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Found 6 results

  1. Hi My wife received a ticket from Armtrac in Cornwall 1/18. We waited the 56 days for NTK which did not arrive. On Friday 10/8/18 my wife received text from TNC (don't know how they got number) requesting payment. We checked with DVLA to see if Armtrac/TNC had requested Keeper details but it appears my wife forgot to update DVLA of a change of address in 11/17, so NTK could have been sent to old address. My wife received another text this morning to contact TNC to pay or the matter will be escalated. Not sure what to do now. Many thanks for any advice.
  2. A letter from TNC parking solution but a year later.??? Once again, I do not remember any stickers on my windscreen no prior warning, nothing. I was helping my friend to move out. I parked at his place where he lives to move few boxes. Year ago... Out of blue, I received this the other day. Any suggestions? I legitimately parked there with the permission of a tenant but no warning or anything before hand. Thank you for your help again ) Tomas TNC PNC.pdf
  3. Dear all, on the date of January 21st, 2015 i visited a friend in London to which i had to park my car within the car park provided. I could see that signs were posted stating permit holders only. I had parked my car and proceeded to go inside to my friends room to obtain a visitor pass however once i cam downstairs i had a parking ticket on my car. I was furious as i was only gone a short while to obtain what was required to park my vehicle there in the first place. The date today is 15/04/2015 and i have just received a 'Parking charge notice' from a company called TNC parking services stating i owe £100 for this 'offence'. I have pictures of my car with the ticket on it and with a visitor pass. The letter i have received from TNC parking services states they are acting on behalf of their client P4Parking uk ltd. it also clearly states all parking charges are placed on hold upon receipt of an appeal. Furthermore TNC do not accept appeals as they did not issue the PCN and that all appeals should be made in writing directly to P4Parking within 28 days of this letter. If the appeal is unsuccessful then i would be provided with the contact details of the Independent appeals service (POPLA) with a unique 10 digit verification code reference. Could someone please advise me on this situation as i feel i have not done anything wrong and should not pay £100 for this unfair ticket. Thank you all for reading this post! Kav
  4. Hi everyone. Heard great things about this forum and have been a lurker for a while but now I have joined the ranks of the many that are being harassed by TNC. I'll give a background on my situation. A few years ago my partner bought some collectible dolls off Bradford group. (I warned her not to but hey, who listens to me?) Anyway, all was fine the first few times she got stuff then she ordered a single collectible doll and we paid for it up front, as we'd done with the previous ones, however, shortly after it arrived, another two packages came (about a week later) We contacted Bradford Group by phone and told them we only ordered one thing but they claimed it was part of a set. I told them that at no time in their catalogue or website was that mentioned and that we didn't want the other items. They said it was part of a set and that we had to accept and pay for them. I asked to speak to a supervisor who agreed that seeing as we'd paid up front for the first doll, we could just send the others back and that would be that. She said they would even send out a freepost return slip and that it would be there in the next few days. Two weeks later and it hadn't arrived, I called them again, had to go through the whole thing again, it was the same outcome, send back unwanted dolls, case closed, wait for freepost return slips to arrive. Another week went by and I had to phone them again, had to through the whole thing AGAIN! This time I told them that I was just going to post the dolls back myself and consider the mater closed. They claimed that it couldn't be done that way as the processing address for returns was different and it wouldn't be acknowledged as being received. So, again, I agreed to wait for return slips BUT, I asked who I was speaking to and and asked for a reference number for my case. About a month went by without any word, I phoned again quoted the name and reference number, explained the situation and asked for a note to be put on my file that I had on 3/4 separate occasions, requested return slips/offered to send back dolls. I agreed, for the last time to wait on them sending out return slips, after I offered to send back the dolls, at my own cost, by special/recorded delivery to the correct address but they wouldn't give me the address. I told them that this would be the last time I contacted them and I now consider the matter closed. I asked for all this to be put in another note in my file. The agent agreed, said they'd speak to a supervisor and they had agreed that if no retun slips were sent out, the matter was closed. Forward on a year, I get letter from Bradford group telling me i owed them money for the dolls and that if they didn't receive it within 14 days, they would pass it out to creditors etc. I phoned them, told them the whole story, quoted names and references but the said they had no record of it. I again offered to send the dolls back and had to go through the whole thing ANOTHER time! 2 weeks went past and two letters came one after each other, one from BG another from their creditors I can't remember who it was at the time but by this stage, I was sick of it and just ignored it. Nothing happened for about two years or so, then I started getting letters from TNC recently, threatening all sorts of action. After getting advice from people I knew and off t'internet, I ignored the letters, maybe two or three in a few months but i got one a few days ago saying I had 7 days to settle the bill or they were instructing their solicitors to go to court. This one has me worried....should I ignore it? There is no way I'm paying £179 for two dolls that were only worth £50 and that I had tried to send back numerous times...but should I contact them and explain....or is this all just BS scare tactics in the hope that I might be frightened into paying up?
  5. Hi, I have just signed up for some advice as my mother is panicking after receiving phone calls from a company called TNC. She had a gym membership that ran until October 2013, and I served 30 days notice in the form of a letter last September (so far all was well) last month a company got in touch over the phone stating that my mother owes several hundreds of pounds due to the gym not receiving the letter of notice. My mum was about to pay when I asked to speak to them, and said I infact wrote the letter as my mum isn't the best on computers and sent it off on her behalf. Just this morning TNC have been in touch again saying they have been back in touch with the gym and no such letter was received. I clarified that I posted this and as such I considered the matter closed and was not going to acknowledge this alleged debt. I also stated that I no longer wish for my mother to be harassed by telephone and if they had anything to say they should put it in writing. The agent must have took exception to this and called back no less than six times within 30 minutes, demanding to know what knowledge I have on the subject, asking for my job details etc. I have been in touch with a debt helpline on behalf of my old dear who said to write a letter to the gym stating my mothers issue. I have drafted this. I would like to know if anyone has any input or assistance they could offer on the matter as my mum is panicking and wanting to pay hundreds for the sake of a £15 a month gym membership that she cancelled off when she could. The debt collection agency also have the wrong address for us a s in they have avenue instead of grove for us if this makes any difference as I asked them for clarity regarding this when on the phone in the early stages.
  6. Hi Everyone, I need some advice and confirmation that I should be ignoring a Parking Enforcement Notice which I received from TnC Parking Services on behalf of their client P4 Parking. I live Edinburgh (EH11) and the fight for parking spaces is a daily battle. I'm a musician and after returning home very late one night from work, I parked in the only place available within a two mile radius of my flat. I parked on the street, not in a bay and was not obstructing or impacting access to the car park in anyway. There are just two signs within that area of the car park however nether are on the side of which I parked and none are visible at night due to low lighting. The area in which I parked is used on a daily basis by others and their inconsistencies in who they choose to ticket is somewhat baffling. After reading many posts on here, I have chosen to ignore the two demands they have sent me so far via the personal information they acquired from the DVLA, as there are no trespass laws in Scotland and I believe that only police or council have the right to issue such demands. So my question is, am I right? Should I keep ignoring or do I contact them with my despute? I have no intention of paying this so called 'fine' as I believe it to be unlawful but somehow they've manage to get under my skin and I can't help but worry about it. Please help put my mind at ease. Many thanks in advance.
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