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Found 7 results

  1. I found out my partner of 2 years had a SpeedCredit loan back in 2010, for around £100.00 I believe. She kept this quiet, until she showed me the emails they where sending her on an almost daily basis (you know the ones, from Northern Debt Recovery, Marshall Hoares Bailiffs and so on) asking that she repay over £1,000. She's already covered the original loan, plus one months interest and a lot more £416.15 in total! any obligation has been repaid in full. Here's the typical email she'll get, along side the typical threats of doorstep recovery, court action and so on, here's a breakdown of some of their charges and fees (all unenforceable); Debt GBP 940 Cash Transmission Fee GBP 5 Missed Payment Fee 1 (day 29) GBP 10 NDR Accept Case File GBP 200 Missed Payment Fee 2 (day 43) GBP 10 Missed Payment Fee 3 (day 57) GBP 10 Missed Payment Fee 4 (day 71) GBP 10 Missed Payment Fee 5 (day 43) GBP 10 NDR Accept Case File GBP 200 Missed Payment Fee 3 (day 57) GBP 10 Missed Payment Fee 1 (day 29) GBP 10 Missed Payment Fee 2 (day 43) GBP 10 Missed Payment Fee 4 (day 71) GBP 10 Missed Payment Fee 5 (day 43) GBP 10 Cash Transmission Fee GBP 5 Repayments todate GBP 416.45 Total GBP 1033.55 So then, What I have done now, is prepare a case against all the companies involved in this matter, which has already been forwarded to the OFT who have asked me to sign a form allowing my evidence to be used against them (It seems the OFT are taking matters extremely seriously). Any body who has had anything similar (I see lots of posts on here about them), needs to immediately forward everything they can along with a full complaint to the OFT, now more than ever! I am also going to instigate litigation against the companies involved with a view to claim back her over payments, and the outrageous way they have dealt with this matter.
  2. Hi, I've been following this site for a while as I'm currently going through a bit of financial realignment in my life. I liked the look of it because most the responses on Money Saving Expert seemed to be along the lines of "I told you so - you deal with it!", whereas these actually seemed informed and not judgemental. Foolishly I had nine payday loans and the continual rolling, reloaning etc all got a bit too much for me - a lesson lived is a lesson learnt and all that. I contacted Debt Line (I should have used CCCS in hindsight) who arranged my payment plan with the creditors - currently it all seems to be going to plan with the creditors (some of who I expected real nastiness from) except for Toothfairy Finance. I took a loan of £200 for a month (£276 with interest) and defaulted - the debt has now been upped to £760 since they "passed it on" to Northern Debt Recovery. After a bit of research on here and other sites I continued to question every email they sent me and they continue to tell me that all their charges are legal and proportionate and that anything that I have read including the OFT are not accurate and should not be trusted. I copied the OFT in my final email response and surprisingly I've had nothing from them. I also asked in my last email (probably foolishly) what their involvement with Marshall Hoare was - no response about that but then coincidentally Marshall Hoare began to leave me voicemails and threats of "fast tracking a CCJ". I did top this off with what their involvement was with a director with firearms convictions was - apparently that's not true either though the internet says otherwise. The final straw came when one of the multiple voicemails said that "because we can't reach a conclusion via email perhaps you'd like to phone us" - no chance. Basically I would assume I'm looking at another £200 on top of this current debt as no doubt NDR will "pass" it on to Marshall Hoare - for the time being I'm playing hardball by refusing to deal with them via phone and keeping the OFT and Credit Direct in the loop, it seems Debt Line only want to deal with them when a final figure is reached and don't look to be sorting that themselves (that seems like a bit of a waste of money too!) - what I'd like to know is, does anyone know of anyone actually being taken to court by any of the above and has anyone fought to pay the actual debt and not the make believe one they've instilled against rules set by the OFT? Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone. I was wondering if anybody here knows what the current official position is on Paycheckcredit? I know MCO Capital got fined and had their CCL revoked. I believe they were allowed to continue trading pending an appeal. Does anybody know if they have appealed? It is already known that Paycheckcredit and Toothfairy Finance are connected. My real question here is where exactly does Paycheckcredit stand today? Are they allowed to trade at this moment in time? Thanks!
  4. Hi, i'm new to this site and appreciate this is just going to be a repeated question as I see these two companies are rather popular on here. Basically I have the same problem, my 300 pound loan is just over 2 weeks late and is now over 1000 pound. I have asked for a repayment plan but been refused. I have followed advise on here and emailed the financial ombudsman who replied with a complaint form which I returned yesterday. My problem is I recieved a text today from NDR saying in 2 days bailiffs will be at my door. I just dont know what I should do next? I'm a working single mother to a 3 year old and there is no way I can pay that amount in a lump sum. Any help very gratefully recieved. Thanks
  5. Having just tonight checked my Call Credit report as a one off, I've noticed that Toothfairy Finance have registered a default against my name, however are they correct in doing so? I've had a fair few problems with TFF/NDR/MHB in that they would not accept a repayment plan via my debt management agency nor would they then accept the repayment plan I was offering them. Finally I came to heel with a repayment plan of their choosing and have cleared the debt. In my honest opinion, there was a period of around three months where I wanted to pay but they simply made it an impossibility. In short - I don't believe they've ever notified me of my default status, rather just consistently threatened me with "poor credit" (obviously - that's why I used them) and intimidation from an impending "visit" - what is my stance with this? Should they have provided me with a notice of my default and by rights can I get Call Credit to remove the default? Alternatively, being that this was settled months ago, should this not be listed as a satisfied default (for what little effect it has on your score)? Whilst I know that writing to the lender is the first port of call, I can't imagine Toothfairy to abide by any sort of rules set for them or to actually treat the question with general human decency. It would also appear that they've searched against my name in recent months when I've NOT been searching for credit and when I've no longer had an outstanding balance with them - would there be any reason for this? Thoughts?
  6. hi all, I took out a loan with paycheck credit in october 2011 i missed the first payment but paid back i full £400, plus 172 in charges the following month, i then recieved an email from marshall hoares solicitors threatening me with legal action if i did not pay a further £800 pounds immedatiley . i rang the number and was told i would only have to pay £300 if i set up a payment plan, i stupidly agreed and now feel im just being robbed! im constantly getting phone calls and threatening emails off marshall hoares,please help!
  7. Afternoon, I got into a little debt at around the beginning of the year because I lost my job. I've got onto debt management plans with my other two debtors and that is going swimmingly, it was sorted out very quickly! But I've had a horror of a time trying to deal with Toothfairy Finance. I took out a £300 loan and unfortunately defaulted on it but since they've slopped on their charges the amount has sky rocketed. So now they have brought in the cavalry, NDR (Northern Debt Recovery) and Marshall Hoares Bailiffs. There is an odd thing about all three companies and when I researched into them I noticed they all had the registered office. Also an annoying thing is that they say one company now legally own the debt and are dealing with it when I'm still getting correspondence from the other companies. I have been trying to negotiate with them to pay back £30 a month; this is all I can afford. They have either said no or ignored this offer and are still threatening me with court action, to which my response was that I would be happy to see them in court if they are not accepting my offers. In general they are very unprofessional, so much so as I refuse to deal with them over the phone and have kept all communication written so I have a record of it. I have noticed that their emails are full of mistakes. When contacting NDR through their online contact form I got a response from Marshall Hoares Bailiffs. Also I have had emails from ToothFairy saying they are attempting to take out £54 out of my account on several occasions even though I was never notified about this, and I found out that the £54 only covers interest it doesn't go toward paying any of the original loan. They say that I am trying to defraud them and are using delaying tactics when I am just asking why my debt suddenly gone from around £1300 down to £600 without explanation, what the relationship is between the three companies that are dealing with my debt are, why they are attempting to take out money from my bank without notifying me. I have experience with debt companies and such, and I am not loosing sleep over it but I just want to know if I am doing the correct thing by sticking to my guns and offering them £30 a month. I have told them that I will happily see them in court to discuss this matter, as I know I can't be forced to pay more than I owe. I would also like some help in reporting these guys to the OFT etc. Thank You
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