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Found 10 results

  1. Hi there, received a parking ticket from Met parking whilst i was unloading my car after doing a massive at Costco. I parked in the small 4 car car park in front of my flat to unload some shopping that i had done earlier in the morning from costco. I live on the 3rd floor with no lift, i tend to take my time as its just me unloading. I have a permit to park on the main road and yes i could have parked on the main road, but i would have taken me ages to unload and didn't want to risk my daughter running across the road, whilst i was doing this. I also have a visit
  2. Hi guys, So this case was a bit awkward. Actually it happened today (Saturday) around 8:30am when I was unloading my van between 2 signs with different restrictions which makes me a bit confused. 1 Sign had written "No loading Mon - Fri Xam - Xpm" and the other one had written "No loading Saturday 8am - 10pm" and throughout the footpath I had the single yellow line with the vertical single yellow line. Do I have any ground to appeal in this case? As I was in the middle (between) of this 2 different signs Thanks in advance!
  3. Greetings I received a PCN for unloading my LGV in a loading bay. It was the normal of parking attendant viewed for 5 minutes, nothing happening, so issued the PCN. I wrote off to the Council highlighting the cases: Sprake - v - Tester (1955) 53 LGR 194 Richards - v - McKnight [1977] RTR 289 Bulman - v - Godbold [1981] RTR 242 Boulton - v - Pilkington [1981] RTR 87 Whiteside - v - Watson 1952 SLT 367 McLeod - v - Wojkowska 1963 SLT (Notes) 51 Holder - v - Walker [1964] Crim LR 61 Chafen - v - Another Supplement to the Justice of the Peace and Local Gover
  4. Hi, I would appreciate any advice on whether I should appeal this PCN. My sister has been taken into a nearby neorological hospital after having a bleed on her brain. I went to the horpital to take along some clothes for her, but the car park had no spaces, i parked in what I later found to be a resident only area (didnt see the signs) due to me being more concerned with her. ...I left my car in the area for ten minutes and on my return, it had been 'observed' for six minutes and was ticketed. Is it worth me appealing this ticket, or am I be
  5. Hi all, I recently received a PCN whilst unloading my car outside a venue I was due to play a gig at that night. My car was parked immediately outside the doors to the venue but was parked in a disabled parking bay, The venue was 'The Victoria' on John Bright Street, Birmingham, B1 1BN. Because I’m a new user of these forums I can’t post a link but you can see it on Google street view. I was unloading a drum kit and several amps so, having checked that there were no loading/unloading restrictions in place I parked there as it seemed the most sensible place. When I left the building aft
  6. Afternoon all. On 16th May 2013 I was parked, with the boot open, in a loading/unloading bay. I was exchanging an item from a shop - the item was really heavy (around 45kgs) and the loading/unloading bay was just across the road from the shop. Anyway, whilst I was bringing the item back to my car a traffic warden was writing me out a ticket. I told him I was loading and unloading but he told me I was the wrong type of vehicle (I have a ford mondeo hatchback). He didn't give me the ticket, but walked off. I assumed he had not bothered, but today I got the notice through the post.
  7. I entered in a street where the above restrictions were in force. I was not aware and I did not read the sign. However when I entered the street I saw a car parked on a yellow line on a Sunday, which made me to believe that parking may be allowed. I stopped and put my wares in the boot for safety. Before I decided to park there my wife and i discussed to check if we were really allowed to park. Then I saw a sign and read it through and decided I am not allowed to park. We got into the car and moved from there. I requested to see the Video footage. The footage starts at 59.14 minutes and stop
  8. This is my first post so please excuse the length of the thread and the incorrect use of paragraphs, it was just to make the post clearer and easier to follow. I received a PCN from Islington council in December of last year. I was half parked on a double yellow line and half in an out of hours residents bay on a residential road. It was a Sunday evening in a commercial vehicle (under 3.5 tonnes) and I was unloading and making a delivery to a house. The unloading was constant and I did not leave the vehicle unattended for more than 5 minutes at a time and overall I was there for unde
  9. HI I have a contravention 46 for loading and was viewed for 7 minutes, have argued till now and going to appeal. before i go into nitty gritty, can someone advise if this looks legal? 1.i cannot find this sign anywhere on line. 2.its dirty obstructed 3.white markings on street? 4.markings unclear and cut off? 5.pictures dated June 2011 and contravention is Dec 2011?
  10. Hi guys, I am a student and live in a block of apartments which is a private residential area. Just outside the apartments is a construction site where they are building a bunch of shops. The construction site is blocked off by a barrier and next to this barrier is a road for cars. I had loads of shopping from Tesco so I assumed I could leave the car downstairs for a few minutes to bring the shopping upstairs and then come back down to move the car. The road does have signs saying that any car parked will be clamped. So anyways I took the shopping upstairs and when I came back
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