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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone, I need your help, today I received an email from IAS (Known as Independence Appeal Service) that my appeal for unfair car park charge have been dismissed after I was told that the appeal would take a week but it take them two days for them to dismissed my appeal. Here is what it said: Dear Chris, The Independent Appeals Service (IAS) has received a decision from the Independent Adjudicator regarding your recent appeal for the below PCN. Parking Charge Number (PCN): XXXXXXXXX Vehicle Registration: XXXXXXX Date Issued: 2015-11-10 Appeal Outcome: Dismissed The Adjudicators comments are as follows: "I cannot allow the appeal on the basis put forward. It is difficult to follow the Appellant’s submissions but I believe they are arguing that they have been given an incorrect permit, although it is not clear from whom they received this permit. In any event the contractual terms advertised on the signs make it clear that any driver parking without displaying a valid permit agrees to pay the charge. The Appellant claims to have a visitor permit, but they were not displaying this, nor have they provided any evidence that they are entitled to a permit. Even if I accept the Appellant’s submissions, it would not change the contractual terms. If the Appellant does not have a valid permit they may park as they did and pay the charge or park elsewhere. They chose the former, and the appeal is dismissed. "As your appeal has been dismissed, the Independent Adjudicator has found, upon the evidence provided, that the parking charge was lawfully incurred. As this appeal has not been resolved in your favour, the IAS is unable to intervene further in this matter. The Operator must now allow you 14 days to make payment before they commence any action to enforce the charge. Should you continue to contest the charge then you should consider obtaining independent legal advice. Yours Sincerely The Independent Appeals Service
  2. hi everyone quick question please an area of land behind our shop has signs up that state clamping in operation. the tel number on them has not been a live number for 3 years. new hand written sign has appeared. From 7am on 18/2/2015 any vehicals (yes that's how its spelt) parked here will be towed away. is this legal?.. regards
  3. Firstly the AA isn’t that trusted old organisation that used to be, it’s now owned and run by a profit driven Investment Company. Last year I paid £79 for silver membership I've just received my renewal letter offering me the same service as last year at £207.85 And that after a 15% discount!!! The AA now seem to use the services of local breakdown firms rather than AA patrols, the waiting time has soared and they don't fix the majority of cars at the roadside, in fact they have never been able to fix even the simplest of faults on my vehicles and I always have to be towed or relayed home. The skills level of most patrol men or other sub contractors at identifying the problem is actually too low to be offering a roadside assistance membership. In the majority of call outs the patrolman actually gets the diagnosis of the fault completely wrong.i.e. Fuel pump failure diagnosed as a blocked exhaust pipe. EGR valve sticking diagnosed as an air filter problem (the filter was actually 1 week old) A valve that had snapped and punched a hole through a piston in the engine a took out the turbo at the same time was diagnosed as a dirty fuel pump...unbelievable! The AA recently sent out a local breakdown truck to relay me home because he didn’t have the equipment needed to change a tyre for the spare!!! The AA is now just a tow you home service and I’m sure you can find the same level of cover and service elsewhere for £30 or £40 I will repost when I find it.
  4. My son bought a small VW van for £100 intending to work on it and get it back roadworthy. He parked it off road on his drive, behind locked gates because it wasn`t insured. Some vandals damaged the gates, smashed 2 windows in the van and pushed it a short distance away. This was about 9.30pm, my son was out but left house lights on etc. at about 11pm my son found out that the van was taken and The Police had already called the garage out to tow the van to a garage about 5 miles away. The van was taken a second time without the owners permission by the garage, now the garage want my son to pay £150 recovery charge plus a daily rate. My son, given a choice would have pushed the van back onto his drive. The bill is over £250 which my son doesn`t have , he`s trying to support his young family on an apprentice wage, the van is not worth much now it`s been damaged - so who`s liable for the garage bill? He didn`t ask the garage to come out, he didn`t want the garage to come out the Police called them.
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