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Found 18 results

  1. Hi there, I'm really stressed out and hope someone is able to provide some advice. We went to a car dealership yesterday and viewed a used car. We were there with two young kids for 3 hours and, perhaps it was the fatigue and wanting to get out of there, ended up agreeing to the deal and signed an Order for the used car with a part exchange of ours. We left the car dealership at 3:30pm. We now have cold feet. It's a huge amount of money and really regret it. My partner and i have rowed about this since last night as he wanted to sleep on it but we ended up signing as salesperson wa
  2. hi guys just saying hello, i look fowards to posting on you forum and please be patiant with me. modo
  3. Hi , i admit i have only joined as i needed some advice on behalf of an elderly neighbour and have been overwhelmed with the help /advice i have been given. I will browse and if there is anything i can contribute i certainly will although the legal side is an unknown area to me normally Andy
  4. hi to all im a new user on here and need some advice please! here is a brief description on the matter back in 2013 i signed up with talk talk for phone bb and tv services, after approx 3/4 weeks of no services i rang them up and told them i would like to cancel the contract as they had not provided me what im paying for. after numerous phone calls about the above issues talk talk said the contract would be cancelled and that would be the end of the matter there would be no charges due to early termination of contract etc. although i never received anything in writin
  5. I've known this was going to happen for a while, but I have now become the proud owner of a shiny new wheelchair. I've opted for self-propelled even though my upper body strength is sufficiently limited to mean that most of the time I'll have to have help, but I'm a control freak and leaving my speed/direction/ability to move entirely in the hands of someone else totally freaked me out. I've had the session with the physio but that was of necessity very limited, and the physio doesn't actually have the knowledge a day-to-day wheelchair user has, so thought I'd see if any other CAG m
  6. Hi, hoping someone has some advice. While visiting family last week, my husband parked up in a disabled bay in a council car park while we took the children to the park. Parking was free for up to three hours. Blue badge and time clock displayed clearly. he drives a WAV, he has to be careful about how to park, very few car parks have spaces that are ok for WAVs. This particular car park layout meant for safely and to not cause an obstruction, he was within two BB spaces, ie making a 'through' space. We've parked there before with our previous WAV.
  7. Hi there I would like to ask for advice re unfair parking charges at Lidl / Athena car park in Eltham SE9 Thanks Ross
  8. Hi there I've just attempted to post in banks,finance,credit forum but it states that it's not accepting any more posts.. .. I hope you can re direct this for me and hopefully help. I have four credit cards (all defaulted against) and one loan (with a ccj) that I am looking to settle . two of the cards are in my husbands name but I will be negotiating in the same instance. All of the creditors have payment plans in place which I negotiated myself which have been running and paid on time for a minimum of two years agreed payments are between £20-£40 per month each. I
  9. I seen this user name(sticky) before on the anonymous.uk. site!
  10. Hi, I'd like to change my User name as it seems outdated now (I'm through the worst!) and was told this was the place to go?? Can someone help me with this? Many thanks
  11. I have been racking my brains to find a solution to my particular problem with GE money, thanks to this forum I have inspiration as to the course of action I can take. Ge money are trying it on with me now, but with the contributions from this forum I have found a way to chain the rottweiler. Thanks people. Some of the comments are so familiar that I feel as if it were me being spoken about. So, Briefly. Ge have been on the phone over many months with me; hiking up repayments & changing the game on an almost daily basis. Now they are taking me to court with a notice to
  12. Just trying to get a sense of whether I'm paying too much or not... I'm paying £135 per month direct debit. I'm a single man living alone in a one -bedroom flat. I have gas central heating and a gas cooker. No TV or hi-fi, but my computer is on all day. As a single man, I don't do a lot of cooking:), so the oven doesn't get used much. I have a washing machine too. The property is rented, so I can't change suppliers: they're set by the landlord. The supplier for both gas and electricity is e.on. I've just been reading about a family of 6 who say their combined energy bill is arou
  13. My "notifications" bar has disappeared and I cannot access my messages. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  14. Hello, first timer here. I got a call from Global Debt Recovery last Wednesday, i confirmed my name etc and then was told that they were acting for Lloyds Tsb, and that i owed £5323.41 plus interest of £3518.49 accrued over the last 10 years. I admit that i had a Lloyds account, but when i moved away in 2000 i opened another account with another bank and things have been good, i thought that i had got my life together. I had payed off several old debts through various companies and had had no correspondence with Lloyds at all, even though i had a redirection of mail when i moved. I
  15. i'm a new User and I am looking to solve my problem with Usenext
  16. Hi, I thought I would give you some feedback on a 'newbie' perspective of the website. Firstly there is confusing information on the welcome post, the youtube video says explain your problem etc whilst the welcome screen says dont, so you end up saying hi then being asked to tell a bit more...two posts instead of one. Then your thread is moved and unless I am incredibly thick, its really hard to navigate and find it, my thread was moved and although its been seen by around 300 people not a single word of advice...I only asked if you have to fill in expenditure forms? The
  17. Hi this is my first time on the forum and I need help and don't know where else to turn. I am having trouble with Marston Group Bailiffs. In short I have just received a letter from my old address which was sent on 4th May this year saying I owed £220 which was an outstanding court fine of 135 plus 85 charges from marston. I went to their website to pay the £220 on friday night and was told I couldn't pay it. I rang Marstons yesterday morning to pay by debit card and spoke to a guy who informed the debt has now risen to 400 plus due to it being in the hands of the bail
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