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Found 12 results

  1. So due to the news that has came out about the DWP underpaying claimants it looks I have been identified as one of these people and got a letter last week from the DWP. This letter required me to fill in a ESA3 form, and I have as a result of that information had to send in bank statements for the entire 4 years identified but I was told over the phone if I Cannot do for the full 4 years just to send what I can, since I feel they only need to see from the point I got my DLA lump sum, I sent from the few weeks before that to the end of the period so from 2014 to 2016, but the period covered is from 2012 to 2016. I have looked here at some information. https://www.gov.uk/disability-premiums-income-support/what-youll-get and https://www.gov.uk/disability-premiums-income-support/eligibility From 2012 to 2016 I got no disability premiums at all and I was in the SG on contribution based ESA. I had no other income and savings below £6000 It looks like they are preparing to qualify me for backdated IR topups, which would add enhanced disability premium, for most of the 4 years, I think there would be a few weeks where I wouldnt qualify because I got a backdated DLA award which took me over £6000 for a few weeks. However there is also a normal disability premium, the qualifying criteria is stated as getting some form of DLA and not been on IR ESA. This is where my questions are focused. So 1 - If I was backdated DLA for a period of 2 years, am I counted as been on DLA for those 2 years? or just from the date I was given the backdated lumpsum? 2 - If I am counted as been on CB ESA but with IR ESA topups, how does that work for the normal disability premium, when it states not been on IR ESA I am assuming it means you must be on CB esa, which I was, but its confusing as it might mean if you on CB ESA with a IR topup you still dont qualify. I want to know as it may mean I am owed more money than originally seemed, obviously I appreciate any advice on this matter.
  2. Hello Coop Energy sent us a statement for electricty in April 2013 for £213 and did not send us another statement until August 2014 for £1,490. They didnt contact us and I dont always check the online account until a few months ago. After speaking with them on the phone they admitted: they dont supply Economy 10 meters and have been charging what we thought was the cheap night rate at the expensive Economy 7 rate since July 2012 - they also didnt advise us of this, apart from the terms and conditions and they never changed the fixed April 2014 tarrif. Do we have any redress? Cheers
  3. Hi, I didn't want to hijack another thread of a similiar name so created a new one. I've received a letter saying I had underpaid tax in years 12/13 and 13/14 (the amount owed is £77 after deductions were made) I'll try to give a quick idea of my employment trail if that helps: 2012 - Working until December 2012. Signed on after that point 2013 - I signed off JSA as I took a position which ultimately was a [problem] job (employers didn't pay me and due to their dubious history, doubt that they forwarded any tax for me) 2013 - Around June time I went on JSA again 2014 - In February, I got full time employment and have been in this job since. Now the "employer" who didn't pay me I doubt caused the issue as someone else who experienced the same, i.e. not being paid, had no problems with tax underpayment after leaving. It might be my new employers but I'm thinking of sending a letter to HMRC asking for an explanation but will this explanation provide an insight as to who is responsible or will it be generic? Any advice appreciated.
  4. Hi All, I received a letter from HMRC saying that I had underpaid Income Tax by £120 last tax year. I worked from July 2013 through to September 2014 (had to stop due to ill health). I wasn't self employed and as far as I was concerned I paid all tax due through PAYE. How can I now owe £120? I cannot pay right now as I'm not working and not getting any benefits (apart from NICs credits). I've never been in this situation before and I'm lost as to what I can do - any help great received. I've tried calling their helpline, but can never get through!
  5. Hi. I'm a doctor with the NHS, here on a work permit since 2010. I have recently received a notice from HMRC which claims I have underpaid tax for the year 2010-2011, and that I owe ca. £3500 in back taxes. They also claim that they have brought this to my notice in the subsequent years, but I have received no correspondence from them, apart from an initial notice in 2011 advising that my tax code is being changed. (This notice even has the wrong NI number on it.) My tax has always been deducted at source by my employer (the local health board) and I am at a loss to understand how this has happened. They have given me until December the 31st to pay this up, and with an imminent application for an ILR, I'm apprehensive about what'd count against me, and therefore inclined to just pay this off, but this is not an insignificant sum of money. I'd be very grateful for some informed advice on this. Many thanks in advance. PS: I do apologise if this issue has been discussed earlier in a different thread, I'd be grateful if you point me to it in this case. A cursory search did not reveal similar circumstances and I'm getting rather antsy with the deadline approaching.
  6. I worked for this company between 28 July this year to 13 August. It was a telephone research company and I wasn't great at it so they hastily sacked me on the day of 13 August (that's the whole truth and I was not guilty of any misconduct or any lies during application or interviews, this is unfortunately the modern economy). I was told to leave on the day and would be paid for the week's notice as provided in the contract of employment. At the end of August I got a payslip saying the pay for my time there was £1050 gross. Now the job was £21,000 p.a. Doing a rough calculation, there are 253 working days in 2014, so daily pay should be roughly £83. That times by the 12 working days I was there + 5 working days for notice period should be £1411 and not £1050. Was I underpaid or is there some leeway in how companies can calculate monthly pay? Now as background info in the employment contract they said their annual leave is caculated from 1 November from one year to the next and they can deduct days over Christmas/New Year from annual leave allowance, would this have played into their calculation for my salary?
  7. Hi, does any one know if are child / working tax credits will be affected ? currentlly receive child tax credits and working tax credits, one child gets DLA so i get a higher child tax credits due to that i think. also get £33 a week towards rent from Housing Benefit. anyway are incomes are ther same or near eneough as last year so wasnt expecting much of a change, then today a letter came from the housing benefit saying they had been informed of a change in circumstances by tax credits that we receive higher rate because a child receives DLA, and that they didnt calculate this in are housing benefit and should have been awarded more. this goes from 2011 to present, they owe me £7280 and weekly HB now gone up from £33 to £82 a week, they also sent me a letter to sign for help with council tax. does anyone know if this back pay of £7280 and the HB increase will come off my tax credit awards ?? i just received extra payment like most people last week and it was £5 more than my normal payment ? i think this also means my renewal form is on way. any info on this would be great, ime currenttly thinking there paying me this back in one hand and will be taking it back in the other! Also the letter attached about council tax says iam also probablly now entitled to this benefit and to sign and return the form! then goes on to say this can not be back dated so make sure you apply in time!! i have applied every year and been told i was not entitled so if i get it now its because of there error in not adding my childs dla ?? which also means i should have been receiving this since 2011 ? is there anyway to get them to back date this too :?: Thanks everyone.............. Kristyn
  8. I received a letter a few days ago to say I've uncerpaid tax of £183 for the year 2012/2013. During this period, I was working (April - June 2012), then was out of work due to illness and when my ssp ran out (June 2012-Jan 2013) I started receiving ESA (Jan 2013onwards).. I rang my employer and they say they only work on HMRC's instructions and they implemented my tax code from HMRC. I then rang HMRC and they said it is because I have been receiving ESA in addition to my (severely diminished) wages and that as ESA is taxable and the Benefits Agency don't collect my tax at source, I have to pay this myself. I no longer receive any pay from my employer (although I'm still technically employed) so the only income I have is the £71-odds ESA a week. How am I supposed to pay this demand? And why wasn't I made aware of all this to begin with?
  9. Hi quick question, I have been underpaid at work to an overpayment at work a few months back, my employer has completely taken my whole months salary as I have dropped down my contract at work, leaving me with literally nothing for the month to live on. I have bills etc to pay and nothing to pay them with. Is it legal for them to take literally all of my pay without even telling me in writing first? and Can I arrange something with them regarding payment back? I feel like I should take legal proceedings against them if they don't, can anyone help?
  10. Hi, I recieved a demand from HMRC for under paid tax from 2008/09 as a result of changing company cars mid way through the tax year. I was subsequently made redundant at the end of the tax year and registered self employed for the next 18 months. In may this year HMRC sent me a demand for the underpaid tax for the second half of the year because the car benefit was higher than the tax code I was on. I've looked into this and found that an ASC A19 may apply because HMRC didn't act on information provided to them i.e. P11D. I have never recieved a copy of a P11D and don't extactly know when HMRC got their copy. All I know is that they did get one because they told me they had it one record over the phone. I've written to them claiming an ASC A19 and they say it doesn't apply because they had no information to act upon. Which seems strage because they seem to know I owe them money. The company I worked for sorted all the company car stuff out and the tax code they sent me seemed ok, but to be honest I wouldn't know how to check if it wasn't correct. How do I get out of this one? I'm currently on a very low income and claim working tax credit, will my credits be increased if I have to pay out extra for underpaid tax? Cheers Backpain
  11. Hi, In 2007-08 i left my employer and started a new job. However i was never given a p46 on starting out. Recently i recieved a demand letter from HMRC claiming i had underpaid tax and therefore needed to pay £835.09 next year. I appealed this and hmrc admits the employer should have provided me a p46,but it was also my responsibility to inform them of any changes that might affect my personal tax allowance. Can anyone advice on how to go about this as i have appealed twice and hmrc have stuck to their guns. Thanks
  12. Hi, I got to work this morning to find a meeting invite from my Department Head for this afternoon. It simply said 'to discuss issues that have become apparent with your contract and salary'. I've been stressed all day worrying I've been overpaid or something. In the meeting I find out I have been underpaid fo the last 2 years to the tune of £1800. They are going to pay be back (great) but.... When I went back to work 2 years ago after Maternity Leave I was called to a meeting with HR and told they had overpaid me by £360. They wanted it back. When I questioned why it had happened and why noone had told me before I went back to work that it had happened it was agreed it was their error and it wouldn't be persued (I have an email to confirm this). They are now saying this money is outstanding and they are taking it out of the money they owe me. Additionally of the £1800 I've been underpaid approx £200 is where 2 years worth of bonus paymens were calculated incorrectly. I'm being told if I don't pay back the £360 then I won;t get this as bonuses are discretionary. My opinion is that a) they said the £360 wouldn;t be persued so I don;t owe it to them. b) they can't say I'm not entitled to the bonus payments as I have already been paid it and would have had the extra already if they had paid me correctly c) I am already gpoing to be out of pocket as I wouldn't have paid as much tax on the small amounts over 2 years but I'm now getting it as a lump sum so I will lose out on Tax and NI. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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