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Found 23 results

  1. Hi I hope you can help me, on the 13/04/2018 there was a credit card trasnsaction made with Ryanair to fly from Manchester - Madrid and Madrid to Tangier Morocco on the same day. We normally travel to Morocco every summer to our home in Marrakech. We always book direct flights either from Manchester or Liverpiool. This transaction is unusual as I normally travel with my three children all aged under eleven. I immediately informed Halifax who raised a dispute against Ryair as it wasnt a fraud since the details matched. I have explanied to Ryanir and Halifax that I did
  2. This is a bit of a technical question for long standing bank employees or other retail banking experts about the way data is sent to a customer following a DSAR. I wasn't sure which forum to post it on because it could be relevant in PPI complaints and bank charges, sorry if it should be elsewhere. my query is; why does a bank send you lists of transaction histories instead of copies of the original statements for current accounts and yet for credit card accounts they send you a full hard copy with all the original data just as you had received it years before. When I phoned
  3. hi folks, need some advice on this one, recently i have returned from spain, while out there i don't know if i lost my wallet or if someone pickpocket it, was a strange moment when someone bumped into and my friend asking what was all that about. i have hired a car from the same company for the last 8 years 2 to 3 times a year, always taking out the full insurance, and have never had a problem before dealing with them. while car was parked someone hit it causing cosmetic damage to the bumper, left his details, but he was still there when i arrived.
  4. Hi, I have been left rather confused by an ebay transaction recently. I have been ebay-ing for 10 years or more. Basically I won a samsung galaxy s6 edge+ spares and repairs. It had screen burn. I knew samsung would fix it under warranty and they have done. That is not issue as such. The ebay seller I got it from is a on-line cash generator type pawn shop. My hubby didn't realise that at time of bidding. I asked the seller if he'd done a Checkmend report before I paid for the phone but after I'd won it. He said 'No'. I paid for the phone and did my own Checkmend report t
  5. Can any knowledgeable Cagger tell me if it is possible to initiate a chargeback on a Euro bank transfer from a UK bank account to one in the Euro zone? This is because of a retail transaction that went pear shaped and the seller is refusing to communicate.
  6. I am having problems with Virgin Media taking an unauthorised payment from my bank and making me go overdrawn. When I phoned Virgin Media last week, they did not inform me of an outstanding balance for £18.34. Today, I got a letter from my bank informing me that because Virgin Media had attempted to withdraw £18.34 I would be incurring a £10 charge. I did not authorised this payment to be made and I knew nothing about this because I received no notification from Virgin Media. I have sent an email to Virgin's Chief Executive Tom Mockridge complaining of the matte
  7. Hi, Hoping someone can explain what this may mean. Today my wife received a transaction summary statement from Santander for an old joint account but what we can't understand is she has been declared bankrupt since June15 and I've been on a TD since Dec14. The statement is on 2 sheets of A4 but it is in black and white and not the typical red we typically received in statements. It also shows the account to be in credit showing nothing other than an opening balance dated 10/15 and the net balance dated 04/16. Of course we'd love to think we had access to t
  8. Hi, Started posting recently as I'm in the process of clearing a few things up. Having signed up to equifax I've noticed a default on my record from my Halifax current account. While in the USA I was using my Halifax debit card and juggling how much I had against converting it from Dollars to Pounds. Ultimately, they authorised a debit card transaction which put me overdrawn (there's no overdraft limit on the account) Because the transaction got authorised I thought I was good for the money at the time. During this situation I was also moving banks to Natwest. As a
  9. Howdy all! Long and short of it is, for years I had an account with Abbey National, then changed to Abbey obviously. I went to Uni and had an overdraft with them of about £1500. When I left uni I didn't have the money to pay off the overdraft, but stupidly had my pay put into another basic savings account which eventually Abbey decided to swipe £700 pounds out of to service the other debt which by now had defaulted (I believe). After that I didn't go near Abbey accounts again and set up one elsewhere. The question I have is, the debt hasn't been trans
  10. Can admin please put this in the correct place for me.... This morning I went to my online osyter account to add some pay'n'go funds. The TFL website only allows you to add £50 at a time, so wanting to add £100 I went through the procedure twice, but the 2nd time around the TFL website said the transaction was unsuccessful. Not paying too much attention to the the reason why the transaction didn't complete, checked my bank account and thought ok so only a couple of quid there so thats the reason. I then transferred more funds to my bank account and tried the TFL website again, and again t
  11. help! i made a payment to Haven holidays which was my last payment to them of £389, today I logged in to check the account and noticed that they payment is no longer pending!! but been put back in the account. I'm Wondering whats going on?? this was to pay the holiday off, I'm now scared that because this has't left my bank that they will cancel my holiday. Ive logged into Haven and my account says that it is all paid.
  12. Hello guys:) Just returned from a long stint overseas and walked into Santander to open a bank account on Wednesday. I stupidly forgot that my account was written off in late 2009 with 490.00 inside. The clerk noticed a closed account and pulled me to one side to confirm the situation and advised it would be wiser not to try and reopen a new account and would be much better off going elsewhere (good of her to be open and honest) Within two days of my visit I have received a Transaction Summary Statement. I've already researched what this letter is used for so issues there. They
  13. Hi guys. I am hoping for advice on claiming on my credit card for a recent problem I have had. The story is: A few months ago we purchased airline tickets, online for a return trip to New York from Heathrow and a one way flight from Heathrow to Oslo. This was a set price deal, hence why the 3rd flight was one way. As we were leaving New York to return to Heathrow we decided not to visit Oslo. Out of courtesy we let the airline (Virgin) staff know. They said there would be a small fee in order to remove our bags from the plane at Heathrow. I appreciate this alt
  14. I purchased Hastings direct cover a year ago and made it clear that they are not to auto-renew my policy because I always compare quotes. I had this confirmed by a telephone call so I was happy. I have noticed that without any prior correspondance in any form whatsoever, Hastings direct withdrew a very substantial amount (way over the going rate) from my account and have sent a token email after the event to an old email address I no longer use regularly. I have now sent them 5 emails asking for an explanation as to why they went against my specific instructions never to take money
  15. On checking my statement there was a transaction for just over £28 paid to a pub in another town whcih is about 12 miles from where we live. We never visit this town and checking on Google we have definitely not been to this pub. We have contacted Nationwide who were unable to tell us whether the transaction was on my wife's card or my card. They cannot even tell us the time of the transaction as we can prove our movements on the day in question. Although they have taken the details and told us they will look into it, we have heard nothing further and are st
  16. Hi, Ive recently had a fraudulent payment from my bank account, the Halifax have said they dont see it as fraudulent and have refered it to there disputes team, as a result its cost me £110 & today they have offered a £40 compensation payment to me, can anybody help me please & also can someone advise how I should proceed. many thanks lee
  17. Banking group HSBC has announced it is to remove unpaid transaction fees of up to £25 from its personal current accounts. From 24 November, the bank’s 9m HSBC and first direct current account customers will no longer be charged a fee if it declines to pay a transaction due to insufficient funds. The fee of up to £25 is currently levied when customers do not have enough funds in their account and HSBC is unable to extend them further credit to cover a payment. HSBC said its decision to remove the fee is the first step in a review which it claims will lead to “a simpler a
  18. Banking group HSBC has announced it is to remove unpaid transaction fees of up to £25 from its personal current accounts. From 24 November, the bank’s 9m HSBC and first direct current account customers will no longer be charged a fee if it declines to pay a transaction due to insufficient funds. The fee of up to £25 is currently levied when customers do not have enough funds in their account and HSBC is unable to extend them further credit to cover a payment. HSBC said its decision to remove the fee is the first step in a review which it claims will lead to “a simpler a
  19. Hi A friend is having a big problem with her card processing company. She runs a small pre owned business selling computers,power tools, guitar e.t.c and she sometimes takes these product from customer to sell on their behalf. She sold studio equipment recently for over £10,000. She called the card company and gave the card details and address of the cardholder while the customer is in the store. The card company was happy for her to progress with the transaction and was given a authorization code. The following day she had a call from the card processing company fraud department sayin
  20. Hi Long story short: In November my last year Mrs Rasher agreed to bail my son out of a payday loan. She actioned this by paying the outstanding balance on the account using her joint account Visa Debit card. Yesterday we noticed an odd transaction on our bank statement. It was £200 paid to this payday loan company in mid February. This was not authorised by either of us. Natwest were advised this morning that this was an unauthorised transaction. They have said they will take no action - basically saying that we have an agreement with the payday loan company - needless to say
  21. I'm having some issues with guaranteed transaction charges recently been applied to my Barclays current account. First some background : I'm currently in repayment plans with several payday loan companies after a medical diagnosis forced me to suspend my university studies. I was dependent on at least some of the student loan to pay off my outstanding commitments, however a week before it was due to be paid I recieved a letter stating I wouldn't get anything at all. This left me in a position where I would not be able to make interest repayments every month, let alone tackle the debt its
  22. I bought some goods from Louis Vuitton L.A with a Natwest Visa Credit card; and returned the goods one and a half days later, as they were misrepresented to me. I returned them at the Louis Vuitton S.F store. I was refunded the full amount in dollars - and hold the credit receipt. My bank telephoned me a few days later, and was very surprised that I there was a difference, shown on my accounts, between what I'd paid and what I'd been refunded during that transaction. This is where I'd learned I had NOT been refunded for the conversion of currency, which amounts to £200. Is t
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