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Found 4 results

  1. We have received a letter from a solicitors, stating that the goods we've been selling infringe the brands trademark. We are very careful with the brands we stock and normally send them off to be authenticated by a third party. We send them detailed pictures of the watches mechanism and markings. Every time the watches have been returned as authentic. The solicitors state that the serial numbers are a different structure than that of a real watch. They have come to the conclusion that the watches are not real. Furthrmore, they have included a signed statement from a brand analyst confirming this statement. I find it odd that they have not inspected the mechanics of the watch. Furthermore, they have sent me an invoice for costs totalling £1,400 and require me to send all our goods to them, otherwise they will start issuing legal proceedings against us. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I apologise if I'm posting in a wrong section. I'd like to start a company as a sole-trader, I applied for a trademark to be registered, after nearly 2 months it's being opposed, it's a big corporation, many solictors against me, the names are similar, so hands up I withdraw my application. Question; Can I still trade with my name or not? Thanks for any help.
  3. Hi, Apologies if this is not in the right section I did try looking and have ended up posting it here. I have been associated with a name and have been using this name on a public scale. Now recently someone has patented the name and lodged a complaint to trading standards who have seized all my goods. I am challenging the patent on the terms of 'passing off' and creating a file. The IPO have said that it could be up to 8 months until a decision is made on the outcome of my complaint. Does anyone know whether trading standards can release my goods before this if I serve enough info to prove my common law rights to the name? The lady dealing with the case at trading standards seems in no rush and states that she may make her decision based on the decision of the IPO. In the meantime im loosing money and recognition as a business. As for trademark attorneys, I cant afford one as the costs are too much for me to afford. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks Mojo
  4. Hi guys, I have a issue that's keeping me awake at the moment, i don't know what to do as I have never been in a situation like this, any help or advise given is greatly appreciated, ok this is the issue: About 2 months ago i purchased about 25-30 tops of a well known British brand name from a warehouse with the intention to re-sell them for some profit, to raise some of my student fees. I believed in good faith the items i purchased were genuine items and not counterfeit as also none of the customers i sold to had any complaints. I sold about 20 on ebay and as i was selling the last couple, eBay closed down the auction and sent me an email for breaching trademark rights, I did not think much of it and did not post the items up again. Then about 3 days ago I received a letter from solicitors acting on behalf of the brand I was selling. I was roughly a 30 page document. They basically wrote that i have been selling counterfeit goods and breaching the trademark of their brand they also included 10 pages of my sales history taken from a website called goofbay.com which i never even knew they can hold my private information, they also said i can avoid legal action if within 7 days i sign their undertaking and send it to them. The undertaking has about 9 points they want me to do, some are crazy demands but i can do most of them including that i have to agree to not sell or deal with their products again which is fine i will never sell again, especially on ebay. But it also says i have to send them documents of all my sales information and sales history and they will take all the money i made, on TOP of that they also want me to pay £550 legal costs. I just started my new year as a student and can barely survive with rent etc i cant afford to pay their demands for doing something i honestly thought was not wrong. i will be grateful for any advise you guys can give me, do these guys really have a case? is there a way i can get out of this without paying them. Thank you in advance guys
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