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Found 15 results

  1. Morning All, I have an issue with an old txt loan that shows as appeared on my credit file around 2014/15. Original loan was taken out 2012, a time when my partner was unable to work through illness, we both took out payday loans, wonga txt loan and provident etc. All of these debts have now gone, but this one remains as a reminder of those days. The details were always a bit weird on my file as it was made to look as though I had made a payment towards it but never did. The debt is very close to being statute barred but now it has disappeared from my file, it's registered at one of my
  2. Hi I am after a bit of advice on whether it is possible to ask for a default to be added to a settled account. I initially took out a txtloan ( now Myjar) Payday loan for £100 on 23/02/2012, this was repaid on 08/03/2012. I then took out another £100 loan on the same day which then went into arrears due to financial difficulty, I had multiple payday loans which were taking up the majority of my wage on payday. I entered a dmp later that year with the lenders receiving their first payment in December 2012. All of the loans are now either settled or satisfied. I am looking t
  3. Hi there, just looking for abit of advice here, i have no idea why i didn't know anything about this at the time/how i didnt clock on or what have you but the following is this - in 2011-2012 ish i took out the following loans with TXTLoan (now MyJar) which all paid back as you can see which is attached to this post . Confuses me here, the dates of when the loans were paid and taken out seem to be weird and it doesn't add up, i kept paying them back more than i ever borrowed in such short space of time, i.e £51 interest over a day?! in one case i apparently
  4. Hello, I got a copy of my credit report from Noddle, and say a default for a company called MyJar. I had no idea who they were, and the address registered I moved away from 2 years ago, so I was a bit confused. I wrote to the managing director, and he said that a colleague would be in touch. No one was in touch, so yesterday, I emailed back to ask that as they had not provided the information, could they remove the information from my credit file. Naturally, I got a reply within the hour. Oh they emailed on 30th December, have I checked my junk file? Anyway, the em
  5. Hi, I have been very grateful for the advice of the CAGers on this forum, and I wonder if I can ask once more for some advice. Having gone from having 14 outstanding payday loans I am now down to a final 4:smile: ( I pick a lender to deal with each month and then devote my efforts to negotiating with them until we agree a full & final settlement. I am really struggling with CRS who have taken over as DCA for MYJAR(formerly txtloan), originally I was dealing with Mackenzie Hall who agreed to my repayment offer of £1 per month (after mediation with my mortgage company & help from Nati
  6. Hello, I just need some insight into the email below txtloan have sent me. I mean I am not new to this and believe I should pay what I owe and that is that but sometimes other people can say things which open other doors. I took a loan from txtloan in march/april for £300 and set up a repayment plan when I couldn't pay in april for £20 per month for 6 months which ended on 30th november 2012. So my original loan was £300 (£351 w/interest), I have paid £120 which should leave £231 but the DCA is claiming my balance to be £540. And how can they still charge me interest even when on a repaym
  7. Hi All, New to this forum but unfortunately got myself in a bit of a mess with txtloan, i owe them money and am trying to negotiate a repayment plan but they dont want to know and keep referring me to a debt collection agency. They have already stated that the DCA are acting on their behalf and they dont own the debt but txt loan wont help. I sent them an email saying as the dca dont own the debt i would like to deal with txtloan direct and could they propose a repayment plan that would be suitable for both parties. They responded with the following... Thank you for contacting us.
  8. Hi, got into a pickle with a few PD loan companies, Thought i would share how helpful TXTLOAN are over live chat when setting up a replayment plan. chat Hi, a customer representative will be with you shortly. Please specify the nature of your query. ME: HI, my partner is/was in her first year as a student nurse, she has completed all the exams and passed all but one. She has redone the exam three times and failed which has now resulted in her being kicked off the course. ME: This obviously is a big problem as the NHS paid her a Bursary every month which has bean ceased
  9. Hi there - down to 2 remaining payday loans now (Wonga and Txtloan) out of what was probably 13 or 14. Txtloan one has been proving difficult, as far as getting any kind of response from them. We wrote offering a settlement of original loan (£300) plus one months interest but never received a reply. It is now with Equidebt and they have not answered any of our 15 E-mails, but continued to send their 'please contact us' stock E-mails. So I spoke with them today on the phone and they apologised for not responding but gave no actual reason why they hadn't. After a bit of arguing an
  10. Hi there, Reading up on this forum, I understand that Mackenzie Hal are a lot more bark than bite, but I'd still like to know what I should be doing next. I've had a few letters from them regarding a Txtloan acct that fell into disarray. Knowing their reputation, I ignored them. However, I've had one today threatening "POTENTIAL ACTION" and that "NON-PAYMENT AFTER JUDGEMENT" could result in "an application to your employer for an attachment of earnings". Almost certainly twaddle, but I'd like to send a letter in response so it looks like I'm paying attention an
  11. i took out a txtloan payday loan and i was paying it back via a payment plan but on looking at the statements it seems a bit dodgy. i was paying back at £25 a week and it seems that i paid the £25 and then by the next friday when payment was due my balance was basically back to what it started at due to daily interest,theres also a £25 2nd Reminder Charge on there? no idea what that is. theyve also taken an unauthorized payment of 111.12 today,the guy at the bank said i can do a chargeback monday but i need to get in touch with them first is that right? i am beyond annoyed.
  12. Hi, I managed to set up a repayment with TxtLoan without too much trouble and also got their bank details. I was asked if I'd post them here as they may be of use to other people. they are: Bank - HSBC Account in the name of - TxtLoan Ltd Account number - 42028948 Sort code - 402103 Siteteam note: CAG has not verified as to the authenticity so members should be careful. anyone who has used this and know it to be working and correct please add a post to this sticky thread. THIS THREAD IS NOT FOR ISSUES WITH TXTLOANS START A NEW THREAD dx
  13. I have a txtloan which is not due for repayment until tomorrow, but today I got this text from them: "You have 4 days to avoid a debt collector's fee or other costs that may accrue in the event of legal action being taken to recover the debt. We will debit your account for £351 tomorrow 8pm. Txtloan Team." It seems really heavy handed given that it's not due and certainly not late. I want to complain to them, but would like to get my facts right first. Many thanks
  14. So im finally registered here after spending the last couple of weeks reading through posts on payday loans and how to cope with them. First i know im stupid for taking these loans but times were desperate and i could afford the rollover fee's but i have now moved into a new flat with bills and it has now put pressure on my circumstances. First my old debts: Capquest - 2100 (Paying at £50 a month) SRJ Debt Recovery - 600 (Paying at £600 a month) These bad marks on my file are the reason for my use of payday loans however my question on these is hen does the default drop o
  15. Being bombarded with calls from Fredrickson's followed by receiving a letter saying I owed £247 to TXT Loan Limited, I assumed it must be some kind of 'problem' as I have never taken out any such loan or heard of either company. Googling it enhanced my suspicions as I found Fredrickson's had a habit of attempting to squeeze money out of people who did not owe it. I wrote to them asking them for a copy of the CCA and clearly stated that this was not my debt and that all correspondence on the matter was to be in writing. They replied that they had referred the matter to their client a
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