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Found 2 results

  1. Please can you guys advise me what I can do. The Third party insurance making it very difficult and seem like they are looking for ways not to pay. If this is the case I will be liable for the costs, which would set me back in life. Background 1.I had a collision, and claimed for the damage to my car personal injury. (it was non-fault but the Third party claimed 50/50). The case went one. 2. Third Party gave me a cheque for half on non-prejudice basis. The day they sent this, My solicitor took the hire car back from me. 3. Cheques take some time to clear, However I saw a car I liked. I asked for a loan from my cousin, on the basis that I pay him back when the cheque clears. (he previously said no, as I had nothing to pay him back. A few months down the line my solicitor called me. They cant get a better offer than 50/50. Its his word against mine. I asked what will happen to the hire car fees. They said you will get half. The other half will be written off by the hire company. I agreed. I thought everything was done,. but 7 weeks later... Issues 1. Third party wants proof I brought a car (I give them insurance documents) 2. Third party checks my bank statements. They ask were is the transaction for the car. (The car was brought cash in hand, I gave them proof of the bank transactions of my cousin loaning me money, plus screen shots from his bank. And screen shot that he paid my insurance money. 3. Third party gets in touch again. Where is the cheque we gave you and why did you not borrow money earlier. (I sent a screen shot of the cheque in my bank and said no one wanted to give me a loan) but once the cheque was posted I had people willing to loan me money as I had means to pay them back. not heard anything back yet. Questions Why are they making it so hard? I just want this to over. My life has been put on hold. Because I am afraid of what may happen if they refuse to pay. I seen many posters around about the same situations, but never the final result. I just don't want to keep prolonging this. I have provided enough evidence to show the need for a hire car, plus they have my bank statements they know my financial situation. what more do you think they can ask?
  2. Good afternoon Everybody, I've been reading some of the very helpful replies to posts but unfortunately acted before reading:| Not a great start/ idea:madgrin: as Ive just identified myself for liability purposes. Please could some one tell me if this method is still the best/ current way and if I have got a correct understanding of the process so far:?: I did not realise you should wait between 28-56 days for NTK and this would cost them:oops: waiting for the POPLA code which is run by BPA. Appealing to who ?????? with the POPLA code number. Are we talking about appealing direct to CPP or Parking On Private Land Appeals with the POPLA code:?: Please Clarify:???: I received a parking ticket stuck on my windscreen in the first week of October 2015 asking for £100.00 if paid withing 14 days £40.00 from Liberty Printers AR and RF Reddin trading as CPP (Car Parking Parnership) a third party parking provider for a local UK hospital and used this template letter below replying in the same week. I have used before in a similar situation for an Asda car park which proved extremely successful. If memory serves me right I believe I obtained the from either Get out of Debt Free or The Consumer Action Group forums. Many Thanks for whoever posted it in the first place:-) Unfortunately I mistakenly typed in the wrong notice number in error :-xCPP have sent me a letter back in the second week of October 2015 and rightly so have said in their reply that they are unable to locate the parking charge with the information I provided to them. They have requested for me to confirm the reference number and are asking for my vehicle registration number. Of course they have my address from the letter below and I have no problem with giving them the correct notice number but am unsure about giving my vehicle reg as I thought I maybe giving them more than what's needed? In addition they enclosed an standard letter please see attached stating about contract with driver, enforceability of the charge and rejection of invalid invoice. Quoting previous court cases of prosecution as these quoted legislations were not applicable on private land. I believe some sort of scare tactic to make you think you stood no chance and to frightening you in to paying them. I hope their attachments can be read to shed some light on their bullyboy claims and does anyone please have a more effective up to date letter that I can fire off for my second letter. Or do I continue to play ball this time round extending on my first letter with the right notice number. Did try to upload their standard letter but because I am Newbe:!: without 10 post under my belt I am unable to upload images or include any links. My Letter Sent:!:in week one of October 2015 Car Parking Partnership (CPP) PO Box 635, Chorley, PR6 6NJ Re: Notice Number XXXXXXXXXXX To whom it may concern, Firstly your so called notice is nothing but an attempt to frighten people into paying your invalid charges. The so called notice is not legally binding as no contract agreed or implied has been entered into. The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 5 (1) A contractual term which has not been individually negotiated shall be regarded as unfair if, contrary to the requirement of good faith, it causes a significant imbalance in the parties' rights and obligations arising under the contract, to the detriment of the consumer. I would like to draw your attention to the following article and believe that as your company is a private company and is not associated with either the local council or police authority, your charge is invalid. (There was a hyperlink included to an appeal now .com) I have not and will never enter in to any contract agreed or implied with your company nor have I broken any law or statute. I have returned your notice clearly marked "No Contract Return To Sender" as I have no wish to enter into contract with your company. Further action on my part will incur charges which will be chargeable to your company. My charges will be invoiced at the following rates... Initial Charge of £250 then £150 each time I have to respond in relation to this matter. All legal expenses and costs will be charged in addition to the above charges. Pursuing this matter will trigger these charges and by doing so, your company agrees to these terms. I look forward to your response within 7 days. Regards
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