I get it back and whilst it seems some power has returned it now idles at around 1200 rpm and sounds bad. I also notice at this point that the Engine Management Light bulb has been removed although I foolishly didn't check this pre-purchase. I take the car back again and leave it with them for a week while I go away and am told they will send to a different garage as I didn't want the same guy working on it. I've picked up today to be told there is a fault P1381 - Variable Cam Timing Overadvanced (Bank #1) but they're not willing to spend any money fixing it as it drives fine and must only be a fraction out. I drive the car home and it's clearly in limp mode. I decide to get it looked at by an independent with a view to getting it fixed and claiming the costs back from the seller. The car has been looked over and come back with the following faults: P1383 - Variable Cam Timing retarded Serpentine Belt in poor condition Oil and Coolant Leak Bolt in top of rocker cover stripped of thread Engine Oil Overfilled Front and Rear Brake discs badly corroded Exhaust Blow, Cracked Catalyst No locking wheel nut found Based on all this and the fact I've given them ample opportunity to fix the original issue, which still isn't fixed I want to reject the car for a refund but am unsure of the exact steps to do so. My understanding is as follows: Write a letter of rejection with reasons why Await response If none then send letter of intent re small claims court If no response then start moneyclaim proceedings. A couple of questions though... What happens with the v5 document if I'm rejecting the car? Do I mention the fact that I will consider court action if we can't reach an amicable arrangement. Do I call to tell them that I'm rejecting the car before the letter? Do I insist that they come and collect the car from me? Sorry this is quite a complicated first post, any advice is gratefully received. Cheers Dom
  3. I recently bought a package holiday deal for myself and my gf ..i paid on finance and have finally payed the holiday off. Fleetway told me that they don't send the tickets for the holiday until 2 weeks before you fly..but i've bought another holiday from travel republic and they gave me the tickets there and then for everything. Is this normal practise??
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-22025035 it looks like osborne is hoping to capitalise on the nation's repulsion of the philpotts as another way of turning people against those on benefits has he so little shame that he would attempt to use 6 children's tragic deaths as a vehicle to attack benefit cklaimants
  5. Good Evening All, Long story cut short, received a NIP for speeding 37 in 30mph. Addressed to myself. After a week of arguing agreed it was my partner and popped off the form to the right address.Month later, received another form, moaned and grumbled and duly filled out the form and sent away again (not recorded) truly did not see the need to. Today partner receives a summons for the initial speeding offence (no dispute here) and now also failure to name the driver, yet one of the NIP forms with my hand writing on it is included with the bundle of documents???Having calmed down after getting all frustrated with it all, I can only a spot one possible issue (on my part unfortunately) - The first letter was addressed to me and I replied with my partners info and sent back. The second, may have been addressed to my partner and I may have actually filled it out again as if addressed to me by mistake as I thought it was the same thing - a la lost in the post!Within the bundle there is also a third NIP letter, which I sincerely never received I know at least one NIP form was received, but I think both that I received as they actually sent me one with my hand writing on it. Hope this is making sense! What a mare to now receive this. There is absolutely no dispute on the speeding offence and we replied to both the NIP letters we received, though I do take on board the fact that I may have filled in one form in the wrong place. However, both were returned, no arguments, disputes or nonsense as to who the driver was and now get a court summons! Common sense would have been nice from my point of view, assuming it is down to the fact that I filled in section B not A etc.... Perhaps a little letter to say you filled in the wrong bit or is that too obvious and easy? I would be sincerely grateful for any advice as to prevent this from a court visit. Partner has been driving 12 years, not a single offence and I had 3 points about 7 years ago in all of my 20 years driving.... What a mare At the moment, there is no number or option to try and explain and I'm absolutely of the opinion that this is not in the best interest of anyone concerned, waste of time and money for all! We in our minds have been upfront with who was driving, filled out two forms, though one may have been in the wrong place and to then get a bundle of docs saying that we are hiding the identity of the driver is a little upsetting to say the least. Is there literally no option to discuss this with either the constabulary, court or CPS?? We are stuck for the most common sense approach and any ideas would be most warmly welcomed. Thanks in advance, D
  6. I have just received my summons to appear at the Magistrates Court but it is not for three months. Is it normal to get so much notice? I just wondered as I thought it was normally three weeks' notice and I am concerned that they have put it off to enable them to dig further and come up with something else. Does anyone know? Thanks
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