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Found 6 results

  1. Quick question. Friend of mine got a CCJ in October - 15K, unregulated debt - payment "forthwith" She applied for a re-determination for time to pay. Because of her low income (but high equity in her property), the judge would not make an order to pay by affordable instalments, and refused the re-determination. I understand that there is a window of 28 days for immediate payment to be made before further enforcement action is taken. Is this from the date of the original judgement or from the date of the redetermination hearing? I want to believe its from the redetermination hearing, but am worried that it's from the original judgement (otherwise one could effectively delay enforcement for months, if not years, by reapplying for payment changes)
  2. Hi everyone, This is my first post here and I wish I had found you earlier. I need some help; I have tried to sue my collage/university: Name: Grimsby institute of F and HE Course: FD Applied Computing with Multimedia Tech Length of course: foundation plus 2 years Years of studies: 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13 and 2013/14 Why: unfair timescale of notifying Student Finance England (SFE) Last day of attendance: 14th January 2014 SFE notification: 15th April 2014 Court of own motion order: Failing to identify a cause of action in law And failing to identity why the principle should have personal liability (my intention was to sue the college) Can some one help me please and what other info do you need?
  3. I have been trying to get this matter dealt with since 2010 but NatWest have either ignored every complaint lodged by me regarding this matter until lodged last complaint bout this in October 2013 now they have either provided me with different bank reference number relating to the same case or it gets assigned to new NatWest Investigator at different location - since October case assigned to 8 different Investigators located at London, Kent, Leicester then back to Kent with no sign of them actually trying to sort this matter out. The matter in question is after finally receiving requested Bank statements I noticed that some of the Bank Statements had different times or even dates logged for monies Deposited by me were not the same as the original Money Deposit Bank paying in slips. Even more annoying was the fact that most of these incorrect transactions by NatWest were either around times they were due to take their monthly payment out or some other direct debit that would then put me over my agreed overdraft limit hence NATWEST would then take additional charges because of the same. I've provided NatWest with several copies of evidence including copies of paying in slips as well as listing all the other discrepancies NatWest carried out in my Account. As NatWest neither contacted me or in my opinion even looked into this matter as there is a lot of documentation etc related to this matter so I emailed the top man via information I found on ur website. I received an immediate reply followed by a letter advising they had taken on the case and had passed it to a case manager called who then wrote to me saying he was investigating this and would get back to me with answers within next 10 days. As NatWest have to date tried to fob me off or convince me that evidence I've provided doesn't relate to my Account or that they were illegible I was hoping some kind person could tell me what I should do if it's rejected hoping to avoid FOS as need this sorted asap as struggling financially- though can't see how it could be rejected based on evidence I have. Finally I was asked by one of the more recent NatWest Investigator' s what amount would I deem as being acceptable to resolve this matter which I don't nor do I know how to go about working out the same. I know to add on monies incurred by me in this matter but that's it. Would be very grateful if someone could give me an idea of amount I should give them or how I work out the amount
  4. Hi, One of my claims is with MBNA. Throughout the process they have told me that no matter what happens they will have to make a decision by 30 August as this was the final date of the 8 weeks. I received a letter this morning stating they need another 14 days! They have not received my completed questionnaire and I have re sent it recorded delivery. What I wanted to know is: Do they have any liability for not completing their investigation in the timescale set out by the ombudsman? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi Just looking for a little help. Purchased Apple iMac in 2009. Took out Whatever Happens as Mac cost £1300. Took out Premium cover for £12.99 per month but after a query a few months later I was told no point paying £12.99 as policy states they have to fix in 7 days and told that as an Apple product it goes back to Apple if any issues so can't guarantee the 7 day rule so was refunded and took out the £9.99 policy and this fives them 21 days. after over 2 years of a perfect running Mac it starts to sound rather rough. Call Know How and they arrange to collect Saturday 16th June. The Mac is delivered back the 23rd June. after a very happy hubby plugs it in and starts it up OMG I thought a 747 was ready to take off from the living room. Called KnowHow back straight away and they say another collection has to be booked once again its picked up on Sunday 24th June and delivered back to us late on Sunday 1st July. Turned it on and seemed to be no problem. Hubby went into hospital 2nd July and as my daughter has a imac and I use a laptop and the 2 youngest share a laptop nobody touched the hubbys Mac. I went to use it on the Tuesday and it was turned off and no idea why so turned it back on. Daughter asks if she can use dads computer while he was in hospital but when she went to it, it was turned off again. Hubby comes home 4th July and its turned off again we call KnowHow and they talk us through some tests but to no avail and another collection is booked so Sunday 8th July off it goes again and its due back 15th July. What I need to know is how many days is that classed as being away? They say 21 days or 4th repair and they will replace. is Saturday to Saturday 7 or 8 days. May sound stupid but they say day 1 is the day they collect I assume Saturday 16th June is day 1 does that mean Saturday 23rd June is day 8 when we get it back? Am I making sense cause I'm confusing myself now. Any help would be great. Also since we took out the policy we are told the Apple computer now doesn't go back to Apple its repaired by 'Trained experts' at KnowHow. We were told that the reason the 1st fault wasn't fixed was because the so called 'Trained Expert' didn't connect something back together inside the computer.
  6. If one sends a letter to a DCA querying that a debt is enforceable - no more, no less and asking for the letter to be passed on to the relevant department and the DCA takes exactly 362 days to reply (by second class post) also misquoting legal precedent with obvious intent to confuse/mislead... ...what woud be a reasonable length of time to wait before replying back to them with an appropriate response? My assumption is 362 days by second class post. Or would this be frowned upon by a court?
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