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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, Many many thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully help. I found a previous thread posted by someone else and the advice within it was great so I thought I'd ask for your opinions, help and advice. I found a car on eBay a couple of weeks ago, looked good, nice condition and so on 'engine as sweet as a nut' was one of the comments. I won the auction and arranged to travel to Birmingham to pick it up. The listing was then removed from eBay, I had set up a new account, was trying to sell my car as well and eBay suspended the account due to wanting evidence I owned the car. I mention that as it's proving difficult to get the original listing details, live chat with them last night ended up in requiring a solicitor write to their legal team however... I went to Brimingham to meet the seller who at the time I thought was private, I get there and it's a trader called TRT Engine Importers LTD. I look at the car, go for a drive and all seems well. 70k miles and they tell me they've just serviced it. The engine being worth £3000 alone and how it was in good condition was mentioned a few times. Although, when I got there the guy I had been dealing with 'bob' wasn't there, he sent a message saying he was in hospital and that 'rav' would complete the sale. I was a touch edgy and wanted a reciept and so on. It did seem like a semi professional place. I handed over the cash, got a receipt on letter headed paper from TRT (They were also registered keepers of vehicle on V5) and drove away. A couple of hours later the engine started tapping, something fell off, tons of smoke and that was the end of that adventure. I pulled over, oil everywhere, even up the back of the car. Engine was unresponsive and I had to call breakdown to recover the car. I hadn't actually made it home yet, 4 miles away -.- The breakdown guy didn't want to comment, we took it to Kwik Fit, not the best place but I was out of options, my garage was shut and if I took it home I then had no way of getting it to a garage. The mechanic / boss at KwikFit had a look and refused the work saying it was beyond their capabilities. He referred us to an Engine Specialist Centre and thats where we left the car. It was shut so it's patiently sitting on their forecourt, I will be speaking to them today asking for diagnosis and quotes. I've sent 'Bob' a message explaining what happened, he asked to be updated shortly after the car broke down adn I've heard nothing else since. I've since sent hima nother message asking for a refund and again waiting on a r eply. I did some digging around on the web to try and get as much info as I could. The seller name on eBay is MRNS ARORA, Google ties a Mr Narninder Singh Arora as being a director of TRT. A similar search for TRT and Bob finds a Bob Andrews to also be a Director of TRT. I found addresses for both and the contact details match up. I intend on sending my 'official' letter to the address of TRT, the address of both previously mentioned and by email to all as well. I expect I won't get a response, I expect it will go through a small claims court and I suspect they won't make an appearance. I'm not saying they knew the engine was a dud but I do still think I'm covered. My main concern is them not paying and waiting for the next steps. The car was 3600, pretty much my savings, I've already arrange to sell my car on Tuesday and can;t really afford to be without a car for months. I will of course manage but is there a way to speed this whole process up? Can anyone offer any similar experiences, help or advice please? Many thanks for your time.
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