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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All My story, One and a half years ago I was interviewed under caution for benefit fraud. Failing to disclosure a change of circumstance that resulted in me obtaining an over payment of benefit. The charge is under the Fraud Act: not disclosing information in order to dishonestly gain. ( solicitor says its hard to prove dishonesty) claim was honest from the outset, under 3 years, I have a son whom I am the sole carer, I am a teacher, I haven't paid anything back) I was between 3 addresses when this happen. Housing officers and social workers filled forms and applications for benefit on my behalf. I disclosure my situation to them always as evident on all the application forms that show addresses whereby I have claimed housing benefit. It lasted under two years totalling £12000 paid into my account. I started university, started working and during that period a total of £50000 entered and withdraw from my account. From student loans, work, bursaries. I have bad money management and I have in total moved house 10 times in the last 5 years my bank statements go to my dad and I usually leave mail at every address I go to. I was 21 with a young baby and absent baby father and getting my affairs in order were not my stronger points. I qualified as a teacher in 2011 and supply taught for a year. July 2012 I had the IUC and the investigator said she will get back to me. One year later July 2913 I received an email stating I had missed a court hearing and a warrant for my arrest will be issued if I don't attend the next court hearing. I had moved address since the IUC. I have opted to go crown court and awaiting trail. Been messed around by warning lists etc and have a fixed date in march. Mean while I have been getting on with my life and looking to apply for teaching positions this September 2014.. 4 questions: What do you think is the likely outcome? If guilty what type of sentenced do you think I will be given? I am applying for teaching jobs and I have completed a CRB. It is clear but will my pending case show up on my Enhanced CRB? Is it relevant enough to a job as a teacher? Thanks any advice will be great. I only seem to see conviction stories online and no acquittal stories regarding benefit fraud. I feel that convicting me is not in the best interest of the people. I am a good teacher and something like this will ruin my career essentially lead back to the benefit system when I am fully reliant in myself apart from £80 child benefit. Any help welcome Thank you P.s excuse my spelling I am using my iPhone
  2. Hello To shorten a very long storey. We owe a bank money in relation to secured and personally guaranteed loans for a company (now liquidated) We have never said we don't owe the bank the money but dispute the amount. The bank should never have started possession proceedings for several reasons, one being that the notice or warning that they intended to start proceedings did not tell us how much we owed. They then proceeded to claim an amount £40k higher than the actual debt! (they are now claiming the correct amount) Anyway these and other issues have lead us to dispute a portion of the debt as such we submitted a defence. A strong defence we feel. We have not and cant afford to employ a solicitor. The problem we have is that the bank applied to the court to order a trail. This has all been ordered and the claim is now going to a full civil trail with witnesses and all the legal procedure we know nothing about. I want to withdraw our defence as we cant afford to lose (50k estimated costs) we cant expect our witnesses to attend, we cant follow all the procedures as we have no knowledge of the laws etc. It really isn't an option for us. We now have days to serve something to do with practice direction 31b. We want to withdraw the defence, unjust but necessary and assume that no defence =no trial. How do we withdraw it and what are the consequences in respect of the court. Many thanks
  3. Hi all, This is my first post on the forums. I wanted to speak about my PPI claims that I currently have on going. Between my wife and I we have found a total of 10 credit cards, a mortgage and a secured loan that all had PPI. We also found numerous cards that didn't. We both fall into the 'stupid' category. For the life of me, I was totally unaware of the premiums I was paying. I understand when people question this, it is documented on the statements, but I never noticed it, even when I look back and see the amounts were sometimes as high as £50 per month. In fact I was adamant I had never had one PPI policy - hence it took me 2 years of knowing about it before I checked old statements. You can only imagine my surprise that so many did indeed attract PPI. I have already had a rejection from RBS credit card. However, upon checking my employment history, I had made a mistake and realised I was in fact in a temporary contract at the time I 'took out' the policy. I have returned this evidence to them and it kind of negates all the 'would have done at that time' arguments in their rejection letter. This week HSBC have been in touch to clear up a few points. I await the rejection letter this week. I feel our case is week as, whilst we have evidence that we had PPI, we have no evidence of misselling. As a civil servant I had absolutely no need for PPI. More than that, as a young (at the time) irresponsible borrower, the last thing i'd have cared about would have been how I would have paid the card back in the events PPI covered, I'd have been much more interested in keeping my monthly payments down. I was given ridiculous credit limits and prayed upon for PPI. I have 3 MBNA cards and they have stalled so long I have 10 days to get a questionnaire in. I've decided not to rush it and have decided to fight their rejection letter based on their findings without my contribution. I am staggered at the scandal, I feel so cheated. Worse, I think I am not going to get retribution and will pay for naivety and a lack of understanding. I will post my findings as I go and happily take advice where offered. It is not my main motivation. I have searched the internet for others that have been in the same position as me and if anyone can learn from me, either way, then it will be an achievement. I will take it as far as I can and am prepared to but I have no real belief that I will get anywhere because, as someone who works in the law, I am all too aware of the value of evidence and the lack of any sort of case without any. Anyway, it should be an interesting couple of months! All the best, Alex
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