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  1. Hi all New to this forum but have read all the threads about these Dessault cases with great interest. I received the same email yesterday and would be grateful if someone could tell me what the outcome of their situation was given that over a year has passed since this discussion was active....are you all in prison? Or sold your homes to pay for a licence?! A little bit about my situation; I am a designer and have from time to time used Solidworks although it is not my default package hence the reason I couldn't afford to lump out the thousands they ask. I am a soletrader and only d
  2. Hi chaps. I know this is a few months on but I’ve supposedly received one of these emails from CHCJ and got a slightly different story. Im a designer who uses CAD (specifically Solidworks) regularly. However up until March this year, this usage was wholly on an employed basis under full license from the companies who employed me within their office premises. I have just set up on my own (as in - less than. 6 weeks ago) and after a bit of searching bought a second hand Solidworks machine I found on Gumtree which was loaded with what the chap assured me was a legit copy
  3. Hi I set up a Payment Plan with British Gas in September16, following an unexpected huge bill. I have been paying monthly as agreed (£160 fwiw). In Feb BG sent a letter advising my Payments haven't changed. End March BG sent a letter saying I'd missed my monthly payment - and quoted a figure of £600 more than my monthly payment! I immediately wrote stating BG must have made a mistake. I made the normal payment. Then start April BG wrote saying they were cancelling my Plan. I again wrote to complain. BG have failed to reply to both letters.. I did try
  4. Good Afternoon I've seen a lot of threads regarding unfair gym cancellations & would like to explain my problem with David Lloyd Gyms for some advice and reassurance. I joined a Virgin Gym in November 2016 it was really on the basis that I'm swimming the English Channel in a team relay & the rest of my team were already members at this Virgin Gym & the swim facilities were excellent & it meant we could train together. I have two teenage sons & they joined with me paying at £86 per month for the 3 of us. Although the facilities were great - I found it d
  5. Dynamic security threats and the British Army: Chief of the General Staff General Sir Nicholas Carter KCB CBE DSO ADC Gen READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/dynamic-security-threats-and-the-british-army-chief-of-the-general-staff-general-sir-nicholas-carter-kcb-cbe-dso-adc-gen
  6. I have serious problem with my private landlord which is causing me enormous stress I should note I live in Scotland, but the laws are very similar in England. If I start at the beginning. I took this place 6 months ago, I was never given a contract or the landlords address, but I was desperate to find somewhere local to where I worked, so I took it. I know that was a mistake. My rent as always been on time (proved by my bank statements) Apart from the fact I am fairly confident in saying my landlord is not a registered landlord which is illegal and the place does
  7. Hi My partner his off sick from work. A few months ago we started a new business together for when she is finally sacked/leaves etc. She is joint Director and shareholder like me. We have not even done any work yet, all we have done is put money into the business. No wage has been taken out, no dividend taken out, no money at all has come out of our business bank account. The fire service who employs her says you must have permission for another job but nothing about being a director of a company, especially a dormant one. She has had lots of problems at work and put a grievance in fina
  8. Hi everyone, After graduating uni I have applied to a Master scholarship and I have been given one. The university agreed to pay for my full master course and I was to cover 350 hrs of internship during the whole year course. A few months into my degree I had to defer due to health issues. At the time they were encouraging and advised me to freeze the course for a few months and then decide if I want to come back depending on how I feel. When the time came I decided to not continue it and as they heard this they told me I have to pay for the first semester as I did
  9. Hi everyone, it is a long time since I used this site, but would really appreciate some help and knew this would be the safe place to do so. It seems many others have been in a similar predicament. Joined Fit4Less in Halton, Leeds last summer. I was not really using it during Nov/Dec so cancelled the DD in mid December believing that I was under no contract terms as had taken a rolling monthly contract. I was away for a few days over new year and returned to a letter from Harlands requesting £16.99 missed payment and with a £20 charge slapped on for admin costs. This
  10. Hi there, Firstly, thanks for all your resources on this website, it has been very informative. I wanted to ask a question as I wasn't really sure how to proceed with Motormile Finance in my particular situation. So the long story short is: I received a letter the other day from Motormile, chasing debt from an old Payday loan going back to early 2013. As the letter was threatening with default action (see "Attachment 1"), I was curious as to why there were no other letters coming through with warnings. I checked my e-mail and it turns out there's countles
  11. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-to-enhance-natos-ability-to-rapidly-respond-to-threats
  12. My wife received a letter from Lowell/Brian Carter with a return address of a PO box in Huddersfield claiming a debt owed to JD Williams. We live in Northants. My wife does not acknowledge any debt to Lowell and if/when these parasites issue a CCJ Can I demand the presence of a Solicitor from Brian Carter in court to be cross examined as to the validity or indeed the existence of the alleged debt? Rhino69
  13. Hi, I urgently need advice on dealing with Harlands, Here is the story so far. Me and my boyfriend signed up to our local Lifestyle fitness gym, under a 12 month contract. Both memberships were set up to be debited from his account. 8 months in, he got a letter saying that there weren't sufficient funds to pay his membership, so they were asking for the £15 for the months membership, and a £25 admin fee. We went into the actual gym and asked if the other membership (mine) had been paid for, and they said that only one of our memberships was suspended, so one must have been paid.
  14. I want to start out by saying this court fine refers back to an offence I was arrested and charged for in late 2012, Back then I was up my head in debt and i was gambling every penny I had. Step forward to 2016, I am now a gambler in recovery after attending rehab and back on the straight and narrow working as a Web Developer. Several years back when I was given my fine by oxford magistrates court I was also given 50 hours worth of unpaid work which I had no intention of doing, was breached and sent to 6 Months as Her Majesty's Pleasure, While inside I manage
  15. the 5th of April 2014 me and my brother set up a membership with xercise 4 less ,this as states on the email i got was for a minimum of 12 month with and initial payment of 34.99 and then proceed on to a monthly direct debit of 14.99. fast forward to the 5th of may 2015 ( this being 13 month after i set up my membership) decided to hand my notice into the gym and cancel my direct debit due to moving gyms a little closer to home, thankfully this is a cash in hand gym and not a pesky direct debit. several months of ignoring letters that i owed them money i received a letter from crs saying
  16. Hello All, Last weekend, our boiler broke down, late on the Sunday night. I called the maintenence man who deals with these issues for the letting agency first thing on Monday morning. He came over on Monday night and found that the transformer on the circuit board had burned out and killed the boiler. He said it would be a full boiler replacement and he will sort it with the letting agency as soon as possible. In the maintenence man's defence, he is really good, it is the agency who are slow at everything. So, we've spent all week without heating or hot water. My wife sent a text to
  17. Cabot have been persuing me for a Halifax Credit Card Debt (pre 2007) of around £3,000. I was previoulsy paying them around £12 per month, but now cannot afford this due to being out of work. My Experian credit file strangely does not even show the original Halifax debt or any money owning to Cabot, who I assume have now purchased this. Under these circumstances should I now ask for a copy of the CCA? Thanks
  18. Our property got repossessed by Cheshire mortgages and after complaining to the ombudsman regarding the way it happened ombudsman said is an issue that they will not get involved and has to be resolved in court basically. After that we got a call from Cheshire saying they sold the flat and there are several thousands of pounds outstanding but they were willing to work with us and lower the amount to 168 pounds. We told them that we found it strange that they repossessed the property for less money than that (and refusing to accept any settlement offer from us) and now they were willing to
  19. hi my mum received two letters of enforcement from marstons totalling £1270 in my name and i've found out that they are from an unpaid court fine and train ticket where the fines totalled £70, i moved address but left fowarding address but have only just got notice of letters being sent wihch says they will be here in a couple of days. i've been out of work and dont stay at my parents often but its only stable address so its where my post goes, i can afford to pay original fines but not £1270 i've dealt with them before and they wasnt that bad the first time
  20. I tried to cancel my car insurance policy 2 days after I joined them. Their website instructions directed me straight to cancellations and then sent me around the houses but ultimately is set up to not accept a cancellation of policy - not within the cooling off period anyhow. I then wrote them emails - I have proof of sending three. They just responded to my cancellation emails by sending me a template informing me that I could cancel my policy free of any charges and get a refund if it was within the cooling off period but in order for me to incur no charges I must do it on their website.
  21. Another from Scoop where a bailiff/EA has been threatened, this time with a gun: .http://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/man-released-bail-after-bailiffs-7929055 It seems that more people are unhappy with the Enforcement industry, and is this a growing trend Thoughts?
  22. 1st Credit recently bought an £12K M & S loan I took out about 9 years ago, and have not paid anything towards for what I believe is at least 6 years and could well be Statute Barred. I have received numerous phone calls from them - none of which I have answered - I have caller display and never answer calls from any number that could be a DCA. Also received a series of increasingly threatening boilerplate letters which I have filed in the waste bin. I have a lot of experience with DCA's with several CC debts going back 10 years - never been collected on ye
  23. I have a debt which I have been paying to Regal Credit at £30 per month for the last couple of years. Every year RC hassle me to be paying more, which as a pensioner it is not possible. I have ignored their last letter and the twice daily calls both to my home phone and mobile. Today I received a letter stating the £1000 plus total and stating that they are recommending court action to their client and threatening high costs and bailiffs. I am terrified. First of all my very sick husband knows nothing of this debt and second I am just beginning to think there m
  24. Had the usual threatograms from moorcroft with regards to an alleged debt to Orange that I know nothing about. I have sent them the prove it letter recorded delivery which they signed for on 24th April. They have ignored this and sent me another threatogram with the usual rubbish about sending people to my house to take my firstborn child or some such twonk. Is there a standard bugger off this is in dispute letter anywhere?
  25. Hiya Ladies and Gents, A few years back I had a CC with MBNA which I disputed due to them being unable to provide an enforcable credit agreement. They pursued me for the outstanding balance for a while and eventually passed it over to a company called Optima (i think) who harrassed me for a few months and then gave up after offering a settlement figure of approx 10% of the balance which i declined. I haven't heard a peep from them since. This was 3 years ago but last week I got a letter from MBNA stating that they transferred the right to collect this account to
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