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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, Back in 2010 my wife and I became members of Virgin Active, and my membership was a secondary membership tagged on to hers. All of the fees were paid directly from her bank account and I had very little to do with it except give her the money every month to cover my part of it. Then my wife became ill with a chronic disease and was unable to work as much as she used to or attend the gym, and we stopped going. But because of our reduced financial income some things were defaulted on, and this was one of them. This was passed on to ARC (fair enough) and we came to an agreement and have now paid for the years membership. Now, Virgin Active are contacting me, but not my wife, saying that I am still a member and the membership has rolled over. Furthermore, they want me to pay £43.95p for last month. I called them and was told that if I sent an email cancelling my membership and paid the outstanding fees, that would be the end of the matter. This was on the 26th of September. I sent the email and received no reply. Today (29th) I called them again to be told that they have received the email on the 28th, but because it wasn't sent on the 17th of the month I would have to pay another £43.95p for this month. I know that this is a major source of annoyance to a lot of people as it is plastered all over the internet. They're not asking my wife for any money, and she didn't email them to cancel here membership. This is money that we can't afford to pay, especially as we haven't had anything in exchange for it, and it just seems that every time I try to resolve the matter, they change the goal posts again. Please help.
  2. I hope that some readers will be their to support me on December 07 at 3pm Aldershot and Farnham county court. Reston's solicitors have applied to have my claim thrown out of court. It has taken me 1.5 years to get my financial transaction data from MBNA and only after involving my MP and FOS. Since around January 2009 I have been charged £3,800 in legal fees by Restons Solicitors on behalf of MBNA. I have £6,800 in undesclosed charges that neither Restons or MBNA can explain I have 6 letters which it is clear have been forged. MBNA sold my debt to Reston solicitors for 0.5p in the pound before responding to my complaint following their complaints procedure. The differance between my debt at the time approximatly £2,500 and the ammount they sold the debt for approximatly £500 was written off against tax. Restons used the highest level of debt I had with the bank as the ammount they want to reclaim ignoring the payments that I had made. I have been told not to expect Justice. I don't expect Justice but I think the consumer should know just how badly degragated our judicial system is. It will allways favour the large financial institutes and American banks. It appears that the written laws are not worth the paper they are written on. Everything that MBNA and Reston's have done is explicitly outlawed in various acts of parliment includeing the consumer credit act but no judge that I know of has ever upheld it against a large financial institution or American Bank. Law Less Britain when it comes to white coller crime? Decide for your self.
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