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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, looking for some advice please. I am about to enter a trust deed and have opened a new bank account to avoid my creditors being able to empty it before I could pay the mortgage, council tax etc. I used to bank with Santander and had an overdraft with them plus a credit card so they are part of the creditors in the trust deed. I'm not sure of the status of my bank account with them as I should still be within the overdraft limit and haven't received any correspondence regarding this so I'm assuming the account is still active. I also have my home insurance through their direct insurance arm and they have written to me requesting payment since the payment due at the end of last month wasn't made. Home insurance is a requirement of my mortgage so I can't just do without but I am nervous about giving Santander my new bank account details in case they can raid it. Is my best option to offer to set up a standing order for payment of this, should I cancel the contract with Santander and get a new deal somewhere else or am I worrying over nothing?
  2. Hi there. In the past month or so, I finally decided to get on top of my debts, I've been in talks with Trustdeedscotland to try and get a trust deed set up so have been informing my creditors of this, in order to get a proper list of the debts I have. Now, however, I have received a letter saying that my wages have been arrested from one of those creditors (RBS). Im kind of at a loss as to what to do now. I had planned, in my mind, that putting £200 - £250 per month into a trust deed would be enough to keep (all of my) creditors happy, so that is what I have budgeted for in my mind. Now with the Wage Arrestment happening that will be about £200 out of my wages every month, meaning I will no loger have the available funds to pay an adequate amount into a Trust Deed. If I were to go ahead and set up a Trust Deed, would the wage Arrestment be taken into that? (I've spoken to the court who said speak to the Sherrif officers (Ross and Co), so I did that and they said the only way a wage arrestment can be withdrawn is to pay it off in full). Failing that, I don't know what to do. I can't afford to pay my other debts as well as this wage arrestment, so should I think about just going bankrupt?, would this even remove the wage arrestment (or at least lower the amount). On another note, I didn't know anything about the wage arrestment hearing or anything until I received the letter saying that it had been granted. Any help?
  3. hi there im new and a bit confused any help would be greatly appreciated a few years ago i got into a bit of difficulty with my debts welcome/barclaycard/littlewoods/vodphone i took out a pdl without realiseing the consequences and it snowballed to the point i could no longer manage so i entered into a protected trust deed after appox nine months my situation changed and i found myself having to move house i defaulted on my ptd and havnt paid anything in approx two yrs i also have since again fallen into pdl debt which ive kindo of bumped i want to get everything sorted out as i feel bad about this but i dont know where to start i foolishly ditched all the paperwork when i moved house so i have no idea who i owe what too should i contact the people running my trust deed they sent me a txt last year saying they were going to put me into sequestration i checked the edinburgh gazzette but only the trust deed is regitered also one of the debts council tax has been kicked back to me by the local council and im now paying that back. on another note when i checked the edinburgh gazzette my trust deed has the wrong house number on it 62 instead of 6/2 is this something i could use to maybe nullify the trust deed and start agin i knoiw im clutching at straws here but i really do want to get this mess sorted out any help would be great
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