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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all, This is my first post. Please be gentle. I've had a reduced payment arrangement in place for my mortgage with the Halifax for the past 3 years. I haven't been able to find gainful employment due to ongoing mental health issues and close family bereavement. My mortgage is relatively small and the arrears are approximately £2,000. Today I received a letter from Ascent Contact : "We act on behalf of Halifax and have been instructed by them to contact you and discuss the current situation with your mortgage. We understand that this will be a difficult time for you so we aim to explore the options available to you and then present your situation to your lender. Our aim and purpose is to help you put forward a positive proposal. Our local representative has been instructed to complete a field report including financial analysis." The field agent is visiting me next Tuesday and I can't begin to explain how terrified I am. He didn't sound like a reasonable person on the telephone and this is the first time the Halifax have sent somebody to see me. I do suffer from severe panic attacks and suicidal ideation for which I receive regular treatment and support. At the moment my anxiety levels are very high due to a variety of stressors (it never rains, it pours). Does anyone have any experience with a field visit from Ascent ? How worried should I be about repossession at this stage ? What information goes into a field report, other than financials ? Am I required to show the field agent my personal bank statements ? This feels like a huge invasion of privacy to me. I'm not hiding anything and he won't find any lavish expenditure or undeclared income so I'm suspicious of his motive in this respect. I'm just scared beyond belief and any help / advice would be gratefully received. -H
  2. hi all am just new to this forum dont know who else to turn to i am 30 years old and from glasgow scotland i have been a - halifax personal customer 25 years bank of scotland business customer 6 years the story so far (27 days no access to funds) 3rd december 2013 block put on my halifax personal and bank of scotland business account 5th december went to pay for fuel at petrol station both cards didnt work. 6th december went to local branch they informed me accounts is blocked contacted complaints informed me that i would receive a letter in the post they couldnt give me information on the phone 9th december letter received states in letter that my accounts have been blocked due to processing error 10-11-12-13-14 december constant calls and branch visits to try get problem resolved to no avail same old excuse processing error and they pass me round different departments like an old scud book and there all really sorry and working on it 15th december contact financial ombusm made big complaint about them and told them am in bad situation as this is really effecting my company that i run with 3 employees who i have not been able to pay. informed me can take upto 8 weeks before do anything 18th december feeling very down all letters from my car, van , insurances all my bills phone, tv,life insurance, mortgages all demanding money off me. called fos again explained the extreme harship this is causing me they said they are going to put a request in to fast track it for me which sounds good to me 24th december extreme hardship not one pence left to my name borrowed from friends and family to buy food and electricity to get me by 30th december sitting in my friends house typing this to ask for everyones help and advise. i have no money for food, electricity,fuel for transport or gas for heating i went from runnin my own electrical contractors company and i have around 40 thousand of my life savings that i worked really hard for in my life tied up between my 2 accounts. went for other visit to halifax branch the man at counter says really sorry can do nothing and he has only seen one similar case where someones account was blocked for 7 months i cant wait that long i will be dead before then im suffering extreme depression and everyone i talk to is just really sorry i need answers and fast im really lost.(HOW CAN BANKS GET AWAY WITH THIS!![ATTACH=CONFIG]48381[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]48382[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]48383[/ATTACH]) i would appreciate any feedback or advise thanks and god bless.
  3. Ladies/Gentlemen Last year I paid £200 refundable hostel accomodation deposit (from credit card) for a friend coming to UK for studies, of which he had refunded me. I paid for him because Uni preferred payment from UK Bank Account holder. Problem: At end of academic yr the university said they paid back deposit into account used in making payment which is now closed. I asked university to cancel payment immediately they notified me of refundment but, they insisted that we wait for payment to bounced back to themselves. After about 1 month it hasn't bounced back. I've asked university to contact Bank for return of payment but, they said I'd be the one to call bank, that bank advised them that the money is kept in a holding/suspense account. I'd appreciate any advice/suggestions, Thanks. Please note that I'm a family man with wife and kids facing extreme financial difficulties, as such I'm unable to repay my friend.
  4. Hi Folks This is a very long and complicated case, however, I shall keep this to the technical argument I am trying to compile is regarding non-service and setting aside the default judgment. Any information would be much appreciated as we have applied for an adjournment pending FOS complaint into conduct and charges of the mortgage company, but the judge has not granted adjournment and struck out applicatiion to set aside due to not being served "promptly" but I have to submit to him a copy of the compalint plus a defence out of time for the accounting only? The judge has not considered all the facts, partly because we never get the opportunity to explain them and partly because the bank lie! Please is anybody able to confirm whether it is automatically a mandatory set aside when service of court papers is at the last known address, knowingly aware that the customer is out of the jurisdiction and confined to a hospital bed? Thereby not physically in the jurisdiction and definitely not going to receive the papers to deal with them? Secondly, having been provided with a representative to handle affairs whilst in and out of the country, in possession of their name, address and telephone number and they did not make contact with that representative, does that also make it against pre action protocol and CPR6 and thus non-service and should be set aside, regardless of time? Not to mention that despite being in hospital and having a representative, they did not get a reply and nobody turned up in court to defend, it could be easily concluded that they did not receive the papers? Thirdly, if the above happens, is it then fair to use the set aside not applied for "promptly" rule and refuse set aside two years later following lots of problems with mortgage company when it quite clearly is not fair; and on top of that there were disputed arrears and a concession in place at the time that the possession order was applied for and none when the warrant of execution was applied for, they had been paid, albeit that this was in dispute and therefore, the set aside should be granted on the fact that the arrears were satisfied? Fourthly, when the arrears of the original possession order are satisfied, why can they continue to resurrect it for any reason or amount, even disputed charges to go for eviction? I have Fairways v Palmer, set aside due to defendant being out of jurisdiction that I would like to argue, does anybody have a later case that may stop me in my tracks? Any help much appreciated, my brain is fried!
  5. Can anyone help or advise as urgently as possible, I got a letter Sat saying my tax credits had stopped and i wouldnt receive any more money when I phoned they said its being dealt with in a local office and had to wait to monday to speak to case worker...got a call monday from a very "straight" lady who said she sent two preivous letters requesting info and documents but i never recieved any of these when i panicked as this is my only survival means she said there was nothing she could do until she recieved all docs ive been off sick with illness past week and had to spend all day in roof space and all over place trying to get these but have no money for anything to pay nursery no electric food ive two babies and no money for nappies anything and when i told her this she said i shouldnt be using tax credits as a survival...its my only way how else would i survive?! i explained i have no family support and even with tax credits etc have to get help from charities etc and suffer from depression majorly she didnt care and said i can take as long as i like getting all documents and claim will be reinstated when all is recieved and verified but in meantime i cant survive she kept mentioning about being a single parent but having two kids to same dad and that she knows my area well....whats any of that got to do with it as me and my ex are not together he has his own place and visits kids???....what do i do in meantime i have no where to turn? please anyone advise?
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