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Found 4 results

  1. Hiya and thanks for reading. I have just bought a couple of sofas from a guy advertising new sofas on gumtree. He's got loads of adverts for many kinds of settee's, chairs etc for immediate delivery in England. I rang the mobile number but no answers and then he rang me back but on a private number. We spoke about the sofas and I said I liked the sofa which was advertised. He said that the sofa would be delivered but if it was not suitable or did not match the description I didn't have to pay anything( cash on delivery) I took delivery on the 3rd January 2016 and sofa was beautiful, soft bnded leather. Unfortunately since having the sofas my partner has been itching and said he feels warm when he sits on it and I feel a bit itchy but my eyes sting, my nose and throat feel like they're burning abit and I feel abit short of breath. I have tried ringing the guy but his number has changed and he is advertising under another number. I have been in touch with consumer advice and they have referred to trading standards but as of yet they have not been in touch. Is there anyway I can track him down through Gumtree as his advert says he has been posting for 1 month and goes by the name of Daved, and that's it. I think the sofas may have sachets of DMF (which is now apparantly illegal to put in sofas) in them. I'm desperate to talk to this guy but think it might be impossible. Any help will be good, thanks.
  2. had two loans that I paid for 3 and 4 years respectively and like so many more discovered a big chunk of my payments had been going on PPI , one had been miss-sold because I was self employed and could never have claimed under the terms of the policy and the other I had refused but they added on anyhow. Calculated what my position would have been had all my payments been coming off the capital and concluded that one was definitely cleared and the other had possibly a few hundred outstanding. contacted the companies and got into wrangles with them that went nowhere. Then lost my job and couldn't have paid anyhow. I did at that point try claiming on the policies just to see and sure enough neither would pay a penny. told both companies to clear off unless they could provide me a calculation proving that I owed them money. Then the crash happened and these banks were sold and resold and then the loans were sold and resold. Now I have Mickey mouse Kapital and Road runner Kapital claiming to own these loans and with even bigger balances and have registered defaults for these big sums. They hire a new debt collector each month or so and sell on the data every two or three months to "some other Kapital" 1. Should I just keep ignoring them till it is statute barred in another few years? 2.Should I challenge them to prove the debt or remove the defaults and sod off 3. Should get back the PPI give them half it as a final offer and draw a line under it? Any suggestions?
  3. Lloyds Banking Group has agreed the sale of a portfolio of Irish commercial real estate loans to Risali Limited, an entity affiliated with Apollo Global Management, for £149 million. The transaction is not expected to have a material impact on Lloyds due to significant impairment provisions held by the bank against the portfolio, which are higher than the average across its Irish wholesale book. The gross assets offloaded by Lloyds amount to £1.466 billion. Link: http://www.bankingtimes.co.uk/2012/11/20/lloyds-offloads-toxic-irish-real-estate-loans/
  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/markets/article-2222676/Royal-Bank-Scotland-fined-26m-Nevada-toxic-home-loans-helped-trigger-global-financial-crisis.html
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