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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, Can someone help before I go and seek legal advice. I bought a car of these guys six months ago, I had a few issues with my bank account getting cloned and reported this to them with also a change of address. They have now terminated the agreement without me receiving the paperwork and sent a recovery truck. I can clear the arrears and make the payments as agreed from now on in and I have made them aware of this. They just say tough but I am willing to go to court. They have threatened me with they will contact the police and report the car stolen.
  2. Dear sir, Will be very grateful if you can help me regarding unreasonable charges levied against me for not paying service charge ,reserve fund and service charge deficit fees. I agreed to pay the original charge in 3 instalments which was agreed to by the management company HML Anderton in september 2017 . I failed to make the last 2 instalments which were due in february and march 2018 for 500 pounds and 490 pounds becaue I forgot . They claimed to have sent me a reminder letters which I never received. I have now received a letter from PDC property debt collection compa
  3. Posted on behalf of a family friend who is employed as a wagon driver and normally receives a monthly bonus of £500 which is due this Friday. He has been handed a letter today which he was told he had to sign to continue receiving the bonus. The letter contains conditions which he feels are unreasonable and he feels are an attempt to avoid having to pay the bonus. These conditions include: The vehicle must be in immaculate condition inside and out at all times. (The role includes delivering blocks and concrete to building sites.) Your attendance during the month must be 100
  4. Hello I moved into a property as a tenant in London in February 2015. At the time another tenant was already at the property since 2013 but the overall tenancy has started in 2010. Several tenants had lived there before she moved in herself. Before me moving in we both signed an assured shorthold tenancy agreement, agreeing to continue the tenancy for another year until March 2016. At the time of signature we had heard of an inventory that had been made in 2010. It wasn't provided to us then and my housemate who had been there for two years had never seen it. With hindsight I
  5. In 2015 there was a important and high profile Judicial Review regarding the serious matter of summons costs in relation to a Liability Order for council tax arrears. The case was that of the Reverend Paul Nicholson v Tottenham Magistrates and the London Borough of Haringey. In short, the court rules that Tottenham Magistrate's should not have allowed London Borough of Haringey to claim summons costs of £125 for each Liability Order given that the court did not have sufficient information before them to reach a proper judicial determination as to whether or not the costs claimed represen
  6. Im stuck in a terrible dilemma. One that you think that would be made easier by the fact that I think the request is simple. Back last year my Vanquis went over its limit by accident. I left it for about a week as I was working and wasn't a priority. I rang them up and promised a repayment plan for payment to be made within 10 days, they accepted. During that time, I received no less than 18 calls in a week pestering me. They sent me SMS Confirmation of this plan and had the INCORRECT Payment date (It was out by 2 days, so naturally it made me worry) Naturally being me, I was
  7. Hello, We have just given notice to vacate our property after after being here almost 3 years. We signed a 6 month AST back in 2012 and have been on a rolling contract ever since. About 9 months ago we received a letter informing us that our tenancy was being transferred to new agents as ours were retiring abroad, and have since had several inspections from the new agents, but signed no new contracts or agreements. Our contract with the original agents was quite basic and reflected the state of the property. We asked about paying a higher deposit as we had pets (something we’ve alwa
  8. Hello Everyone Please accept my apology if this post is a bit lengthy. I'm on Credits Only JSA as I'm working part-time Mon to Fri. Recently, my JSA advisor had sent me to Mandatory Work Activity(MWA) when she learnt I was having holidays from work. She did that although she knew I did not fit the MWA selection criteria. The advisor, despite my objection, just handed me the referral letter to the MWA and said if I don't do it my NI credits will be stopped. Due to her pressure I complied and went and did the MWA for 4 weeks. When I completed the MWA and on my first mee
  9. I am embarrassed to raise this as it involves such a small amount but I suffer from MH issues and threats tend to have an exaggerated effect on me! In brief: 1. I am a lessee with a share of freehold in our block of flats. I applied for some company records for which the statutory payment was £5. I authorized our managing agent to pay this and any postage to the company secretary from a surplus on my service charge account. I got no answer. 2. I was subsequently advised by the company secretary the total inc. postage was £6.17 and asked for a cheque payable to himself personally. To
  10. my seetec advisors keep trying to give me appointments to use there computers for an ELVIS session (which i can easily do at home) i have missed the last 2 and i have a 3rd tommorow now as i have not been sanctioned after recieving the good reason letter from dwp am i to understand that the decision makers may agree that these are unreasonable because of my agoraphobia? i tell Seetec everytime that i wont be able to sit on there computers because of this but they still seem to give me these appointments
  11. Hi guys, i'll cut straight to the chase. I was recently applied for a Sales Executive role, however due to my experience and skill base, this job was not suitable for me and the company "created" another role; Business Development Executive. I have been employed for 2 months now and done alot within my first 2 months, such as help creating a new website, positioning brand, improving brand awareness etc. All good, however I suggested that we should begin setting targets to help increase our market share. This is fine, Boss asks me to draw a report together indicating our current sales
  12. It is a fixed term laon agreement that I took out in June 2010 for the purchase of a car. It was a fixed term loan for 15k with 5k charges added and was for 60 months at 350pm. Paid every month up until Jan this year. Sent them an I & E asking to write off ...said no. I have had numerous letters off them adding charges at £25 a time and I wrote to them again on on 5th MArch offering a reduced payment of £200pm. No response so wrote again on 3rd April enclosing copies of all previous letters. Then had an income and exp form back with a rather sloppy writt
  13. For a number of years we have had a mortgage with platform, we have never paid late or missed a payment, in 2008 the property became unsuitable for our needs due to other commitments, there was no chance of selling it as the mortgage was way too high and values had gone through the floor, so we asked if we could let the property. Platform agreed to this. They charged a annual £35 "Tenancy Review Fee - As part of us agreeing to let your residential property we have the right to conduct a review. If we choose to do so we will tell you at the time of the review in writing. The non-refundable
  14. I am employee, called permanent relief, on a zero hours contract with the local authority. I have been working for them for 2.5 years and mostly I have been offered as much work as I can manage. My work involves a lot of driving to visit customers. Up to now, I have been adequately recompensed for my travel. After the 18 miles and half hour drive to my office base, my hourly rate of pay started and I got recompensed mileage expenses. They are now proposing that my current office base is being moved a further 14 miles away involving an extra half an hour travel, (extra 28 miles and
  15. Hi, I haven't posted in awhile so I will try to keep it brief as possible. Quick background information. I had 4 major foot operations, none particularly successful and then I was run over by a car as a pedestrian crushing my operated on foot. Being previously self employed it left me unable to work and in severe debt. I received a pitiful amount of compensation which I spent catching up on debts and bills. To top it off despite being house bound and in a wheel chair ATOS found me fit to work (even claiming I can walk up stairs despite interviewing me in my g
  16. HI, could do with some help as to whether my employer is being unreasonable or not I am returning to my part time job which is 15 hours in a school (after my third and final child) I was previously working three days a week 9.30 to 2.30 3 days a week My employer now wants me to work five days a week and spread the 15 hours over 5 days, which means the extra childcare costs and additional travel (its a 20 mile each way drive) that it makes out i am at a loss for working when I was hoping to go back and just do 3 days that I had before Have i got any right to just return to
  17. Hi all Appreciate any advice on this situation. Tenancy ended nearly 3 weeks ago, and agent has been delaying agreeing deductions on deposit to return to us. They did notify us that some minor burnt on marks on oven side would need to be cleaned, but oven clean otherwise. Lived in property for 2.5 years, cleaned property to sparkling, way cleaner than when we moved in. We requested amounts for oven clean a few times, and kept being told they were still waiting on quote. After 2 weeks we requested deposit back, agent said they had the oven cleaned and were awaiting invoice, so c
  18. Hi Hoping i can get some advice on this as its quite distressing for my wife. Apologies in advance for the length but it might help to give the full picture. We rented an unfurnished property in Jan 2011, paying £1200pcm and £1200 security. The property was owned by an elderly couple (70s), and managed by a local agent. The couple assured us they weren't going to sell for at least 3 years. We signed up and had paid 6 mths rent in advance every 6 mths. We never received an Inventory on check-in. However one was presented to us after 1 year inspection, i didn't sign it as it wasn
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