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Found 5 results

  1. I have been a member on here for 11 years give or take a month or two. When i joined i worked for minimum wage at a bacon factory in Blackpool, it was an ok job, i enjoyed it, but the money was very poor, i was in debt, paying the bank in late payment fees every week, switching banks due to owing money etc, Constantly playing catchup with car finance. which was £50 a week!! i was in a right ole pickle, i had 3 kids a wife and a dog, lived in a rented home. only benefits we claimed was Child benefit and WTC In 2006 i heard about the bank charge reclaiming that was going on, on the Jeremy Vine show on radio 2 iirc. i set about on my last bank which was Barclays, recovered £1600. i made the car finance people a lump sum offer of 1200 to pay the finance off and the accepted it. meanwhile, i was no reclaiming Halifax, capital one and a couple for wifey too. Christmas 2006 was best ever, we had recovered about 6k more, paid off all out debts and had about 2.5k left for xmas. We had always wanted our own home, but as you would expect, we were always laughed out of the bank. At this point, our credit history was really bad, credit score was -1000 lol. after xmas we had about £1500 left, a cloud loomed, back to square one with debt?? £1500 wouldnt last long, so wifey n i stuck our heads together and came up with a plan, with the remainder, i went to an IT auction and bought a load of I.T.tech, which included computers, laptops printers etc, St start of my business. I fixed up 10 of the laptops and sold them on ebay. put that money, profit n all, back into more stock. a so it went on, i was buying and selling allsorts by now, things off carboot sales, local auction houses, found a local guy who would sell me cheap laptops, Two months later i handed my notice in at my work. i then set about repairing our credit files, taking off all that was out of date etc, that took about 12 months to get sorted. The home we rented had fallen under massive disrepair as the LL lived down under 10 years down the road, we had saved up 21k, on May 20th this year, i took possession of the keys to my own home with a 16k deposit, mortgage with RBS who i have to say,were fantastic, at the ripe old age of 48, i now have a pension worth 22k,not much by some standards, but to us, its a win win, all thanks to this site and a little reading from else where. Been self employed for all this time now and loving it, we were able to help put my daughter through university by letting her live rent free etc with us, she still needed student loans tho. Thankyou to Bankfodder and the team for this site. I have donated along the way as its only right. Any one else any one else out there with similar stories
  2. I joined this forum after googling "parking disputes at Brockholes" (nr Preston.) I am not the first to raise this issue. Today (2nd September 2016) I have received a letter from Park with Ease (dated 24th August 2016 , Envelope unfranked so I cannot prove posting date) claiming I didn't pay my parking fees at Brockholes Country park on 9th August 2016 and demanding £50 fine (or £25 if I pay up quickly!!) Try googling 'disputes with carparking at Brockholes' and it is amazing how often this situation comes up. Brockholes don't accept responsibility for any of this - as they state on their web site... Brockholes have a vehicle recognition system in place. A sign advised you to pay on leaving the car park. I did so - paid the maximum £6 and had a conversation with strangers at the payment machine as to the expense of the fees. I have no evidence or proof that I paid. Parked on 9th August. - I don't dispute that I parked but I know I paid the maximum amount. .. what to do if I cannot prove I paid almost a month later? Park with Ease is apparetly registered with IPC and hence have the right to get my personal details from DVLA. Furious as I really cannot prove I paid -- what can I do?
  3. Thanks for letting me join .
  4. Hi, I would like to thank all of the people on this forum who gave me advice. My daughter won the case. it was a Mental Health case. She had been turned down completely and wasn't even in the WRAG group. I took all the advice given, here, and wrote a statement. I picked out the statements that I thought she could gain points on and then provided evidence for each point. I added to the evidence some of my own observations and picked out the key words after reading the factsheet that Rethink Mental Illness 'WCA' had published. ( it is a factsheet that 'Rethink' have published to help people to fill in the ESA50) it is very good and gives examples. I think that although it is for people with Mental illness that the advice it gives would help people with other disabilities because of the way it is explained. I think it is important to remember that the Judge is only concerned about whether your claim for each area, actually fits the written criteria. The doctor asked questions in such a way that my daughter was fooled into giving a straight yes or no answer. I have read that here before. I had to stop her and I asked her the same question in a different way. Example, the doctor asked her 'can you read?' my daughter answered 'yes'. The doctor mean can you read books for start to finish and that was what she had concluded from my daughters answer. I asked 'can you read a whole book from start to finish'. My daughter cannot concentrate to read a whole chapter or even a few pages, so obviously I got a different answer, but she can read. The point that I am trying to make is that the Doctors job was to ask questions in such a way that it would elicit the least favourable answer from the person appealing. The judge was nice and allowed me to ask the questions and to explain. I think it is a good idea to have someone with you or to even ask the doctor to clarify and break down the question so that you know what the question is aimed at finding out because the doctor is trying to trip you up. The doctor seemed to be very nice and you can get lulled into a false sense of security but she is there to stop you from winning and the judge can only go by what answer you give in response to the doctors questions. If I can be of assistance to anyone then please get in touch. I may not be reading the group regularly in the next 3 weeks but I will have access to the internet if someone messages me.
  5. I just want to say a big thankyou .... ..my husband fought Robinson Way for a debt of £1500 and it turned out to be statute barred. ..his account is now closed. Also I was also chased by Robinson Way for a debt of £78.78 (NEXT Directory)which wasn't actually mine ...the new occupants of out old house thought they would pull a fast one and order £70 of goods in my name ...I checked with Experian and Next themselves. ..Robinson Way have now got the proof the debt wasn't mine. Also I had a debt of £7000 with a Yorkshire Bank Credit Card - Marlin were in pursuit of this (I had to finish work 8 years ago due to disability and couldn't pay my credit cards) .. .I pointed out that this debt was Statute barred and have now received a letter saying they have closed the account and they will not be contacting me any further. If it wasn't for this website, I wouldn't have had a clue what to do. Debt can put you into an early grave - there are so many people taking their own lives due to debt. I have spread the word amongst my family and friends about this website xx
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