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Found 5 results

  1. Hello i have a pending action through small claims track (hearing) and have just found out that the defendant's partner sent a text to my witness asking if he had spoken to me recently! this was followed by a few phone calls asking same witness to "just pop up and sign something". All declined by witness. Should I inform the hearing about this?
  2. I am a customer of Brighthouse where I was paying £46 per week which were reduced down to £30 per week because of loss of tax credits/child benefit. I ran into problems paying one week due to a demand for my council tax before I ended up in court so I couldn't pay Brighthouse the full £30 so paid half to them. since then I've paid my £30 each week but still owe them that £15. I'd find it really difficult to pay that 15 on top of the £30 so due to me only getting £110 per week now which is to keep me, my partner and daughter. I suggested if they could please take even 50p from yellow money until the £15 is paid but they have refused. today I paid my bill and they said you owe £130. how I owe that I do not understand as I only was behind by £15. upon getting home I've noticed they haven't even paid my bill and put that £30 I pay each Saturday into the yellow money. They have been to my door twice this week and constantly txt me 2 and 3 times a day even though I contacted customer services to have them stopped of which they did for a week but again they have statrted coming to my phone. Please advise on what I can do next as this is really starting to affect my health and depression. I have a partner who is due to have an operation I'm worried about then I've got these hammering on my door.
  3. Hello, I'm just looking for a little advice on Brighthouse. I'm a customer with them but I'm continually receiving text messages to my phone even though I've asked them to stop in the store and last week to customer services as the store just kept saying they are automated and they can't do anything about it. I've been getting them since the start of the year and sometimes can be as many as 3 in a day. some say drop in store or its your best day to pay or its your due day to pay, its just getting a bit of a headache now and I'm so annoyed that they keep coming. customer services said they can stop them but it will take up to a week or so for them to stop. Are they allowed to harrass me by text messaging like this please.
  4. Hi All! One of the DCAs that I deal with has started to text me late at night demanding that I phone ASAP. What is the legal position on this? By the way,I never speak to the them / refuse or hang up no matter what and if needed just deal in writing by Recorded Delivery. Many thanks in advance.
  5. Hello, Today when I arrived home, my partner was distraught. He was accused of sexual harassment at work. The accusation: He said that he sent two text messages to a mates of his. The text didn't go to his mate instead they went to his female boss. One of the text suggested that his friend use a few condoms. The other text said, "David, call me, I'm worried about you." HR called my partner into their office. His female boss had complained that the texts amounted to sexual harassment. HR read him the riot act and sent him home early. HR expects to come in on Monday, but my partner thinks he's going to get the sack and will have an exit interview. Annoyingly both my partner and I lost our phones 2 days ago (in separate incidents) so he can't even check the phone to see what the heck happened. He has only worked at his company for 3.5 months - he's not even finished with his probation yet; That's at 6 months. My partner is EXTREMELY distraught. I honestly think he needs to see doctor. I've never seen him so depressed. What advice does he need when he goes back into the office? What are his legal rights? Can he be fired without a disciplinary? I want to arm him with as much information as possible. Thanks for your help!
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