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Found 7 results

  1. JAMIE OLIVER is imposing his own levy on sweet drinks sold in his restaurants in protest at the government’s refusal to introduce a “sugar tax”. Oliver, the celebrity chef and restaurateur, will add a 10p charge to every drink with added sugar in an attempt to highlight the dangers of too much sugar, as well as sending a message to government to take urgent action on childhood obesity. He's thought up a way of making extra profit on the backs of kids. If he was really that concerned, he would stop selling sugary drinks altogether. Will you fall for this and pay extra ? I wouldn't even step inside one of his rip-off restaurants, £11 for beans on toast.
  2. This is a long story so I won't bore anyone with the whole thing of N Power closing and reopening my electricity account then deciding that they/I had read the meter wrong for four years. I had a new electricity meter fitted in Jan 2009 and I am on a spreading warmth tariff paying quarterly. Before all the stupidity in Aug 2011 when scottish power tried to take us over and N power closed the account everything was fine but in February 2012 N Power decided with a new account number that my meter reading must be wrong and that I must be using enough electricity to light up Blackpool as I received a bill for £2,740 informing me that in a year my average annual bill amounted to £26,500:|. As it is a new meter there were zeros in front of the reading which you must always give when giving the first five numbers. They are now ignoring that and say we were being billed on a four digit reading which was wrong. They sent someone out in April 2011 who fiddled around with the meter and somehow the decimal point disappeared! Also it seems now that they were checking what sort of house I lived in? They then decided to fit a check meter (July) as it seemed I was still lighting up the local town. On their calculations and what my meter says now that would mean I would have used 16000 units in a year?? I cook and heat by gas. I have rung on many occasions to speak to the service people on how to read the meter and they are curious as to why my digital meter has lost its decimal point but they say that it is still only the first five digits and to ignore any numbers after the first five and to include any zeros which would mean my meter reads at the moment 06400 not 64000 as N Power are trying to insist. I am at my wits end with them. I have even rung the makers of the meter who say it is the first five digits including any zeros. I complained to the energy ombudsman - even sending hourly photos of my meter with the last digit moving round and showing the first zero. Incredibly he said N Power were right??? What?? The average household is supposed to use 3,300. per annum. That is now going to an "ombudsman" for the ombudsman?? as I did not agree with the first ombudsman. Anyone had a similar problem?? Oh ps. I also received a letter regarding a bill for a property in Sheffield??? I live in East Sussex and do not own a property in sheffield. The ombudsman said that this wasn't incompetent at all.
  3. Well recently posted to seek support for an SD served by BW Legal for a large debt and followed all the advice on here and then today another debt letter arrived, this time from Hamptons for an old bank overdraft of circa £1300. The letter threatens CCJ or SD. Phoned Hamptons today to ask what the debt related to ( I know I shouldn't have phoned them, but was a bit annoyed). I challenged the need for them to ask me my DOB for data protection purposes.... Anyway, Is there anything I can do with this overdraft in terms of challenging the amount or do I bite the bullet? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Dealing with a CapOne account for a friend: Debt was passed to Fred's mid 2012... Offered them £1.00 per month for 4 months. Pointed out illness and they returned the account back to Cap One. CapOne asked for proof of illness, so sent in various copies of letters from surgeons, plus a three page prescription list. Various letters back and forth asking for sick notes etc. Told them sick notes dont exist when on ESA. Debt passed back to Fred's under a new ref number lol. Thought Freddy's would have spotted the same name, address, Cap One account number? Anyway, just waiting to see what the Freddy Fools come back with now - I've refered them to previous corrospondace from mid 2012 lol...
  5. i know this is for general messages but i have read the introduction now on how to post a question and still cant find it any advise:|
  6. I overheard a conversation between two of my students today. They were talking about eastenders and Kat Slater. One said to the other that she puts it about a bit in fact they called her a "Tenpole Tudor". I was completely mystified by what they meant until about half an hour ago when their song came on the radio. I had to pull the car over as I thought I might laugh myself to death
  7. Hi guys and gals 1st post for me i`m not really an internet person (well just for poker) after waiting a while to hear about my ppi claim with yorkshire bank i came across this site (3 weeks ago) .I Have had a good browse and only wish i had found it 3 months ago or at least done some research ..as i suppose you can guess i have gone with one of the many firms that kept bugging and bugging me every other day by phone etcetc ..well the good thing is they got me thinking and sure as damn it i had ppi on a loan in 2005 (large loan at that)i repaid the loan by the means of a 2nd mortgage again with yorks bank well just to let you know i got a letter 5th april advising me they are looking into my complaint etcetc so i or my claims company exspect to hear something soon ,,, i understand 8 weeks from date of their original letter of looking into complaint letter ?? maybe one of the experts on here can advise on that for me ?? i dont have a clue what to exspect back as have sent original loan docs to claims company and like mentioned before settled the loan early .. i can say the loan was repaid 2007 ppi was just over 6k with 2k plus interest but i wont have paid all that interest with paying the loan off early ..i assume in settling the loan i will have paid all the ppi initial cost ???? i read and read and read on here but still im no wiser as what to expect back :oops: ps the claims company i am using is consumer first and apart form original letter ..and one letter since to say yb have been in touch .. going to be a bloomin good pay day for them if they get the result 1st time ...and for what i see on here i could have done all myself for the cost of a few stamps :x
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