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Found 2 results

  1. THE STORY I worked for a design agency on-site for 2 months Jan-March on an initial contract bases with promises of a perm role after a month or 2. The first month I got paid after 8 weeks (they didn't raise any questions over payment after my first month and ignored my first 2 invoices until I sent a signed for invoice in the post after week 6 - then it was toward the end of week 8 that I actually got paid for my first month. From that point onwards I realised I would only get results if I sent everything 'signed for' royal mail (1st class) - and this ****ed off the director. He told me 'why do you need to send this in signed for mail when you could have just handed it to me'. So alarm bells were ringing I can assure you and I knew getting money out of these creeps would be like getting blood out of a stone. Anyway, after exactly 2 months and 1 day on March 11 they terminated my contract with no notice. I had already submitted my 2nd invoice for month 2 which ended 8 March and a 3rd invoice for the outstanding single day on March 11 was sent a few days later. They have not paid my 2nd and 3rd invoice. I sent a reminder letter dated 8 April for both invoices and a message that if the invoices had not been paid by 19 April I would seek further action. On the 10th of April I filled out a 'Statutory Order' demanding payment or a petition will be made to county court for a winding up order. The company are an LTD business with £180K in debt but with £130K in reserve cash with fairly decent finances I think. FURTHER ACTION I am indecisive about what the best course to get what is owed swiftly and efficiently. Maybe they don't have the money to pay me? They haven't at all been in touch since I left or responded to either of the initial invoices, the reminder or the statutory demand. Should I file a separate moneyclaim for each invoice after my 19 April warning has passed? for £2730 and £140 respectively and can I do this? Can I also add compensation as they really are messing me about and it's costing me time and money to reshuffle finances as I am just a contractor after all. Secondly about the statutory order - should i just ditch the moneyclaim and go full force on the statutory order? HELP - WHO HAS DONE THIS BEFORE?!!
  2. Firstly my apologies if this has been answered previously - I've done a little bit of searching for similar stories, but not found anything close enough and I'm not clear enough on terminology to be more thorough. Basically a few months back I wrote to cancel a web hosting package and domain names. The company wants an online cancellation and has it in it's terms and conditions, but without internet access I had no way of doing so and I was moving house, so I put it in writing and included my new address. I never heard anything back. In April, I got an invoice via email for ~£60 for the hosting and domain names I wanted cancelled. This invoice had my old address on it, so at this point I knew my letter had been ignored or lost. I tried talking to the company about this, argued that I wasn't liable since I'd told them to cancel, that cooling off periods should apply etc. I've gotten nowhere, they keep saying they have no record of my letter etc. Now, since I've still not paid the invoice (which is still addressed to my old home address) they've passed me on to a DCA called Arvato. So far all I've had is an email from Arvato asking them to contact me. I was a bit cheeky and replied asking who is the person they addressed the email to and why did they want to contact them. At this point I don't really know what happens next. I've had nothing in writing from Arvato, and presumably letters will go to my old address. I don't really want to pay what I feel is an unjust charge, but at the same time I don't want my credit history affected since it should be fairly ok. Is this even considered credit, since it's an unpaid invoice for service upfront? So, what should I do? Just sit and wait? Call the DCA? Pay up? And since this has already gone to a DCA, has it already affected my credit rating? Thanks in advance.
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