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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I bought some items from Thomann.de in December last year. Paid by Paypal. Got 'Payment accepted' notice and items arrived. A few weeks ago I get an e-mail from Thomann asking me to pay an outstanding balance. I thought it was some sort of phishing [problem], but after checking it out, everything seemed legit. I replied asking them what I owed them money for (at this point still assuming the order that was completed 4 months ago was, indeed, completed..) Apparently, my Paypal payment didn't go through at the time, but they sent the items anyway and opened an account.... I never received the supposed e-mail, and (as I pointed out in my reply) never responded to give this the OK... Thomann clearly weren't happy with that response as the next message contained a threat of a debt collection agency: In my response, I expressed my disappointment in them so readily resorting to threats, but also continued on the path to resolution: That was sent to them on Thursday (13th April). All the correspondence above were on the same day with messages about an hour apart. Today I get an e-mail from debt collectors.... I responded immediately with: Then I started searching the net for advice and found this place. Probably should have done that the other way round! So, where do you think I stand on all this? I think the two resolution offers I gave to Thomann are more than fair and reasonable considering the circumstances. They clearly disagree, but surely they don't have the right to pass onto a debt collector at this point?? edit: Forgot to add, the amount is £87.52
  2. Hi My husband and I have both had contracts with vodafone for many years. When it came time for me to upgrade 2 years ago, vodafone offered a discounted deal if I took my phone as a second phone on my husbands account. This was a decent deal so my contract ended and his had both our phones. Two pay monthly contracts. Fast forward 2 years and my husbands contract for his phone ended and he upgraded to a new contract with vodafone. April this year the second phone contract ended (my phone). I waited a few months to decide what I was going to do as I will still happy with the handset. I then decided to take a new phone contract out in August in my own name with vodafone. I called them to advise I wanted to keep my old number. I explained the situation that my old phone was a 2nd phone on my husbands account. No problem they said. Here is a PAC code... Ever since then it has been a nightmare. Apparently what should have happened was that my old number should have been converted to pay as you go to allow me to keep the number and port to my new phone. Instead for over 3 weeks nothing happened Then, after countless phonecalls and different pieces of advice we were told that it would be sorted... Again, nothing. Then my husband discovers he cannot make any calls. Lo and behold they had switched his number to pay as you go instead of mine. Commencement of another endless number of calls. My husband spent HOURS at his work phoning vodafone because they would not talk to me as the 2nd phone (my number) was on his account. Having said that, some of them spoke to me so not a hard and fast rule clearly. I then spent HOURS and HOURS and HOURS and DAYS and MORE DAYS on the phone to many many different departments and indeed countries. Several times I was assured it wolud be sorted. Indeed, the last person even got their manager to apparently sprint down to the floor below to speak with a superuser who was going to wave his magic wand. And still nothing. I was assured phone calls back. Nothing. Still nothing. S o, my husband, who needs his phone for work, is still on a Pay As You Go. My old number is still active so we are STILL paying this contract even though it should have ended in August. My new phone I am paying for but has a new number. It is also not receiving calls. I only receive the odd call and the remainder of the time when people try to call me it goes straight to answer phone. I can be holding the handset when someone calls and it doesnt even ring. Someone told me my old number had now been lost then someone else told me that wasnt right. I was told my husband was no longer PAYG and was back on contract the I was told this wasnt right. Seriously, are they actually just taking the absolute...... ? I cannot bring myself to waste another entire DAY to explain the situation again only for nothing to happen again. I need vodafone to cancel my old contract and reimburse my money (or to my husband as was on his account) I need them to reactivate his contract and cancel his Pay as You Go as this phone should never have been touched. I need them to transfer my old number to my new phone. I need them to find out and fix my phone so it receives all calls. The internet is also much slower than my old iphone 5 (this is an iphone 6) I need all monies reimbursed that are owed to us. This has been ongoing since August 21st with no resolution and not a single call back from anyone who said they would. PLEASE HELP!!!!
  3. Hi there, I am posting my situation here in the hope that someone will be able to provide advice ad guidance. Here goes: In June this year, my car was written off by the insurance company. I called my finance company (Mini finance) and explained the situation. They seemed happy with this, and requested that I keep them updated on the progress of the insurance claim. The insurers have been dragging their heels since the claim was raised. It took 3 attempts to raise the claim in the first place. My insurers are Hastings Direct. Despite numerous letters and telephone calls between myself and the insurers, the claim is still not finally settled. Their initial payment cheques was issued unsigned, and as mentioned, they have been dragging their heels in settling, by issuing cheques for the wrong amounts or not issuing cheques at all. Each telephone call to the insurers is followed by a call to the finance company updating them. Due to the length of time it is taking to resolve this claim, a debt collection agency has become involved. They are called Bluestone Credit Management. Despite Mini finance informing me via telephone that this may happen, I have yet to receive a letter from them, that Bluestone have bought over the debt (which they have done as confirmed in a call today to Mini finance), and that Mini re no longer administrating the account. Mini are however happy to still receive cheques from the insurance company to reduce the amount outstanding, and then pass this information along to Bluestone. Despite asking for confirmatory letters from the insurers as to when cheques have been sent out, and from Mini as to receipt, I am still waiting. I have had a call today from Bluestone looking for payment in full. I have informed them that the claim is still in dispute and that I am unwilling to make any payments until this situation is resolved. I don’t think this to be an unreasonable stance to take as it is my money after all. However, the representative started to become quite pushy and insistant that I make payment today. I had to talk over her, and I informed her that as the conversation was going nowhere, and that my situation was not being taken into account, that I was terminating the phone call. Which I did. Today, I received a letter from Bluestone to the effect that they are acting on behalf on Mini finance, and that they want payment of the full amount BY RETURN. Cheques are to be made out to Mini finance but sent to Bluestone. I have lodged a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service over the insurer’s valuation of my vehicle, and as this is currently ongoing, this is my reasoning for not making payment. Now the figures! At the time my car was written off, there was just over £16000 to pay on the finance. At the time of buying the car, I did not take out gap insurance as Mini were looking for a further £500 on top of a £500 cash deposit. There was no opportunity to spread this payment over a period of time. To date, the insurers have paid out a total of £15,271. £12,480 (after the excess was deducted (that was £345)). £962 after they identified that they had valued the vehicle incorrectly (wrong model despite my insurance details being correct foe the model). £601 after I complained about the value of the vehicle. £883 for accessories which would enhance the desirability of the vehicle (and £345 excess deducted). And a final cheque for £345 to cover the second excess amount that was deducted. This leaves an outstanding amount of £1271.76, however Bluestone are looking for £2499.76, as they have not factored in the final 2 amounts paid by the insurers. They have been told this, but they don’t seem to be interested in knowing the details. The insurers have said that they have paid out 81% of the vehicle value. My car was bought for £17,643.20 excl VAT (£20701.02 incl VAT). 81% of either amount is not £15,271. I have been paying insurance premiums based on the car’s value being £16,000. I do not know if I have answered my own question in this post, but is there anything further I can do?
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