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Found 11 results

  1. Have been googling for a solution to walk me away with this, then found this forum. This forum is amazing! But it may still be uneasy to resolve my trouble, because I red all the other threads by fellow victims and yet none of them matched with mine. It sounds absolutely silly as in hindsight, however, I literally and rather unconsciously has made two sign-ups in UseNext 14 days free trial, with one fraud Email address and the other one is authentic. But both of them have now bundled with my PayPal account, therefore, I assume I will get a double charge in the expiry of free trial period in case I stay put at the moment. I wasn't much too unfortunate, after all I discovered this issue the first day I made the sign-up, not to mention I haven't even started to use it. But the ridiculous part is that even if I have 13 days margin to cancel the one with my real email registered, there is no way I can cancel the other due to I don't own the other email at all. I suppose there won't be leniency given by UseNext then to defeat their own purpose of exploiting as much as they possibly can. As a fact that I have no intention to sign up for UseNext therefore I didn't bother writing down my own email, but only did I realize that my sign-up is immediately activated and the countdown of bill charge is initiated when I logged in my PayPal account. That's why I made the second sign-up with my own email address just to confirm if I'm really into the trap. And it is what it is now.. I am quite panic for this right now, and have probably 13 days left to come up with a solution. Call me an oblivious doodle all you like, but PLEASE if I won't be forcibly charged then that would sound much cozier. What should I do next??
  2. Hi All, I had an email from UseNext below ====================================================== Attachment: Your invoice ====================================================== Customer data: Removed -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------- Invoice line item: Invoice number/Mandate: ... Invoice date: 22.03.2016 dunning charge dunning charge:3.... Number of Items: 1 Unit Price: 5,00 Euro ------------------------------- [uNXDE307] UseNeXT Smart+ (22.Mrz.2016 - 22.Mrz.2017) (CET) Number of Items: 1 Unit Price: 79,46 Euro ------------------------------- Net Price: 84,46 Euro Tax: 20% equals: 15,89 Euro Total Price: 100,35 Euro Date of issue: 03.05.2016 The invoice total contains overdue fines in the amount of 5 EUR. Kind regards, Your UseNeXT team ============================================================== UseNeXT is a service provided by: Aviteo Ltd. Legally registered address: Aviteo Ltd. Regional Branch Josephspitalstrasse 15 80331 Munich Commercial register number: HRB 153436 Tax number: 143/117/10088 Managing director: Christian Robert Schuetze -------------------------------------------------------------- Aviteo Ltd. - Palladium House 1-4 Argyll Street London, W1F 7LD - Great Britain Comp. Registration Office Cardiff No. 5069029 ============================================================== Please do not reply to this email! We do not control the mailbox, so you will not get an answer. For further inquiries to our support please click on Removed Link I've replied a few time telling them I had cancelled this on the 20th Feb 06 the same day I signed up to it. These have been ignored. Yesterday I received a letter demanding payment. The account was cancelled well before 14 days but they are saying this isn't the case. Advise is needed.
  3. I created a UseNeXT account not long back and after creating the account, I went to paypal and did my usual check of seeing if it was a recurring payment setup and to my finding there was none, so I had thought I was safe. Well that was until a few hours ago when I just noticed that I've had a paypal charge of £79.84 or so and as a student I simply cannot afford that.. I have my flat to pay for and food. I've contacted UseNeXT support and hopefully should get a reply soon, so I'll have to comment on what happens. *EDIT* As a update, they've replied and fortunately have been very forgiving. Paypal needs to easily display what you have transactions that you can be charged from. I looked for it as soon as I opened the account and saw nothing when clicking "Details" on a transaction.
  4. Good morning, I am being chased for money by UseNeXT on a contract that was automatically renewed without my consent, other than it is mentioned in their Terms and Conditions. The contract was automatically renewed on 30th August and I have most definitely not used the service from at least 1st October 2015. As I could not be sure if the service had been used between renewal date and 30th September, I offered to pay them for that month and for me to be released from the contract. I have sent numerous emails to them - in one instance, it took them 49 days to respond. Below is my latest correspondence, followed by their response: QUOTE Good morning, It has taken you 49 days to respond to my email - I believe that to be unacceptable practice. I wish to inform you that I am disputing the monies owed as the terms specified with regards to cancellation, do not conform to the Unfair terms in Consumer Contract Regulations, in line with the fact that I was not specifically made aware that it was an automatic renewal, and that I was not given a reasonable opportunity to prevent the renewal, in that you did not notify me of the upcoming renewal. The contract was renewed without my approval or permission, and I feel you have failed in providing fairness and in being reasonable. I should have been notified that my subscription was due to be renewed and then given the option to cancel. This did not happen. I have not used the service from at least the 01/10. I have asked you to cancel the contract which I have not had confirmation that you have done. I feel I have acted in good will by offering to pay for the service until the end of September 2015 despite my grievances. The service has not been used since and you should have records on your system of my usage. I would hope that you don’t intend to pursue this matter any further after taking into consideration all of the above. If you feel it necessary to continue with this pursuit of monies owed for a 'years' worth' of service that I have asked you to cancel and have not used, then please make your next move. UNQUOTE Their response was: QUOTE Thank you for your e-mail. We are sorry for the late reply. As agreed within the terms and conditions, a termination has to be made in writing, either by letter, by fax, within the membership area of UseNeXT or via support order form. Other forms are not sufficient, and so stopping payment is not a termination. Also it is not possible to cancel your account by phone. If not terminated in the above described way, the account renews automatically into another full service-round, liable to pay costs. It does not matter whether you use this account or not, for this is the customer's very own decision. If a termination was made properly you would have received an automatic reply with the confirmation of your termination. The account is prepaid, for which we have not received your termination in one of the described fashion and so our claim remains valid and we kindly ask your to settle your debt within the given deadline to avoid further costs. After payment is made, you will have access to your account again, to use up the volume, you were charged for. If you have no use for your account after the current service-period runs out, we offer you to forward your termination to the responsible department from where you will receive a confirmation. Just let us know your decision. UNQUOTE I cannot think, in my own experience, of any other service provider I have that has an automatic renewal, whereby they do not contact you before the automatic renewal date is due, giving you the option to actively take control of the situation. If anyone can offer advice on what my next step should be, I would be very interested to hear. I am prepared to take this wherever it goes. Yours faithfully B
  5. Hi everyone can anyone help or give me some advice please. i took usenext out, the yearly one in july 2013, it expired in july last year and ever since they have been trying to get me to pay another years subscription, which i never wanted in the first place, its gone to some sort of collecting agency since and they are now asking for 165 euros due to costs, i dont see why i should pay and there terms and conditions they use stink. obviously i havent been able to use the service due to this bill problem so dont see why i have to pay for a service i cannot and dont want to use, below is a copy of the email, any advice anyone, can i get out of paying for this somehow. sounds like a very unscrupulous company? Member of – Bundesverband Deutscher Inkasso-Unternehmen e.V - Bundesverband Deutscher Rechtsbeistände/Rechtsdienstleister e.V. TESCHINKASSO Forderungsmanagement GmbH Bielsteiner Str. 43, 51674 Wiehl Telefone: +49 2262 711-368 Claim of Aviteo Ltd. - Gainsborough House, your customer number 9363967 invoice number 28634574, file number NX14/04705 Dear Mr. Jason, we have already sent you several letters that we have been commissioned to collect the claim of Aviteo Ltd. - Gainsborough House. Unfortunately we have not yet received your payment of your membership fee with invoice number 28634574 and invoice date 24.10.2014 originated on 14.09.2014 for your account number 9363967. The current package in your file is an UseNeXT Smart+ package. On 29.08.2013 you have knowingly registered on our client’s website with your personal data (e.g. verified IP address: and E-mail address (Ive hidden it) and agreed to the terms and conditions during the registration process. Our client refers to fulfillment of your contractual obligations. In our first letter from 19.12.2014, we have sent you a summary of the accumulated costs, consisting of the principal claim in the amount of 106,35 EUR plus handling fees, interests and reminder fees and this has so far added up to a total claim in the amount of 161,26 EUR. This amount has to be paid until 04.02.2015 at the latest to avoid further costs and inconveniences. Please use the following payment methods: Bank details: Commerzbank AG IBAN: DE82 3844 0016 0722 0809 06 BIC/SWIFT: COBADEFFXXX Please note: we only accept SEPA payments. To make payment even more convenient for you, we offer to make money transfers directly to our London Account: Sort Code 406201, Account number 30544830, Favor of: Tesch Inkasso Forderungsmanagement GmbH. The total claim would be then 125,64 GBP. PayPal account
  6. Hi, Please can you give me advice on my problem with Usenext? I tryed 14 days free trial then was trying to cancel but didnt managed to do it after exact 14 days, so done it 12 hours later. Now they demand 100 Euro for service i dont used during trial and dont have intention to use. despite they agrred with canceling my contract: Hello Tomas, We hereby confirm your revocation for the following services: -------------------------------------------------------------- UseNeXT Smart+ (28.12.2014 - 28.12.2015) -Thank you Tomas
  7. Sorry to worry you fellas and girls I know you have been swamped with complaints about this company but I have the same debt collection letter from them. I was a user of their service and found due to economic circumstances couldn't afford the cost. I cancelled my membership within the allotted time frame and received a letter back confirming this. I thought that would be the end of it but just recently received a demand for payment for their service. Somehow I had two memberships? and I had only cancelled one. I was hacked last year and the chap from France played merry hell with my pc and used my accounts at various sites and forums I belonged to as well as my e-mail. My question is why would an identical surname address etc not be flagged by them as being a duplicate? and at least ask me if I was the owner.? I can't afford this cost as we are elderly and I am saving up to buy my wife a much needed hearing aid. I believe I acted in good faith by cancelling in required timeframe. I sent a letter to Usenext by e-mail explaining I had been hacked but to date no response. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. smokeypanther
  8. i'm a new User and I am looking to solve my problem with Usenext
  9. Hi, I notice there are many other people here who have had problems with UseNext. I had the same problem as everyone else who has used this company - wanting to cancel a trial account but them saying you did not cancel in time and still charging you. This happened to me 3 years ago, although I was able to claim the money back from PayPal. I received an Email Receipt for the invoice in question from UseNext. Now all of a sudden, 3 years later, UseNext are demanding payment for this invoice! I have just received an email from Omega Credit Services debt collection agency demanding payment. What should I do? I still have the original email receipt sent to me by UseNext. Please advise. Thanks
  10. Hi just here to see if anyone can help with a billing problem by usenext.. Thanks
  11. I have been receiving emails from OMEGA CREDIT SERVICES regarding an outstanding bill. I have been a customer of UseNext for some time and was always happy with the service, but after changing banks paypal was unable to take funds to pay UseNext. I didn't realize this for quite some time as i don't check my email often and now i have been threatened with a possible court order. I think this behavior from UseNext is disgusting and no longer want anything to do with them. Can anyone please give me some advice on how to resolve this with out me having to fork out the money. This is the lastest email Reference: XXXXXXXXXXXXX Automated Payment Ref: XXXXXX Dear Mr A Account Name: Aviteo Ltd T/A Usenext Account No.: XXXXXXX Invoice No.: XXXXXXXX Account Total: £117.99 UseNext Web Fees Despite our previous reminders we have not received payment for the amount as detailed above. Please call 0844 474 0855and use reference XXXXXX, or make payment online at Unless we receive payment within 7 days, we shall advise our client to proceed with the following action: Court Action: Legal proceedings are initiated through our local County Court at which time additional Court and Solicitors costs of £60.00 will be added to the debt as well as any interest which may have accrued. Once our client has obtained a Judgment, further enforcement costs will be payable by yourself and the Judgment will remain on record for a period of six years. If you are unable to pay in full immediately, make an initial payment now and call 0845 5195546 to discuss payment options. Thank you in anticipation of your immediate payment. Yours sincerely OMEGA CREDIT SERVICES PLEASE CALL 0844 474 0855 AND USE REFERENCE xxxxxx, TO PAY BY CARD, OR MAKE PAYMENT ON-LINE AT IF SENDING PAYMENT BY CHEQUE, PLEASE QUOTE xxxxxxxxxxxxx ON THE REVERSE For security and training purposes all telephone calls are recorded Omega Credit Services, PO Box 171 Shrewsbury SY4 1ZZ Consumer Credit Licence Number 628681 . Omega Credit Services cannot answer technical questions about our clients’ service. Please contact UseNext Technical support at for further assistance. UseNext Terms and Conditions When signing up for the service, you confirmed that you had read and accepted the Terms & Conditions below: 1. I am of legal age. 2. By sending this form I submit a binding offer. This offer is accepted (conclusion of the contract) when I receive an e-mail of confirmation. The contract enables me to: a) Test UseNeXT for the next 2 weeks and download up to 3 Gigabyte for free!. b) Unless I cancel within the test period, or upgrade to a different subscription package, I agree to join for only $11.25*/7,95 Euro per month - for a period of 12 month and get access to 15 Gigabytes download volume for each month. I understand that I may cancel at any time, such that my subscription is not renewed upon expiry. I acknowledge that unless I wish for my account to be automatically renewed for a further service period, I must provide notice of my wish not to renew, at least one day before the end date of the current term. 3. I have read through the terms and conditions and agree to join UseNeXT subject to these terms. 4. Right of withdrawal: I can withdraw my declaration directed on the conclusion of the contract within two weeks in written form without giving any reasons (e.g. using the support form, post, fax or online in the member area). The time allowed starts at the earliest with the receipt of this indoctrination. To ensure the time allowed for your withdrawal the duly dispatch of your withdrawal is sufficient. The withdrawal must be sent to: Aviteo Ltd. Gainsborough House Customer Care 81 Oxford Street London W1D 2EU Great Britain Fax: +49-700-873639813 Please note that this number's prefix depends on the country you live in. A list of prefix codes can be found under "Support Hotline". Support form: Member area: Exlusion of right of withdrawal: My right of withdrawal expires ahead of time if the execution of the service was started with my explicit approval or if I have started the execution myself (e.g. by downloading). Effects of withdrawal: In case of an effective withdrawal both side's efforts have to be granted aback and incurred use (e.g. interests) has to be restored should the situation arise. It is not possible to successfully sign up without explicitly confirming and accepting these contract conditions. Note that your membership of UseNext is extended until you notify UseNext that you wish to cancel. Omega Credit Services cannot do this for you.
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