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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong forum. If so please tell me off mods and feel free to move the thread! I need to find out the VAT code and the Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) of a company. I found the VAT code easy enough. Has anyone got any idea how I can find this UTR for a particular company? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I am new here and I looked through the forum but the questions that I have, have not been asked before. So I am starting a new thread. I have been in credit card and secured loan debts for more than 15 years and most of the time, I have been working to pay my debts. The life had been very hard. But last year a friend advised 'not to pay any of your credit cards debts as you are just killing yourself', and I did stop paying them which gave me some breathing space. Now I have one creditor taking me to court to seek a CCJ. I have reviewed my financial situation carefully and I have come to a conclusion that I will not be able to pay any of my debts for at least another 10 years and I am 48 now. The same friend has advised me now to stop paying mortgage and remaining 2 secured loan payments and apply for bankruptcy, which I agree to but I am worried about committing BANKRUPTCY OFFENCE, and ending up up to 15 years of BRO. Could the following be considered Bankruptcy Offenses; If I stop paying my mortgage (which has a negative equity of about £15,000) and secured loan, then could this be considered a bankruptcy offence as I would have piled up debt? I am employed full-time and my take-home pay is about £1500 with overtime. But I want to give up this job as it exacerbate my Sciatica pain. I want to do taxi-driving for a while which I did before. Will OR consider this an offence as my income will go down to about half? I had stopped paying my creditors over a year ago, so could this be considered an offence or fraud? I am also the director of my own LTD company(book publishing) but it made a loss of about £1500 in the first year. I am not hoping to get any financial reward from selling any more novels in the near future. So if I sold the entire shares to a friend or family member then could this be considered an offence. I want to do this before bankruptcy as I know I cannot remain a director. Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Ok, glad to have joined up here. I checked and read through DVLA posts on the site. I think my case is different to others. I'll give the basics. Car (Fiesta) taxed at the start of the year: Tax up 31st July 2012. Had a warning letter through the door around June to say my car had been spotted with no tax. I took a quick check of tax disc in car window and couldn't see what the problem was. Ignored it. Went to tax car start of August (was on holiday and out of country until 2nd week). The guy said I had a fine to pay before I could renew the tax. I explained about the letter I received and how it was sent by mistake. He checked details of my car and said there were no records of it being taxed in 2012. I explained when and how I had paid, even details of the guy behind the counter. Only when I went out to get the tax disc, I realised that there was another registration on it. The registration of a 3lt twin turbo GTO that blew an engine about 3 years ago. A car that I had returned all forms for, one which was supposedly scrapped out by a mechanic who could not fix it. The guy then put me onto their fine / debt / whatever department. I explained to the girl on the phone what had happened. She says there was no record of tax on the GTO since... guessing here May 2010. I said that's right cause it's scrapped out. She explained once again, there was NO record of the GTO being taxed since that date, meaning the Fiesta tax disc with the GTO registration on it was not recognised. I had to send it off or call in to sort things out. I called in last Thursday as I needed the car for work Friday to Monday. After 20 minutes discussing it with her supervisor, the girl behind the desk said it was my mistake. I had landed in with the white form (the one they post out) for the GTO and that's why it was processed to the wrong car. I believe I used the Fiesta white form, but they argued different. Now maybe I'm wrong but I thought I needed to show a valid Insurance and MOT certificate dedicated to the vehicle in question to be able to get tax. So how can I tax the 3.0 GTO using an Insurance certificate and an MOT certificate for a 1.3 Fiesta. That would leave it open for lots of criminal activity. Finally, my fine! I was told there's nothing I can do about the GTO tax, it can't be reclaimed. I had to pay the missing Fiesta tax from the start of the year, plus a fine for being caught on the road without tax before I could even get to pay tax for the next 6 months. To cut a long story short I'm out almost £380 for what I believe to be their error! They told me I stood no chance of getting money back. Maybe I'm biased and it's not as clear cut as I think it is. I would like other people's opinions if possible? Thanks in advance, Iain.
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