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Found 7 results

  1. I work at a small out patients building on the outskirts of a small town completely isolated from the main nhs hospital in a nearby town We at present have travellers on the land outside the car park entrance When we finish at 18 : 00 hrs they are normally drunk and acting in an aggressive manner kicking and goading there dogs into fighting each other This evening I had to return to the building and wait until others went home so as we could escort each other out ( we have no security) I have expressed my concerns with our line manager but she seems lost as what to do I believe that I have a right to withdraw to a place of safety without redress It is very intimidating with them coming into the building using the showers and toilets our staffing consists of mainly women
  2. Sorry for the long post.... After a burst pipe (the condensate pipe from gas boiler froze during snow storms) in crawl space above my kitchen the landlord agreed to update the consumer unit in my property [the corrosive water had leaked over two plug sockets and nothing tripped off even though water was inside both]. The guy sent I suspected wasn't qualified [on a previous visit to check for safety he checked the plugs by poking around the sides - and making a hole in the plaster]. I asked if he was qualified before he started [on the previous visit to check damage from the leak he told me 'he shouldn't be doing this' but didn't expand when asked why] and he shrugged; as a tenant, I believed the Estate Agent would have checked and so let him continue. He has changed the fuse box, cut the meter fuse seals, not replaced older wires, not fitted the cover properly, put the switches in the wrong order, left the wires completely messy inside the unit and also labelled it incorrectly - plus, the oven now trips one of the RCD's when it's on for more than three minutes and a plug socket is no longer working - although this may be due to the junction box he put in the crawl space replacing connection taped with electrical tape, leaving a live wire improperly crimped and not connected - he'd stuffed them into the wall cavity. As he left I ask about the 'signing off' and was told 'I have nothing to worry about' several times, because I was worried! I asked again about the certification and he said that wasn't anything to do with tenants. He didn't say someone would be back to carry out any checks, or follow up, or even to sign off on the work. I've complained to the Estate Agents and the following day a guy turned up as I'd had problems with the oven. I asked for credentials, but he'd have to go and get them cos he hadn't bought them with him. I allowed him to look at the issues, but no work would be carried out until I had seen proof of his ability to sign off on the work. He's looked and spouted a lot of blurb obviously covering his firms ass. He looked, said he saw no issues with the work carried out, said the fan was the reason the oven wasn't working properly - it wasn't turned to oven, just grill - he didn't even blush. He checked to see if the wire left out of the crimp was live - it was! He left to consult his boss and turned up 2 hours later with his sons training certificate and a weird looking NICEIC card saying he just needed to connect the crimp and everything would be working for me, which I don't think is true, plus the ID looked pants to me and so I turned him away. I then received an email from Estate Agent - the house owner lives in China - saying the contractors had told them i had not allowed them access and would they be allowed in with a rep from the Estate Agent's local branch. I have replied saying they didn't satisfy me that they were qualified and that anybody coming should be able to sign off on the work done - but hey presto, 24 hours later and I've heard nothing... What can I do next to get my oven working and the electrics safe?
  3. Hi everyone, June last year we decided to update my wife's car, And so she looked on Autotrader to find the car that she wanted She settled on a 2 year old Toyota Yaris that had to have exact specifications, Built in Sat Nav, Reverse camera ect, We found the exact car including the colour that she wanted, But it was quite away away, We are in Leicester, The car was in Cambridge at a main dealers We drove over there, She had a test drive and loved it so we decided to buy it, It would take almost a week to do a full car check, Plus some Diamond bright thing to the paint work We went back to pick it up, And it has been a great car since, She loves it Fast forward to 7 weeks ago it was coming up to needing it's first MOT, So we booked it in and when we went to pick it up, It had failed because the brake reservoir cap was missing and an old rubber glove had been shoved in to the top of it I was furious, My wife had been driving around in a car that as far as i was concerned, Could have killed her at anytime, A car that we paid a lot of money for from a reputable company I rang the company up and spoke to their Senior Services Advisor and he told me to put my complaint in writing, So i did and he seemed a really nice bloke who took it very seriously After a few emails he finally sent this email Good morning Mr ******* I am glad everything is now ok with the vehicle. I have had a chat with my Head of Business, as well as the invoice for the repair. If you would like to take your family out for dinner wherever you like and send me the receipt up to £200.00. We would like to get that paid for you as well. Thank you very much for the compliment, If there anything else you need in the future please do not hesitate to ask. I am always here to help. kind regards Matthew Nightingale Senior Service Advisor Toyota and Lexus Cambridge Steven Eagell Toyota and Lexus Cambridge 1 Norman Way Coldhams Business Park Coldhams Lane Cambridge CB1 3LH So i sent invoices and a receipt for the meal, Only £41.50 of the up to £200 that they offered, Total less than £70 That was 7 weeks ago and have not heard anything from them since, I have sent an email last week, But have totally been ignored So my question is, Should i just forget about it, Trash them on Social media, Or does anyone have a suggestion
  4. Hi, hopefully this is the right place to put this! today I received a letter from the BTP with a NIP asking for name and address of driver. It states 'This offence can be supported by photographic evidence from an offence detection device. The driver of vehicle *my vehicle* is alleged to have committed an offence contrary to one or more of the following offences under the Road Traffic Act, 1968. Failure to comply with a red traffic light signal at Nutbourne Level Crossing' I was driving with my boyfriend in the car also, as we were approaching the level crossing the light turned orange but it would've been too dangerous to stop (I was driving within the speed limit). We both only saw an orange light and no red light. I have never had any driving convictions etc, am a mental health nurse and points on my licence would not be great for me, especially for something that I do not think is fair as I mentioned, stopping would've been more dangerous. Just looking for any sort of guidance/help with what I should do! Thanks!
  5. Hi all. I have a slight problem regarding the company van I am employed to drive to make deliverys I have been reporting problems with the brakes ( making grinding noise ) but was told by boss they have been checked but problem or noise was still there and although I'm no mechanic all did not sound right but after a total of reporting 5 times was told again there was no problem and basically told to stop pestering, anyway today brakes totally disintegrated and failed to work I have pics of broken parts that fell out onto road, luckily no one was harmed but had I been moving at speed or needed to emergency brake who no what could have happened.... My question is can I report the company anywhere for this miss conduct or even sue for potentially putting a killing machine on the road. Kind regards morph
  6. UK Trading Standards revealed that over 17,000 hoverboards imported from beyond the EU have been examined, and over 15,000 failed basic safety checks. Something to keep an eye on indeed, if you’re thinking of buying one this Christmas. The problems tend to circle around the power, with testing showing issues with the plug, chargers, cabling, battery, and cutoff switches within the board. Many that have been shipped in have had non-compliant plugs without fuses, which is a dangerous fire hazard. The National Trading Standards, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and the Chartered Trading Standards Institute are asking everyone this year, to be extra vigilant and avoid buying unsafe products. http://www.bitterwallet.com/hoverboards-impounded-over-explosion-fears/89622 Thousands of self-balancing scooters unsafe How to identify an unsafe hoverboard Never leave the device charging unattended, especially overnight. A faulty cut-off switch or plug without a fuse - seen in many of the seized boards - could lead to it overheating, exploding or catching fire. Check the shape of the plug. The first unsafe boards identified often had a clover-shaped plug. Check for online reviews that seem genuine and for information about the company's head office and landline number. Sites that have spelling or grammar mistakes, including in the small print, can be an indication that it is not a professional operation. Never be dazzled by a bargain. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is. http://www.which.co.uk/news/2015/12/thousands-of-self-balancing-scooters-unsafe-426130/
  7. Hi all just searched mmf web site on google and norton flags it as a red site with a drive by down load
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