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Found 10 results

  1. This is an ongoing situation but now I’m I am confused. To start with I must say that I appreciate the meaning and intent of client confidentiality. A solicitor took a personal instruction from a brother (not the executor) I asked questions about our mother’s estate. They will not answer claiming client confidentiality. I asked the date and what authority he claimed when giving the instruction. They ignored my letter. I am now wondering if this is because he had no authority to deal with the estate. Any suggestions?
  2. I made a multi-stop booking with Opodo at 2250 on 10th August, paying by credit card. The stops are: Bristol - Cape Town Cape Town - Gaborone, Botswana (via Johannesburg) Gaborone, Botswana - Bristol (via Johannesburg) When I made the booking the screen said "Free cancellation within the next 1 hour", although there is no mention of this in the confirmation emails. I immediately realised that I'd booked the wrong airport in Botswana (we need to fly to Maun) so I tried to cancel the whole lot. But I couldn't do that online, I have to phone the office and it closes at 2000h(GMT). So I phoned at 0800 today, to be told that it was too late to cancel! I can get no refund at all. I asked about changing the booking to fly directly from Cape Town to Maun instead. Opodo cannot do that, because the flight goes via Johannesburg using two operators (British Airways and South African Airways). I asked about cancelling the flight to Gaborone even without refunds and making our own arrangements. Opodo cannot do that, they can only cancel EVERYTHING and we will lose all our money. I asked what would happen if we simply did not turn up for the flight to Gaborone and made our own arangements. Opodo told me that we will be a "no show" and KLM will cancel the flights from Johannesburg back to the UK. KLM have confirmed this. Help! What can we do?
  3. I am on EDFs Energy assist tariff due to being in fuel poverty. I have several serious health problems and my sole income is my Incapacity Benefit, currently awaiting a medical from ATOS to decide my fate. I am in several hundred pounds of arrears on my duel fuel as my monthly payments were increasing beyond my means, and EDF sent out a debt collector to my flat. This man knocked at my downstairs neighbours door flourishing his debt collectors clipboard, asked my neighbour questions about me and made it perfectly clear to her (without actually coming out and saying as much) that he was indeed a debt collector. I was very upset, and humiliated, and distressed to such a degree that while this man was in my flat I agreed to a weekly payment of almost £30 just to get rid of him. This is impossible for me to pay as I only have £20 a week for food and clothing after I pay my reduced rent, council tax, bus fares, water rates etc. I wrote to EDF and explained all of this, and also asked whether their debt collectors behaviour was ethical or indeed legal . I requested that they do not send that man back to my flat to upset me again. I received a reply from a customer service advisor who made no reference at all to my experience with the collector ( from Alexander James) but merely stated that unfortunately she could not stop follow up action from the agency and suggesting that I contact them myself. What on earth can I do? I am so afraid these people will turn up again and knock on my neighbours door. Regarding my debt, I have been made aware of EDF Energy Trust but have been told they are only likely to help if you have been paying regular amounts off your debt, which I have not yet been able to do as the weekly amount demanded was too much. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  4. Hi guys, I have been attempting to deal with this but getting nowhere fast! I'm sure that these DCAs drag their feet deliberately, hoping people will pay up to clean their records up. There are two issues here but I figured they're so similar that I may as well keep them in one thread. Since I got my credit files for the first time ever in May, there has been a default registered in my name by Cabot Financial at a previous address. The account was opened after I left the address and it's for around £250 for a JD Williams group debt. I've sent address history proof back in May and have brought this up with Equifax and Experian more than once (Cabot just come back and say it's correct). I've written several letters, getting nowhere. They've written to me this week asking for my address history so they can complete their investigation (AGAIN). They've also moved the default from my previous address to my current address. I know for a fact that they have no CCA as I never signed one (obvs). - Are they allowed to move the default to my current address? - What are the implications of them doing so? - What next steps would folk advise? - Does anyone have experience of reaching a satisfactory resolution in a similar instance? Secondly, three weeks ago, another default appeared on my credit files for the first time. Its for £300 to Littlewoods and is held by Arrow Global. This is in a slightly different name to mine and has a different date of birth. Weirdly, the address is a uni hall of residence that I lived in in 2005/2006 and the date is 2008! I've sent a copy of my driving licence and proof that I lived elsewhere in 2008 but they're dragging their feet too! - Any advice on this one? - Surely they're breaking some law by reporting this as mine? I've sent off a CCA request to both of these this week, and have demanded the removal of both accounts. I'm not hopeful though. Any thoughts?
  5. I have a Rotary watch which had been very little used except for special occasions. Just outside the 12 months warranty a piece of the bracelet clip fell off making it impossible to remove the bracelet from my hand. I went to a Rotary outlet who kindly removed a link from the bracelet to 'get me out'. I then reported the matter to the original vendor (a provincial specialist watch retailer). He was unable to obtain a replacement fastener for the bracelet and advised me to approach Rotary myself. I did this and they advised that they do not sell spare parts and I must send the watch to them for assessment and repair. I did this and received a quotation to service the entire watch and replace the fastener at a cost of about a half of the original retail cost of the watch. The watch itself looked and worked like new so I did not require it to be serviced. I requested that they simply replace the catch as I had requested which they did, they sent the watch back in a Jiffy envelope (not carefully boxed in bubble wrap as I had sent it!) Looking at the watch it had stopped working. I took it to my local 'proper' watch repairer asking him to fit a new battery. The watch did not work even with a new battery and he said that the movement would need replacing. Obviously it is now my word against the repairers but it seems an extraordinary coincidence that this new fault should occur in the post. My concern is that a technician may have 'sabotaged' the electronics when I refused to accept the repair quotation. I contacted Rotary Sales office who referred me to the repair centre who said send the watch back again (adding extra postal costs to those I have already experienced with no firm prospect of resolution) possibly costing me more money on what is already seeming an expensive and regretted purchase. Their response did not appear contrite or helpful. Is this a common situation or what hope do I have to bottom the issue out? I am minded to bin the watch rather than pursue the matter.
  6. Good day, I renewed my contract in March with what is now EE. I have been with them ( originally PAYG with one2one) for 15 years. Unfortunately the lad in store made an error with my contract and in an attempt to reduce my price removed my high internet allowance, but told me i still had it. My bill arrived with data charges. I queried them and was told to go back to the store I bought from as they had to sort it. 2-3 journeys back and forth and a number of phone calls later and i think all is sorted. The store send paperwork off for a refund of charges and I pay my bills at the rate i expected. Yesterday, my phone is cut off. Spoke to customer services who said (after a long debate) that my refund was rejected and the line can't be reinstated unless i pay. I asked her to phone the store and she accused me of being unhelpful because I didn't have the number to hand. I got onto the store who said i shouldn't have to pay, they explained to the customer services and said they would resend the forms for the refund, and as it comes from the stores commission there shouldn't be a problem and that the business team should reinstate my line. Customer services said they Couldn't lift the bar as it was locked in the system. The store said they couldn't do any more and i would have to wait wihout a phone up to 4 week for the paperwork to go through. Ispoke to advisor again and asked what i would get from t-mobile in terms of goodwill once the problem was sorted and i was told not a chance. I went home and started writing my cancellation of contract letter. I attempted to follow the online complaints procedure which said in the first case to phone 150 and ask to be put through to a manager. I did this and was told that doesn't happen, the managers don't deal with customers. seeI asked if they would release my PAK as I was officially rejecting, what the shop had confirmed, what was essentially a missold contract, and taking my business elsewhere. I was told if i wanted it , it was going to cost me, and I had to clear the disputed charges I then had to phone 150 again (Iforget why) and within five minutes the advisor had ascertained all he needed to do was get a verbal confirmation from the store, put the charges into dispute whilst the paperwork went through, and my line was reinstated. Maybe i should be happy, but by this point it was 5-6 hours later, I had lost a days work as i couldn't leave the office without having a mobile (it's crucial to my business), In total yesterday cost me £300. I doubt I'd get that off them, but should i be expecting some form of goodwill gesture? I am currently composing an e-mail to CEO so any further advice would be appreciated.
  7. I got out a phone contract out two months ago via Phones4u on a Sony Xperia Z and after about 2 weeks I recieved my first bill pro rata and reliased I would not be able to afford to pay it. I called Phones4u who said it was too late to cancel and Vodafone said it was too late to cancel. Phones4u tried their best but Vodafone would not cancel the line without charge so there was no point. I complained to vodafone head office and they said they would be able to deduct it by 5% a month (my contract charge) for 6 months and i asked if they could try ask phones4u if they could do anything.. 2 weeks later, I get a call saying the 5% is no longer on offer because I have been in contact with phones4u saying i wasn't in the right frame of mind or financial position to take out the contract. Bearing in mind i had a contract with vodafone a few years ago which left with a small £30 default on my credit file and they still let me take this contract out I cancelled because it was my only option, vodafone nor phones4u would take the phone back and now I have a bill for £750 and they said it will add 15% when it goes to debt recovery. I earn £30 a week as a part time student and hoping to go to uni for the next 3 years and this has screwed me up badly and vodaphone won't help me at all and I'm scared of legal action and things to my credit file. I am gonna try to sell the phone but i don't know how so i can pay some of my bill off :/ Is there anythng i can do?
  8. I am currently having a pretty terrible experience with Vodafone. I'm a horribly overdrawn student and my dad pays for my phone, making it impossible to try and sort out myself. Its a Nokia N8. The N8 has been a constant source of annoyance for about a year out of the year and a half I’ve had it. It froze all the time, shut down on its own and stopped recognising its sim card whenever it felt like it. So I wouldn’t be able to receive calls or texts and would be none the wiser until I’d suddenly have a barrage of them once it found its ability to acknowledge its sim card again. Last week my terrible little handset finally gave up the ghost on me completely and refused to turn on at all despite a full day of charging. I went to my local Vodafone store to see If they could help me. They said they’d do a software update in the store which would mean losing all of my contacts and data on the phone and to come back in an hour even though I had insisted it wouldn’t turn on. After an hour I returned to be told I was right, it wouldn’t turn on. I was then assured the trusted Vodafone repair centre could put the handset right. I signed over my phone and received a highly unfashionable but practical loan phone while they supposedly fixed my own. I had a text come through a few days later telling me that if I wanted to have my phone repaired a charge of £100 would be issued. I could buy a phone 10 times better than the one I was struggling by with for that money I did not call the repair centre and instead went back to the shop. The manager looked up what had been noted down on the system and to my absolute astonishment he explained that the HDMI cover on the top of the handset was split. I knew about the tiny bit of plastic being broken and it had been for quite some time. The manager explained to me that the repair technicians would not even have attempted to repair the internal system of the phone because of this ridiculous tiny physical fault with its exterior and this was apparently what was going to cost me £100 to repair. as the situation stands my dad is paying £30 a month for a sim card, a plastic (toy) loan phone which I’m guessing has to go back soon and a faulty phone which Vodafone are refusing to repair due a bit of torn plastic. I was told my options are to pay the £100 and receive my two year old handset wiped of all its contacts and memories despite it being faulty in the first place or to pay £210 in order to buy myself out and upgrade. Both of these options seem absolutely unfair especially when my dad would be paying the £30 a month for a sim card and a dead handset until July 2013! My family have been customers at Vodafone for over 8 years and between us we have 3 different contracts with you. Surely any reasonable person can see that this situation is not right and there must be something further they can do for me to sort it out!?
  9. I have had severe problems through money sent to me via Western Union. I have gone into Western Union offices in London and they have failed to find the transfers on their screens. When I have complained to the Customer Service Department of Western Union they have not been able to or have been unwilling to help. I have taken the matter up with the Financial Ombudsman but they cannot help because the payment originated outside UK. I cannot get legal redress because Western Union has stipulated that any legal action must be taken in the originating country. Does this constitute fraud? Perhaps not but the end result is the same!
  10. I recently purchased a 3 door sliding wardrobe from Bensons Beds. On the day of purchase I took away a brochure with all the measurements, checked my bedroom, and once I had ascertained that the wardrobe would fit, I returned to the store to make my purchase. The store gave me the contact details for a fitter, he turned up today and was unable to fit it, this is because on top of the actual height of the wardrobe you need a further 30mm of space to enable fitting! Obviously if I had been told that before making my purchase I would have known that it would fit, BUT could not be fitted! I returned to the store, the manager did not speak to me, he passed a message to me via another member of staff, the message was to phone customer services. I did this and initially the rep on the phone said that as it was the stores fault they would be able to do something for me, he then put me on hold and came back and said, "I'm sorry but I am unable to take this any further". So ..... what can I do now? If the fitting requirement had been given to me, I would never have purchased that particular item. All I want is for them to swop it for another wardrobe, it has not been unpacked. HELP....or does anyone want to buy a wardrobe ??
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