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Found 4 results

  1. We are asking people to make donations in order to help us collect the cost of the transcript of the hearing and judgement in a recent successful case against Npower. You can read the Npower thread here: – http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?436401-nPower-Mismanaged-account-County-Court-claim-issued-aganst-Npower The case which was heard last week is the culmination of a long 2 to 3 year battle against harassment and mismanagement and incompetence by Npower and their legal department. Although the case did not produce the damages which were asked for, the judge did hold that Npower had contractual duties towards their customer and that they were in breach of their duty. This amounts to a very significant victory because Npower denied that they owed any duties at all to their customer - whether in the quality of their account management, their complaints handling or even in respect of a duty to provide accurate bills. (Frankly, you could scarcely make it up!!) Even during the case, the Npower lawyer tried to divert the discussion away from the issue of liability altogether. Furthermore, the judge criticised Npower and made it clear that he thought that the customer had had a very difficult time and was entirely justified in bringing the claim. The claim had been made unnecessarily complicated by the poor and unprofessional bullying approach of the Npower litigation department. This fact was not lost on the judge who went on to criticise Npower in scathing terms about the style of their litigation. We will be doing a full write-up of the case and also of the unprofessional approach which Eversir has had to endure for a considerable amount of time, just as soon as we receive the transcript. We will be publishing much of the transcript on this forum for other Npower victims to read. We have just made the application for the transcript but it is likely to cost in the region of £800-£1000. We need help to pay for this and so we invite anybody to make a donation to us. If we are lucky enough to receive more than the cost of the transcript, then anything extra will simply be used as part of our resources to pay our bills and expenses and to keep on going to provide our help for free. If you would like to donate, then please click on one of the donate links and you should be taken to a PayPal page. If you don't have a PayPal account, click the link anyway because you will be able to use a credit or debit card instead. Please only give what you can afford – but do remember that if you are giving a very small amount, that PayPal takes a minimum fee from every donation and also a percentage. This means that if you are considering donating only £1 or so, a substantial part of this will simply go to PayPal – and so without appearing to be ungrateful, you probably shouldn't donate. Please tell your friends or tweet this message using our short url http://cag.tw/1iqb
  2. Hi not sure what section to post this one in but we urgently need advice. My son is appealing a final hearing in a custody case He has paid all his own solicitors fees up until now. As well as maintenance payments so he just has no money left for further legal assistance hence he is having to do this appeal on his own He has been granted leave to appeal However the order stated he needed to supply to the court a full transcript of the hearing there is no way he can afford this. What can he do? Can the transcript be given on a disk ? Does it have to be typed. Is there a family law section on this site where we can go for advice or are there any solicitors out there who can advice him. I hope there is someone who can help Thanks for reading Luby
  3. Hello CAG I am looking for some advice in matter of dealing with BT. I have cancelled BT's services (land line + BT Broadband Option 1) in April 2012. Cancellation went through. During a phone call conversation with BT Cancellation Team on 13th April, I was told that I've exceeded monthly data allowance in Feb2012. Therefore a charge of £35.00 would apply, BUT as it was my first time of exceeding the allowance, I would NOT be charged the penalty fee. To my surprise the consultant confirmed the withdrawn of mentioned penalty fee. To my even bigger surprise the mentioned fee appeared on y final bill. I called customer services and booked a call back, as all lines were busy. Never heard from them. The next day I logged on to BT Chat service. As a result the consultant listened to the recording of my cancellation phone call from 13th April 2012 and was asked by me to contact me with the outcome of that. Absolutely convinced that her outcome will confirm what I said - I have forgotten about the whole misunderstanding and was waiting for amended final bill. How wrong was I! I have received and e-mail response from the consultant I chatted to last week: 'I have listened to the call and can confirm that it is not mentioned that the usage charge of £35.00 on the bill dated 19/04/12 will be waived off. I am sorry to inform you that the charges are correct and will be maintained. If you wish to have the call transcript you can write to the team British Telecommunications PLC, PP M3042 DSAR, Colindale House, The Hyde, Colindale LONDON NW9 6LB along with the cheque of £10.00 for the call and they will send you the call record.' I am not sure what to do next, guys... Since when BT charges for call record? For a strange reason it doesn't seem right...Is it time for an official complaint?I will be really grateful for your advice Many thanks! With kind regards, Alice
  4. Hi First off, thanks for all the info you guys provide on here, it's been very useful, in particular the template letters :thumbs: Now though I need some I've sent an SAR off to Natwest to get all details regarding a loan I had with them which had PPI on it, using the SAR request template from here (big thanks to the author ). Yesterday I had a reply from them acknowledging receipt, however it also says that to get recordings/transcripts of phone calls I need to provided them with the date/time of the call along with who I spoke to. This was a few years back - I could give them the month but the exact date, time and persons name I have no chance of finding out. I took the loan over the phone so I need the transcripts/recordings of the calls so, what do I do in this case? Thanks
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