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Found 9 results

  1. 1 Date of the infringement 29/7/17 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 3/8/17 3 Date received Not sure 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] N 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up you appeal] Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up Yes, unsuccessfuly 7 Who is the parking company? SmartParking 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Haven Bank Retail Park, Exeter I have recently tried unsuccessfully to appeal against a parking fine that I received due to my partner not entering the complete reg plate into the parking machine. She thought she just had to enter the number part of my reg (04) rather than the whole registration. Fortunately I still have the ticket which matches the number bit of my plate. I believe it is fairly clear from this that I did actually but a ticket. I tried to appeal on the basis that I had evidence that I had paid and explained what had happened but it was rejected as they say that the instructions clearly state that the correct registration plate has to be entered and that I have therefore breached the terms and conditions. It states that in order to appeal again I therefore need to appeal to the independent appeals service. Anyone got any advice? I am determined not to pay the fine when I did actually but a ticket. Cheers, Dave.
  2. Hi Guys I'm after a quick bit of advice regarding time scales for ET application after going through early conciliation. An incident happened at working on the 10th August 2016 for which I raised a grievance then appealed the grievance. I had the results of the appeal on 7th November 2016 for which I still do not agree. On the 8th of November I then submitted a request to ACAS for early concilliation which I'm told put a hold on the time given to apply for employment tribunal, which I believe is 3 months minus 1 day of the incident. Now as far as I understand ACAS will not try and resolve this with my employer but if they fail they will issue me with a certificate which will enable me then to apply for employment tribunal and the clock starts again. Does this then mean I've only got 2 days after ACAS issue the ceritificate to apply for employment tribunal? Hope the above makes sense. Gnarl
  3. Can admin please put this in the correct place for me.... This morning I went to my online osyter account to add some pay'n'go funds. The TFL website only allows you to add £50 at a time, so wanting to add £100 I went through the procedure twice, but the 2nd time around the TFL website said the transaction was unsuccessful. Not paying too much attention to the the reason why the transaction didn't complete, checked my bank account and thought ok so only a couple of quid there so thats the reason. I then transferred more funds to my bank account and tried the TFL website again, and again the transaction was unsccessful. The reason being is that they only allow you to add £90 pay'n'go funds. Checking my bank account again I noticed that again there were insufficient funds so I call my bank only to find out that TFL had taken 3 x £50 from my account event though only one transaction shows on my oyster account. I then called TFL only to be told that the last 2 transactions were in a holding account and would be refunded in 2-5 days. So it appears that TFL have a system in place that will seek authorisation from a bank for a transaction and then TFL will check and see if that transaction then meets its transaction criteria, if it doesnt then they will then refuse the payment, but only after it has already taken it. Surely TFL should be checking to see if your request to add funds/tickets to your oyster meet with their critiera prior to requesting authorisation for a payment from a bank/credit card. If you have already added £50 surely if you try and add another £50 their system should say "thank you but the max you can add is £40" rather than continually keep taking funds. I think this sucks and want to raise a complaint but where do I start?
  4. Hi, My company employed a receptionist in June and her contract said: "The Employee's salary is £20k per annum. Upon successful completion of probabtion period the employee's salary will be raised to £24k." Her probation period expires soon and we are not happy with her, but would continue to hire her on limited tasks. However we believe that she does not deserve her increased in salary of £24k. We are wondering how to hire her on a similar type of job, but not incerase her salary to £24k. One colleague mentioned firing her, and hiring her with another contract the next day. I think this is too "doddgy". I suggest explaining to her that we do not believe that she "succesfully" completed her probation period, however we would continue to hire her at £20k and would not increase her work load, as we originally planned. Any advice on how to to keep her and not increase her salary depsite her contract would be helpful. Thank you.
  5. I have been parking in a private car park which charged £3 for the day, unbeknown to me the car park became managed by Parking Eye and a tariff was put in place. I did not see anything to say that price was going to change and in my usual rush to get to work paid my £3 and went off to work as normal. Then one day I happened to notice a tariff on the wall of the car park as I had parked in a different place and saw that it had gone up to £4 for the day, I bought another ticket (so I ended up spending £7). Then a couple of weeks later I received two parking fines for two separate days from parking eye both for £60 if paid early. I appealed the fines as I don't see how they can charge me £120 for an honest mistake. They have not accepted my appeal. It's obvious it was a mistake and that I did not realise that the tariff had changed I did not see any notice and the signs are not very big. It's obvious my intention was to park for the full day. Can anyone help me with my appeal to popla please? I sent parking eye a picture of the two tickets that I purchased on the day that I realised the price had increased to try to show them it was an honest mistake and how could they justify charging me £120 when I had underpaid by £1 for each day! Thanks
  6. Hi, First post here so hope it all makes sense. As the title suggests I have (at the beginning of the year) been rejected for life insurance policy. Without boring you all with the details, I applied and answered all the questions honestly including answering that i had had some numbness/cramping in my legs at that point. The application was referred and I received a letter from the underwriter asking about any investigations/diagnosis I had had into this. I replied that I was seeing a Chiropractor who believed it was nothing more than postural and with some treatment I had indeed seen an improvement. I then received a letter stating that the company were unable to insure me due to an undiagnosed medical condition. At this point i visited my doctor and was sent for some tests which let to me being diagnosed with a vitamin/mineral deficiency and given high strength vits by way of treatment. So to the questions. 1) Do i have to tell future life insurers about this refusal as I seem to find conflicting information on whether in constitutes a refusal or not. 2) If i want to buy say home insurance do i have to declare it here as well? 3) Should i go back to the original insurer and get it sorted there. Hope that makes sense, I am needing to get life insurance sorted soon as I am buying a house but i am scared that i will never be able to get it even though i am medically fit and well. Help. Cheers Morn
  7. Hello everyone, If I've put this in the wrong place, please can one of the mods move it to the right place and accept my apologies.... Back in July, Mrs S43 invited a double glazing rep around to the house in order to have the remaining few windows we still have single glazed replaced with double glazing - we had used the same company twice before, first for the upstairs, then the patio door and rear lower windows and this time we wanted a couple of lower fronts and the 2 external doors (front & side). At points in the past, she had been offered and used a Barclays 'home improvements' loan to finance the windows. Mrs S43 has had the agreements singularly as I have a less than perfect credit score (though I have matched her Direct Debit payments with Standing Order ones of my own to bring the balance down quickly and save on interest costs). So this time, the rep turns up, measures up, gives Mrs S43 a price - she and I confer & agree - then she signs up.... As before, with Barclays filling in the paperwork for a home improvement loan. They wanted £60 as a deposit with the balance (around £2 grand) to be financed on Barclays. These figures were written in to the "consumer credit agreement" she signed. I paid the £60 with a credit card on the phone to the window company's offices - and everything seemed just like before. We were told by the rep that if *WE* were to cancel after the surveyor come out, we would lose our deposit - we were happy with this because we wanted (and still actually want) the windows.... About a week later, sure enough, the surveyor came out to accurately measure the windows and confirm the deal - he gave us an installation date of 10 August so that was that - or so we thought. 3 days after the surveyor had been here, Mrs S43 got a letter from the window company to say that she had failed Barclays credit scoring and did we have any other way of paying? To the point, we don't have £2 grand stuffed down the back of the sofa - because @ 29.9% APR, if we'd had the money in the first place, we'd have not put in for a loan !!!!!!! But that's neither here nor there - without finance from somewhere, we do not have the means to proceed. Clearly - if we'd known before the surveyor came that we couldn't proceed (ie if they'd told us we'd "failed finance"), we would not have had the surveyor come out in the first place !!!! On discussion with me (Mrs S43 being at work), the window company were all lovey-dovey asking "Do I have alternate ways of paying?" But on my explanation that we don't so can't proceed (ie to have to cancel because of lack of funding), I got the "data protection" crap about can't talk to me without the customer present (strange how they could when they didn't know that I may or may not have been able to pay alternatively!!). But on Mrs S43 being here, we've been told that we can't have our money (MY money) back because we cancelled after the surveyor had come out!!! Clearly not having recently escaped from the asylum, had we known that Mrs S43 would not get credit for the windows, we would not have ordered them / solicited credit to acquire them / had a surveyor come to see us !!!!! It is my view that the window company should have waited to see whether Barclays would advance the money before sending the surveyor anyway but in any case, I paid then £60 as part of a credit agreement for said windows - as I understand it, the law says somewhere that we must be given our money back if we don't get the credit but can someone tell me what part of the law to quote and to whom we should complain in writing? The window company, Barclays and if we can not get the deposit paid back from either of these entities to whom do we escalate matters, the OFT, Trading Standards or even the courts through trying to get a CCJ and if so against which organisation (Barclays or the window company)? I will state that having been fobbed off with crap from the window company, I wrote to my credit card company (Captial One) to explain what happened (with supporting documentation) and they have written back to say that they won't give me the £60 back as the credit agreement isn't their responsibility but that of Barclays / the window company. Any tips, pointers and suggestions would be helpful. I repeat - ideally we'd like the windows but we can't get the finance to pay for them. Had we known that we would fail finance, we would not have allowed the surveyor to attend (and I entirely accept that had it been that he'd been and Barclays were happy to extend the money to do the job then we ought to forfeit the deposit - but this was not the case).
  8. Hi All - I had a really old RBS account/loans.ppi but I do not have the account numbers. I know the branch , the names of the accounts and the relevent dates. These date back to 1987 - 1995. I sent a S.A.R in to Edinburgh and they sent me back info on my currently used accounts which clearly I know about , so I rewrote asking for the correct data and they said as it was over 10yrs old they did not have it and suggested I visit the old branch , which is where I started in the first place. I do appreciate these are ancient accounts but I cannot see why they do not possess this info. Any suggestions as to how I move forward would be appreciated. Many thanks:smile:
  9. My 6 year old daughter needed surgery to correct a squint late last year. We have been monitoring her eye at our local hospital since she was tiny. For various reasons we decided to pay for the operation ourselves. We did this via the NHS Optician but my husband did speak to the consultant on the telephone and he said that if the op didn't work he would rectify it at no further cost to us. The operation was not a success and they overcorrected the squint. We agreed to monitor her eye via NHS appointments to see if it would relax back out. It hasn't and she now needs further treatment - repeating the same op would not be a good idea. I asked for a meeting with the consultant (we never had a post-op appointment) and was asked if I wanted to go privately to do so or wait weeks on the NHS!! He is prepared to refer my daughter elsewhere on the NHS but clearly thinks that is an end to the matter. Are we really expected to shrug our shoulders and walk away when we have spent over £2000 on an operation that has been no benefit to my daughter. Does anyone have any advice .... please
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