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Found 30 results

  1. Well, we are looking for help and advice regarding United Utilities, our water bill is now £1,121.27 and we have been struggling to pay, i have requested a payment card so we can start paying towards the bill, however today they sent letter demanding the full amount in 30 days if we don`t pay they will start court action. Over the last few months both our wages have been reduced over £400.00 month so in reals terms we cannot pay all our bills. They have attached income form so happy to fill in and return which clearly shows we just don`t have the income or funds to pay in full. I have spoken to the company and they told me the min monthly payment has to be £160.00 which we cannot pay so just not sure were to go now. Any advice would be helful
  2. 18 months ago I moved out of my parents house into my first flat (renting) I thought that I'd set up all of my payments (gas, electric, council tax etc), Today I received a letter from united utilities saying they have recently found that my address is occupied and are going to send me a water bill. I've looked over my previous statements, and yes, I didn't inform UU that I'd moved in. I know this was extremely stupid! Obviously I have to ring them and sort this out, I have the money to pay for 18 months worth of bills, but am just afraid of what to expect when I call. Will they threaten me with legal action over failing to disclose my address? Will it affect my credit rating? if I ring them tomorrow to get this sorted, apologise and offer to pay in full, what kind of backlash/penalties can I expect?
  3. Enforcement Undertakings accepted from United Utilities READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/enforcement-undertakings-accepted-from-united-utilities
  4. Hello, I hope I have posted this in the right place! I am utterly upset and shocked by this letter. Today I have received a letter from Northampton County Court advising that I owe £534.24 plus costs to UU. Now I do not dispute this bill at all as it is my annual 2017 - 2018 bill however my issues are as follows; - I had a zero balance with UU up until the most recent bill was issued on 1st April - The bill itself stated that I needed to pay £267.12 on 1st April and £267.12 on 1st October - I knew I wasn't able to afford the April payment so called them to arrange a plan to pay this off at £66.78 per month starting from the end of May running until September as my payday is 28th of each month. - As far as I was aware this was agreed however I didn't get anything in writing and more fool me, I didn't think this would be an issue. - I have not had any reminder from UU - I have now been told I have to pay the £534.24 plus £130 court costs which is for my bill up until 31.03.2018! -Can they give me a CCJ for a service I haven't had yet? - I dont have any proof of this payment plan as it was all done on the phone (i feel foolish now but they tell you to call them if you cant pay so I did) - How do I reply to this court letter? - Do I make the £66.78 payment at the end of the month? I do not dispute the bill of course but I cannot believe they have done this to me and I dont know what to do. Please can you help. Thank you
  5. Hello. I am having issues trying to pay an outstanding water bill to United Utilities, it's a final water and wastewater bill. I received this bill a few days ago at a property I gave as a forwarding address when I moved house back in May ( this bill is for the last few months that I lived at the property ). I have contacted the number(s) on this bill and they connect to a company called Orbit which is a debt collection agency. I informed them That I wanted to deal with this bill through United utilities and not Orbit but they weren't having it. I rang United Utilities on a general enquiry number to get some sort of answer but again the operator at United utilities said I had to go through Orbit, I made it clear to them that I would only deal with United Utilities and not Orbit and when pressed said that it has nothing to do with United utilities. The thing is does anyone have any idea how I can get through to the water company and get them to deal with this bill? Thanks.
  6. Hi guys, not posted for a while on here! Does anybody know anything about United Kash? They are based in Ipswich as far as I can tell. I had a SpeedCredit PDL years ago I never fully repaid as they kept demanding I repay like £3000 for a £400 loan. I've just ignored it, and as far as I know, SC dissolved a while back. I hadn't heard a thing until the last month, when this company have started contacting me demanding I repay this debt originally from MCO capital. I've received this lovely threat e-mail: We have written to you previously requesting that you pay the above overdue amount or contact us. Our records show that this debt, originally issued by MCO Capital Limited(Trading as SpeedCredit), remains unpaid and we have been left with no other alternative other than to consider further action. Further action may include Litigation Proceedings commenced against you. We recommend that you seek legal advice immediately if you are unsure of the consequences and additional costs that may be added to the amount due if judgement is found in our favour. Please be aware that this may also affect your future ability to obtain credit. Prior to potentially escalating this matter we have authorised to accept 75% of the amount owed £600.00 as full and final settlement of the amount outstanding balance which will end your liability and avoid any further action being taken against you. If this matter is an oversight, on your behalf, we request that you visit our Customer Service website at unitedkash.com and take advantage of the final settlement amount due. I thought threats like this were banned under the new PDL directives? I was probably going to just ignore it. Anybody help me out at all?
  7. Please does anyone have any advice on this? The facts as they have been reported to me: Mr X leaves the property in 2008. Mrs X remains at the property and there is a verbal agreement that she will transfer the utility bills to her name. Mr X still legally owns the property until it is repossesed by the bank in 2010. In 2015 Mr X obtains a copy of his Equifax credit report and discovers that United Utilities have registered a default dated March 2015. Unitied Utilities will not remove the default as they say Mr X did not notify them he had moved/was no longer responsible for the water charges at the property. The ICO have today sent this response: Dear Mr X, I write further to my email of 19 February. Based on the evidence provided, I consider that it is likely that United Utilities has complied with its obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) in this case. I feel it may be useful to explain that a default on a credit file means that an organisation considers the relationship between itself and the individual to have broken down. United Utilities has explained that whilst the last payment was made in 2007, they had been attempting to chase the debt and a default notice was only issued in February 2015 when collections activity was deemed exhausted and the relationship was deemed broken down. United Utilities has explained that the credit for £268.88 was a false credit and has confirmed that that the default date of 14 March 2015 and default balance of £3093 were accurate and up to date at the time it was shared with Equifax. United Utilities has explained that they acted on the information available to them as you did not inform them that you had ceased being responsible for charges at xxxxxxxxxxxxx until May 2015. I understand that while the default will remain, United Utilities will request amendments to your credit file to reflect the subsequent information received by you. I appreciate you may be disappointed by this, but I hope the information provided above explains the reasons for our decision. Yours sincerely, Adele Roper Lead Case Officer Information Commissioner’s Office 01625 545 774 Is there anything to stop a company registering a default from so long ago, or would there be if an agreement was regulated by the CCA? Is there any point Mr X arguing that he did not take out a credit agreement with United Utilities? I believe that utilities companies have only recently been allowed to 'share' data with credit reference agencies, so it's not something Mr X would have agreed to/been aware of upon opening the account. Thanks for reading.
  8. Good Morning all, My partner received an official 4 page court letter from United Utilities today. We usually pay monthly, and have missed the last 3 payments. We have had trouble accessing the online account to set things up from there - however it displayed an old address. We had intentions of ringing up and setting the DD up but it was forgotten about. We have received no reminder letters, or any 3rd part debt collector letters in the meantime - if we had, we'd have setup and paid up - as it's only a small amount. The Form we have received says Claim Form, and we can respond to it using moneyclaim.gov.uk ? The problem we have is my partner is a student nurse - and it's her name on the paperwork - we are worried about her getting a CCJ as this will show on CRB's and could jeopardize her career. We have rang UU - and they have been arrogant and unhelpful - and have been told we'll end up with a CCJ regardless of us paying it or not now. The claim is seeming for missed payments (which isn't even £100) upto March of next year. Then there are fees of £50 (Legal rep) and £25 (Court fee) Are they playing fair? We can pay the missed payments without a problem in the next week - but they seem hell bent on going to court? How should I reply to this letter - and how likely is my partner to get a CCJ? Thanks in advance all
  9. Hi I was wondering if anyone can help. An OAP became very sick, was hospitalised and is recovering further in a nursing home. This has been over three months. Is she entitled to a water rates discount since she is not on a metre but her property has been empty and I can vouch that no water has been used. She has records that she has been in hospital and living at the nursing home. She lives alone. She was advised that because she can not prove that no water has been used they wont discount her. But it didn't sound right to me. Thanks Clear33
  10. Hi All, I need some help. I have received a claim form in my name from UU. I have acknowledged via MCOL but I have been away and not been able to get some traction on this. PoC is laid out below but here is a brief summary of the situation. Water Bill and some others in my home were transferred into my wife's name whilst I handled others. It appear this was not effected at UU despite them confirming this at the time. Wife tells me no bills have been sent to her and I just assumed it was being paid. Now out of the blue a claim in my name. Rang UU to discuss and possibly come to an agreement without wasting the court's time or anyone else's but didn't receive a positive response. 2 things concern me; 1. They didn't ring or write (as far as I know or can remember) 2. They confirm my call in 2011, added wife to the account but left me as primary account holder. Now if this is the case, shouldn't the 2 names be on the claim form? As you can imagine - I'm confused and do not know how to lay out my defence. Urgent assistance is required Name of the Claimant? United Utilities Water Ltd Date of issue 11th May 2015. Date of issue XX + 19 days ( 5 day for service + 14 days to acknowledge) = XX + 14 days to submit defence = XX (33 days in total) - 13 June 2015 What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? Please type out their particulars of claim (verbatim) less any identifiable data and round the amounts up/down. 2045.13 is due from the defendant to the claimant for water service charges and any other charges incurred relating to such at XXXXXX for a period to 24/11/2014 full particulars of which have been supplied to the defendant What is the value of the claim? £2230.13 Is the claim for a current account (Overdraft) or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? water supply When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? Account opened in 2011 Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. Original Creditor Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? N/A Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? No Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? No Why did you cease payments? Account was transferred into wife’s name. Assumed this was being paid as no bills were received in my name. What was the date of your last payment? Nov 2011 Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? No Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt managementicon plan? No What you need to do now. Want to avoid a CCJ but come to an amicable and affordable payment arrangement as this is for water used by my family.
  11. Hi, On the 13th May I received a payment reminder from United Utilities. The bill was dated on the 24/04/15 and strangely arrived on the 13/05/15. I double checked to see if I misplaced the first bill and it appears I have not received no bills from United Utilities since my last payment in January. I did not think much so I paid the full amount online. Today I receive another letter from United Utilities legal department demanding that I pay £157 which is double the amount what they were initially asking. I never have issues paying on time, I am very angered by the late arrivals of their letters and threats. Is there anything I can do to challenge United Utilities. As far as I am concerned the bill is up to date and I am being punished for their errors and delays. Kind Regards
  12. Hello friends, First post so please excuse my very minor knowledge in the matter I need help/advice with. Lat week a bailiff from Crewe county court knocked on my door stating he had a warrant from the court regarding a ccj issued on behalf of United utilities water plc, I said I had no knowledge of the issue and he left, he left a mesage on my answer machine the following day asking me to call him. After reading information from various sites I decided not to call (unsure how I should have proceeded or what I would say) I came home last night and a letter had been hand posted through my door that is essentially a photocopied template with details filled in by hand. It contains yesterdays date (hand written) a claim number (hand written) a warrant number (hand written) the claimant (hand written) the amount of £1,192.08 (hand written) and a stamp that says the bailiffs name, bailiff, Crewe county court and below that a telephone number and a second stamp saying 'URGENT' The writing states that the warrant has been issued for the payment...... ....or removal of your goods to the saleroom unless within 24 hours the above amount is paid into the court office, you will leave me no alternative but to carry out the warrant by re-attending your premises with the auctioneers van and porters to remove your goods to the saleroom to satisy the warrant. You will have to pay additional removal fees and auctioneers costs. The bailiff has never been into the property to levy goods, can he simply turn up to collect goods, especially if I am not there? I feel i must say that this situation is not come about because I simply refuse to pay, it is the net effect of family seperation, and 2 redundancies within the same year that have compounded financial issues. I am a single father of two kids that live with me, I work full time but earnings only cover basic living costs....there is certainaly no lifestyle to talk of. I have a number of other debt issues but this is an immediate problem I am worried about. My car is an old banger and probably has a value of £200 tops but it is essential that i keep it for work commuting and hospital appointments (my youngest has a heart condition and requires regular visits to liverpool chest and heart hospital and alder hey) Could someone please tell me how to proceed, I have almost no assets, live in rented accomadation, and wages dont cover the cost of living ...i have nothing left to pay off debts and they are compounding badly. Last year I let a bailiff in and he levied goods against a council tax bill which I am paying £112.50 a month for to stop him taking items away which means I cannot afford to pay the current tax.. ...as an example of the situation getting worse. I hope this makes sense. Thank you for reading. Mark
  13. Will try and keep this short, I owed United utilities £500 for water which they sent to scottcall. I worked with them (regret that now) and set up a £50 a month plan. I made the first payment via standing order so I didn't give them my details, it never arrived on my account. I loaded with UU who said they had resolved it and I had paid it wrong so scottcall kept it in a holding account. I have proof I sent it where they told me. I've kicked up a fuss been verbally abused by scottcall threatening to call at my house, so I informed UU i will pay them direct online but they are refusing to accept that and will only deal with me via scottcall. I've paid online anyway this month but UU are adamant that they won't be accepting any further online payments to my account. I've offered to set a direct debit up for £88 a month, 50 for debt and 33 for new year
  14. Hi My father in law died in FEb this year, he was in a care home with his wife who has alzeimers from September 2013, They have a house that no one lives in, however nothing can be done with this as we are waiting to find out if the house has to be sold to pay for his wifes care home fees. I check the mail regulary and we kept getting letters from a dect collection agency over the water rates, I phoned them and informed them that he had died (the letters were always addressed to him), they told me they would update sytem, Today I have received a county court claim in his name for unpaid water rates, claiming up until 2015, to be honest it had really upset me and I dont really know what to do, can anyone offer any advice please
  15. Good Afternoon, I have received a County Court Summons from United Utilities Water for claim for unpaid bills for water used etc. I live in a rented apartment and water is supplied through a meter. I first became concerned in 2012 when I received a bill for water use that seemed particularly high (for one person living alone). After some investigation and telephone call with United Utilities, I discovered that the water meters at this building are connected incorrectly and the meter registered to my apartment is NOT connected to my apartment. I have established this by turning the mains water tap off (that is connected to this meter) and the water maintains full pressure in my apartment. Furthermore, I have taken a reading of the numbers (showing water consumption) on the meter registered to my apartment and then released a considerable amount of water from the taps in my apartment. I then re-checked the numbers showing consumption on the meter and they had not changed. From this, I concluded that the meter that is registered to my apartment is not the actual one connected it. I first became aware of this problem and reported it to United Utilities on 1st November 2012 where I was informed that someone would come and visit my apartment and look at the problem. I have since made several telephone calls (for which I have contemporaneous notes and a record of the date and time the calls were made) to report this and continue to make United Utilities aware of the problem. In addition, I have sent letters and have recorded delivery receipts. I have not received any response to my letters and during some of the telephone conversations I have been asked to prove (in writing) that the meter is incorrectly connected. It is impossible for me to prove in a letter how a plumbing system is connected and it would be necessary for a plumber to visit my apartment to establish this. When I mentioned this during a telephone conversation, I was threatened with a visit from a debt collector and was assured that they would not be interested in looking at the water connection but would be guaranteed to leave with payment of the money United Utilities allege that I owe. It is my intention to defend their entire claim but I wish to make a counterclaim. I suffer from depression and have (in 2013) attempted suicide due to the pressure from various debt collectors and United Utilities unwillingness to address the problem. Since this problem was first brought to the attention of United Utilities in November 2012, I have been in a position where I felt unable to use water in my apartment due to the knowledge that my water system was connected to another meter and someone else would be getting charged for my water consumption. I subsequently suffered increasingly poor standards of hygiene, have been unable to wash or flush the toilet correctly and in extremis have boiled rain water in order to make a cup of tea. I have had to make regular visits to my mother’s home in order to properly use the toilet and take showers etc which has involved considerable travelling expenses. My general health has suffered considerably and my mental health deteriorated significantly due to the threats issued by United Utilities and debt collectors pursuing me for alleged debt despite being informed of the problem. What would be the accepted or usual amount of compensation for my distress etc that I should enter in my counterclaim. The other main difficulty I have is that the court charge a fee for a counterclaim. My career sadly ended due to ill health and I do not have the funds to pay the court fees. It would distress me greatly to think that United Utilities were able to get away without even an apology for what they have done to me. In relation to this, the wider issue remains that United Utilities have continued to receive payments fraudulently from at least one other tenant in this building who is actually connected to the meter that is wrongly registered to apartment 5. I do not know and have no way of knowing who this person is or which apartment is actually connected to this meter. I do know that there have been a number of changes in tenants in several apartments and this issue could potentially affect a large number of people going back to the time when the water meters were first installed. It is my concern that due to the seriousness of this matter, United Utilities will try to rectify the problem in order to avoid admitting liability. Any general advice or comments would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks.
  16. I have just recently checked my Equifax report to check that all is well and United Utilities is now showing the last five months status. I am up to date with my water bill but this account was opened in July 2000 and I have never signed a credit agreement with them or given them my date of birth
  17. Hi I normally post on the site with my own problems but I'm emailing for my sister. she got into arrears with united utilities for water rates to the sum of 2k. She buried her head and in Dec also ignored a court summons. All this is in her husbands name who until this week had no idea about any of it. Last Fri a high court bailiff turned up at her house from Marsden demanding full payment or to sieze goods. After discussions he said if she could make a payment of 1k he was sure they could come to an arrangement for the balance. She borrowed the money off our parents and paid over the phone on Monday and arranged a payment plan of £50 per month for the balance. Today they have rung and said he needs to call back tomorrow to complete some paperwork and make an inventory of goods. This has alarmed her and she has asked me to check if this is normal procedure. My debts are credit cards so never been in the situation to advise her and she's 21 weeks pregnant too so want to help her all I can. Could anyone please advise and help thx
  18. before Christmas we had some financial issues the monthly payment for UU couldn't be paid -I actually cancelled it to avoid charges. After Christmas I got a single reminder letter for the bill -about £180 pound left. at the start of Jan I logged onto the online service and set up the direct debit, this would clear the full balance via 3 higher direct debits before the end of March ready for the next bill to start as normal. This was accepted online and I also received a email confirmation a few days later. last week I got court papers from UU for the bill. Now I know I will have to pay the £180 and I have no issue with that, would prefer to pay as previously arranged, but can try to scrap it together over the next few weeks to get rid of it. However I am annoyed that one department accepted an arrangement then later another department issues the court documents. I also don't believe I had a LBA just a single reminder. Plus they have stuck an extra £50 "solicitors fee" on the claim form, but I thought you couldn't claim for costs in the small claims court? For information we are not on a meter-there are 6 of us so would cost us more. Thanks Ali x
  19. Hi, this is an enquiry on behalf of a friend of mine (he is 65 so was not quite on the ball with bills etc). He received his United Utilities water bill in March 2013 (for the year 2013/2014), it asked that he pay 50% in April and 50% in August. He normally pays it in full straight away, but due to his financial situation hadn't paid it at the time. He mentioned it to me so I told him to bring his bill round and I would look into setting up a direct debit. On 31 May 2013 I set him up an online account and tried to set up a direct debit for him, but, their website wouldn't allow me to do it so he told me to pay half the bill which they were demanding. Two days later he received a Court Summons for the full amount for the year (just over £400). I defended the claim stating that he had paid a total of 6 months of his account before receiving the summons and that also he disputed the fee they have charged for Solicitors costs of £50 as they had completed the summons in-house and not used a Solicitor. I know I may be wrong on this point hence the thread. I paid the balance of the bill in full on 4 July 2013. We hadn't heard anything from the court office so I phoned them a couple of times for updates. The last time I phoned them in October they told me that United Utilities had not replied and should have done so by July. I asked her then if the case would be struck out and she said no and that the case is on hold and put to stay. He has had no correspondence from the Court since sending in the defence and according to this link he should have received a Directions Questionnaire http://hmctsformfinder.justice.gov.uk/courtfinder/forms/ex306-eng.pdf However, in this link it says the following; https://www.gov.uk/respond-to-court-claim-for-money/deny-owing-the-money Now I checked his UU online account and it is showing an entry for Fees and Costs amounting to £80 (£30 court fees and £50 Solicitors fees). What is his legal position here? Does he still owe UU £80? and can we get this case struck out?
  20. How can I defend a court action with United Utilities for this years water bill? We had always paid direct from our income support for our water but this stopped without us being informed last October. When we got this years bill through I thought it would be paid the same way. We got in touch with them when we found out this wasn't happening but they said we had to pay them direct- no other option. Got in touch with DWP who said they would look at setting it up again. They didn't. Was in touch with United Utilities in July to say we were trying to get this set up. In August got advice from CAB who said they had a scheme they could arrange and told us the information they would need. Got that together. Before we could get the CAB to organise anything we got court docs through from Northampton Centre. I sent in the acknowledgement of service and contacted the CAB. The date they can apply for judgement is this week- no word from CAB despite trying to get hold of them. I tried UU but they just want us to admit and go away. Asked why we couldn't just put it on a card?? When I said we were on benefits said we could just get it taken from them. I asked why this couldn't have been done when we asked repeatedly- no idea. I need a defense preferably. I hate that I may get a CCJ for a bill I've been trying to sort out and pay.
  21. Hi all, new user here, hope someone can help? I've recently received a county court judgement summons from northampton county court bulk centre on mon 20/5/2013, they are claiming that i owe them £3K! for "water charges and any such other charges relating to such at my address" for period to 31/3/2014! (didn't think you could charge for a service that you hadn't provided). The problem being that i've not had any bills or correspondence from them for years! apart from the generic leaflet through the door informing me that they were conducting work in the road (which resulted in them damaging my driveway even though they didn't have permision to be on the property!). Surely in order to pay a bill you have to first receive one? I'm unemployed at the moment and have been for some time, i'm also recovering from two severe nervous breakdowns, i'm under the outpatient care of the local nhs psychology department, and am on prolonged medication for severe depression, I'm also undergoing tests for a particular form of cancer at the moment. I will not be "bullied" by these people, but i'm at my wits end and fearful of a depressive relapse episode. Can anybody help? Many thanks and much appreciated.
  22. Hi All I have today received a County Court claim from United Utilities for my water bill for period March 2013 to March 2014. I have some knowledge of law etc and in my opinion surely they can not take me to court for services not yet delivered. surely they can only claim for period March 2013 to todays date and not for the full 12 months. If I where to leave this property today , and move into a tent not requiring a water supply for arguments sake, then in theory I would have paid for water services to this property with no way of getting that money back. Anyone have any thoughts as to whether this Court claim is valid and would be enforced by the Courts.
  23. I would be grateful if anybody could give advice on this problem. On Tuesday I opened my business and a woman followed me in handed me a red card and said I have to disconnect your water because of non payment of bill. I asked her to wait whilst I checked if the bill of £139 was outstanding, anyway due to an oversight the bill was outstanding. I offered to pay but she said I would have to phone united utilities and pay by debit card. I asked her to wait whilst I did this but she said she couldn't and went ahead and disconnected the water. I phoned united utilities paid the bill but was then told I had to pay a reconnection fee of £98 for engineers visit. I pointed out that I asked if I could pay before she disconnected water but they still insisted I paid fee before they would phone engineer to reconnect me. Anyway I can reclaim this? £98 pound for an £139 bill seems excessive!
  24. Hi For months now I have been given the run around by United Utilities. Background: I am in terrible poverty and have been too unwell to fight for any benefits, and I am too unwell to sign on. My friends help me out with bare essentials. My landine was cut off as I couldn't afford to pay, I have had no hot water and because of no heating my house is full of black mould...etc. etc.etc. I am sure you get the idea. I am holding onto the hope that soon I will be well enough to sign on or get a part time job. In the meantime my water bill has mounted up to over £750. I explained the hardship and they told me to apply to the United Utilities Trust Fund. It is so VERY difficult energy wise however I just managed to fill out the application. They said I hadn't filled in the income and expenditure section properly - Now this part is not rocket science as I have NO income!!!! No job and no benefits - apart from council tax benefits. I sent a complaint and explained this again, they turned me down. However they invited me to apply again for the trust Fund!!! I wrote a letter saying if they do not tell me where I am going wrong on the application form and what the specific issue is, then I am only going to make an identical application - which presumably will be rejected again. I begged them to send me out a specific fault of my application. They would not respond. In the mean time, The United Utilities are starting to demand payment again. So I explained to them the situation and asked THEM to explain tks me where my application had failed. They said generally 'the income and expenditure' - i said I have NO income !!!!! I asked for specifics and they refused to tell me. In the meantime they told me I could apply for the water sure scheme - due to my pain and disAbility If I apply I can only be billed for the average persons water bill - i use more water because of my disability. So I got a doctors letter to state I use more water due to my disability, filled out the form, enclosed a copy of the council tax benefit, and was applying in retrospect whilst also asking them to waive the bi so I could start with a can slate. They sent my application back stating I was only receiving a REDUCTION of council tax and not a council tax benefit. This is NOT true . What has happened is that Council benefit has been Abolished and Everybody has to pay a small amount - i am in receipt of the full benefit and have been billed this small amount. I then made a complaint = 1) that due to my disability and neurological condition, i am unable to ring or take calls and I have been denied a direct email to someone from United Utilities that I could get help from. I type from a mobile phone and hand writing letters is impossible. They keep taunting me on their letters telling them to ring them if I need help. They say its impossible to give me an email address. So I am forced to use their general email address which only allows for 1,000 characters!!! and never gets addressed by the right person. Last email i stated under the data protection act this is to only be replied to by stated person. Complaint 2) I have requested over 8 times my water rate readings over the last 3 years so I can see for myself if I have a leak or if my personal attempts ago reducing my wAter consumption have been successful and yet they REFUSE to give me it. I also made a complaint that they have dismissed my wAter sure application due to supposedly not providing them with my council tax benefit evidence - and yet clearly I have!!! Whilst acting with their time frames also, confusion from them and their differing departments meant the were sending letters threatening to repeatedly come to my property in person until they hear from me!!! Today, I have received no response from my complaints but instead have received another BILl for over £750 ... I just don't know what to do.....
  25. Received a so called letter from Northampton (bulking office) court saying that i had had a CCJ put against my name for non payment of water charges !! and that a bailiff would be calling to collect payment !! First of all this is the first I knew about a CCJ Second United Utillies have not responded to any of my letters or Emails with my payment offers so i class this as in dispute I havent had a letter about court date (to go and fight my corner ) which i believe i should have !! Ive put a letter on my gate Removing all Implied Right of Acess to my property The letter also states i have to pay £ x amount each month .... to my knowlege this is a contract and should be signed by both parties and i havent signed anything I dont wish to deal with a 3rd party ie Bailiff and there rediculous charges Any ideas please
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