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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, I have had a Halifax account for a long time. but it has a massive overdraft (8,700) It was our own fault and very stupid, we were really struggling with money at the time _ it was a few years back -can't even remember how long, but we had a small overdraft we went on line to increase it a bit to cover us for that month, it was so easy, we went back in and did it again till it finally declined at the above amount, but I'm sure we managed to increase it by about 4,000 in one day! things were ok and we were being charged about £100 each month in fees for always being in the overdraft. but in april (I think ) the fees changed to £12.42 per day for us which is about £372 per month!. There's no way I can afford that!. I have a basic current account with the Halifax which I've been using as my main account for some time, but no income is paid into the overdraft account at all now. it's already being recorded on my credit file as two months in arrears and the balance is now about £9100. I want to pay them back but at £372 just for the fees it would be impossible. but I also don't want another default, as my credit record will be clean in 2 years and we're selling up to rent and clean up our credit records so a new default for another 6 years won't be good! Is there anything I can do to avoid this? and make an offer to them to pay what's owed?
  2. Hi there I wanted to make a complaint about loans issued to me by Minicredit back in 2012 (ish). I know they have been wound up but when I went to Opus/ Kapama they said they have no record of them? I have read on here though that they are all the same company so I am confused.com. Is there any point in going to the FOS if they claim to have no record or is this a known avoidance tactic? Also does anyone know who was the appointed Administrator for the MC wind up / dissolution as I thought I could possibly trace it through them but I am struggling to find this information online (even at companies house). Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. I took out a Unsecured Personal Loan with Halifax online in December 2011. I was NEVER asked questions like, can you afford the payments, are you employed/unemployed, and I certainly was not asked about my income. This have got so bad I am currently on an IVA - Halifax increased the IVA from 5 years to 6 years forcing me to pay for longer. I am now wondering if bankruptcy is the best option. Do I have a claim that Halifax lent to me irresponsibly without going through my finances first?
  4. How do these work exactly. I have a loan with Mobile money but they don't have the log book as they gave me the loan when I first had the car and had sent off for the log book. As I am now in financial difficulties with them, how can they seize the car without the book? Also, could I still sell the car and then pay them back rather than them seizing it and selling it cheap?
  5. Hello all, I have been on a spiral of debt for 3-4 years and due to changing finances I have finally realised that I need to sort this all out. It has got to the point where I cannot afford the minimum payments on everything so here is where I am. The interest rates are killing any payment i make and i am not going to spend the rest of my life paying them hundreds per month for nothing. In fact i beleive they have all had more than a fair amount already. I am / was self employed. Currently no independent income. My wife and I are totally financially unlinked. The only income in the house is my wife's income and a joint tax credit award plus child benefit. We live in a council house and receive full housing benefit and council tax relief. I have no significant assets at all and have 2 kids under 16. My debts are approx: Littlewoods £7k Vanquis £3k Aqua (SAV UK) £4k Cap One £1k Barclaycard £2k over 2 cards they expect a total of about £700 pcm in min payments:jaw: All are pre April 2007 except one Barclaycard. In September I decided enough was enough and that buying food was more important than feeding this never ending cycle of minimum payments. So on 1st October I stopped paying the lot. At the end of October I paid them all token payments of £1 to £5 in proportion to their share of the debt to a total of £20. I intend to pay them this exact amount on the 1st of every month. I have read around the forum and I am basically doing what I think would be dx100uk's advice, before asking for it! In that I am telling them that that is all there is and that if they dont like it tough because I dont like it either. However the entire £20 is coming out of a joint tax credit award anyway not any money that I earn so I feel that they are actually getting £20 that I am in effect stealing from my kids! Thought I would start a thread for moral support and because I have many questions. For starters Do I legally have any income? The only money that comes in with my name on it at the moment is the tax credits, does that count as income? and if so is half of it my income In actual fact what is the worst they can do anyway? I could not care less about a credit file - it is their credit file not mine anyway. Afterall, they put all the stuff in it not me! Like I said, council house and qualify for full HB and full CT relief. So as far as I can see even if they were silly enough to take me to court and win a CCJ they would get no more than I am paying now. Am i right? Am i correct in thinking that whatever they do they will not affect my wife's credit rating - we are not financially linked at all (no joint accounts or anything) I intend to challenge the enforceability of the lot over the next few months / year or so. Any help, advice or answers to my questions would be very much appreciated. I'm not particularly worried about any of this to be honest. It was stressing me out trying to juggle it all for the past couple of years, i feel kind of relieved that i have now turned around and faced it to be honest. They can shove the credit file and after trashing that a CCJ would not be any worse. Basically I have accepted the worst case scenario that I may end up declaring bankrupt and now I am going to fight to see how much better than that I can make it. If you made it this far, thanks for reading.
  6. Hi, Back in 2002, I went into a branch of Lloyds TSB to apply for a student account (to gain access to the interest free overdraft facility). I was an existing Lloyds account holder, had recently enrolled on a law degree course (full time) and was reliant on my Disability Living Allowance (plus Student Loan) as my income. I was taken into an interview room and the account application was declined. I was then offered a personal loan to cover the credit card and overdraft debts I intended to pay from the the interest free overdraft attached to the student account. I made it perfectly clear to the sales chap that my sole income was in the form of the DLA benefit and the Student Loan I would be in receipt of. He explained that it would be ok to consider these as my income. I was originally needing £3k to clear my existing debts. He looked at what the maximum I would be able to borrow, based on the system's calculations and offered me £7k, at £286 per month. The sum of interest was not mentioned, nor the repayment period. The extra £4k was suggested to be left in the account to cover the loan payments for 6 months, at which point I would be able to to apply for another loan, which should be at a lower monthly figure. I was in turmoil at the time and listened to the sales chap, thinking his "advice" was exactly that. He printed the paperwork off, and I signed it - no reading through it with me, just placed in front and "sign here, here, here", etc...So I went ahead and signed. I paid off my credit cards, Lloyds TSB overdraft (made predominantly from penalty charges) and bought a couple of text books for my law course... (One of which happened to be on Contract Law). After the 5th payment was due to go out, I looked at reapplying for another loan to bring the monthly payment down. I then realised that I was not going to be offered a better rate... Jump to 2006 and many months of letters and phonecalls between myself, the collections centre and the Bristol Customer Service Centre, I had a result - Lloyds admitted that they should not have loaned me the amount they did, so the interest would be cancelled (29% APR!!), all charges removed (some £900 was refunded to my current account as they had been taking my DLA Benefit from my savings account to pay for account, overdraft and late payment charges) and an affordable repayment (at the time, when I'd had to leave uni and go back to work) set up. 6 months later, the monthly repayment figure reverted to the original £286 (I was never informed this would happen), so I had to jump through hoops again to try and bypass the offshore call centre, speak to someone in the Brighton collections centre, re-set-up an affordable monthly payment and have the late payment, unauthorised overdraft and missed direct debit charges refunded. I wrote to Bristol again, explaining that whilst I had agreed to their "offer" initially, by changing the amount without my consent, they had breached the contract and I no longer felt that repaying a loan that had been mis-sold (in it's entirety) was neither fair nor reasonable. I am at a standstill - I no longer work after being medically retired, so cannot afford what used to be the "affordable repayment" of £75 per month. My credit rating is ruined, Lloyd's have passed on the debt to a collection agency that call 4-8 times per day, plus send letters that clearly state "Debt Collection" and "Final Demand" within the address window. I am currently in receipt of DLA (Mobility & Care at the highest rate) plus ESA (Support Group), so there is no chance of being able to work to pay this off, nor do have the facility (let alone the intention) to apply for finances elsewhere. I am in desperate need of some advice - I would like to get this mess sorted but have no idea where I stand. (If you have read this far, I thank you for your patience and look forward to your advice) Ollie
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