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Found 7 results

  1. I received a letter yesterday with the following wording: We're reviewing your benefits and circumstances You must come to an office interview. Dear Miss --------- We need to talk to you about some changes that may affect your benefits payments. You must be available for this interview and have all the information listed on page 1 and 2 with you. It asks me to bring something proving who I am which the bank statements will do. It asks to bring my latest bank statements. I saw at the bottom it has a code FESL2T which many people on other forums has said is from the fraud department. My circumstances haven't changed I have sever anxiety and agoraphobia and I receive ESA and am in the work related activity group. I share a bank account with my sister purely because we both don't handle money well and it's easier to manage the money if it's all in one account. It's been this way for the whole time I've been on benefits and nothing has ever flagged before. I also got a personal loan and wondered if maybe that could have flagged. I literally don't talk to a single person, I'm scared of people and have no friends so I don't know anyone that would report me unless my adviser said something. Please help, I can't sleep at all and the interview isn't until the 3rd of January. I'm worrying myself sick.
  2. Hi all, First off, let me introduce myself. I'm Lou. I'll give you a little bit of backstory first: I've been working for years with chronic pain issues, depression, anxiety, migraine associated vertigo and digestive issues. I worked for as long as I could but I just couldn't manage any more so I got my doc to sign me off. I got ESA easily initially. when it came to my assessment, it all went wrong. The nurse that assessed me actually used me being well-groomed against me as she did my hobby of having a beauty blog. The whole thing seemed to rest on how long I can sit or stand for without pain which is now around 10 minutes before I have to start fidgeting because I'm in so much discomfort. I need a stick quite often, a friend has to help me with my shopping or when my cat needs to go to the vet and I am having grab bars put in to my bathroom as I'm having issues lifting my legs over the side of the bath to have a shower as well as struggling to get onto and off of the loo. I have issues getting dressed and undressed, even putting deodorant on is a trial! All of that was ignored!! As for my depression, I spend most of my time wishing I was dead and the rest flying into rages over tiny things that I've gotten obsessed over. Apparently, this wouldn't put me in danger at work, or anyone that I was around. It all amounts to my Mandatory Reconsideration being turned down flat once again, me being well groomed being rubbed in my face which I'm disgusted with. I fully intend to fight it as I know I'm in no fit state to be around people mentally and I'm also not physically fit to manage work either. My doctor is backing me all the way as I kind of figured what the outcome would be. She's going to write me a letter. I've explained to her how day by day, my chronic pain issues are worsening as is my depression and anxiety and this whole thing isn't helping at all. The whole thing is terrifying to me and I nearly burst into tears when I got the letter this morning. The DWP keep referring back to when I filled the form in back in August but I'm so much worse now. I told the assessor this but she seemed cold and disinterested. I'm at my wits end. I pretty much deal with all of this alone. All I have is my cat, Luna, and quite frankly, she's all that's stopping me doing something stupid.
  3. So I've been claiming wtc when I shouldn't and I am terrified and feel like a rabbit stuck in the headlights. I was claiming it legitimately, living with my parents, then I moved in with my partner for a year. After a year the relationship ended and I moved back home but have struggled to find work since due to various health issues, yet I've still claimed and it's just snowballed. To make matters worse I used to work for hmrc benefits about 5 years ago & had a breakdown due to the work which led to other health issues finally resulting in me losing my job about 5 years ago it's not like I didn't know what I was doing. In my head I thought I'd be claiming other benefits anyway so why switch? Pretty effin stupid right? God knows what I was thinking. I'm petrified about phoning them due to my experience with them but I know I have to. *Deep Breath* I should have stopped claiming about June/July 2013 and I estimate I owe roughly £11.5k. I'm scared that this admission will be traced but I have no one to talk to about it. I'm a terrible person, I am so ashamed and feel so guilty. I'm terrified that I'll get sent to prison, be made an example of because I worked there. My parents will disown me and I'll be the shame of the family. I'm the quiet reliable one who hates to disappoint anyone. My parents will be devastated. I live with them and hid it all this time. They think I'm on esa or jsa. My ex-partner had no idea either. I'm trying to better myself by going back to college to retrain because I can't do the job I'm already trained to do due to health, but as I was filling in my form I realised they liaise with DWP etc. so I'm bound to get found out. Please help & tell me what to do
  4. on new years eve ! i believe i will 'fail', infact im certain of it. this has left me full of dread. basically my problem is that i am very very anxious, everyday i can be vomit from once up to 6 times a day, its been shown not to be anything physical as i have had tests such as the camera down the throat. judging from what i have read about ATOS, they appear to find everyone fit for work. i would be interested to hear how they believe i would be able to hold down a fulltime job whilst vomiting at any moment. it annoys me so much, because i absolutely despise relying on the ESA money every week and im barely scraping through as it is. what can i possibly do to pass this medical ?
  5. Hello to you all. I am a newbie on this forum as well as in the world of labeled shoplifters. And I am utterly terrified. Two days ago I was in a Boots store inside one large shopping centre. Amongst few other things, I have purchased a tub of sun-cream for which I have paid £10.87 (special offer, reduced from £14.50). When I left the store I was stopped by a security guard who noticed that I was holding in my hand another tube of the same cream - tester - which I hadn't paid for. Now, I could (and i did!) go on forever how I totally forgot that I'd had it in my hand (as I was trying it on before deciding to purchase it) amongst other things like newspaper, a bottle of water, etc. - and this is the truth. However, the security would have none of it and had ignored all my appologies and pleads of innocence. Fair enough, after all I did walk out of the store with something I didn't pay for. However, on taking me into the designated room, despite my more than humble behaviour - I was petrified and on the verge of tears / passing out - I found the staff's behaviour rather cruel.They refused to believe me that the item in question was a tester suggesting that i took it out of the box. I didn't. I was also half-mocked by a female member of staff (the duty manager if I understood correctly) who kept saying how the police was coming to arrest me*. Furthermore, that same (and only) female member of staff wasn't present at all times as she went to the shop floor to check the price of the item. The second security guard (employed by the shopping centre rather than Boots) actually commented on it on entering the room. On her return the price of the unpaid for item was entered into a report as £15 - ok. almost the exact price before the special offer deduction. As the only means of identification I had on me were the Boots loyalty (!) card and my debit card, i gave both to the security guard who was noting down all the details provided on those. Did he have the right to do so? I was shocked when they took my picture (both Boots and the shopping centre security guy, one each) and was really given no opportunity to protest, but this seems to be the regular procedure when the premises are issuing you with a ban. Am I right? So, I was given a ban from Boots, and a three months ban from the shopping centre, both papers which I signed without objection. Perhaps I should've questioned everything they've asked me to sign / say, but at the time i was so mortified that I would've given them any information they wanted. Finally, I was given the Notice of Intended Civil Recovery and was informed that the RLP will contact me shortly and ask me to compensate for Boots' loses. I haven't slept or eaten properly since, as I am horrified that: a) my husband will find out. I feel so ashamed that I'd rather sink into the ground - we are about to go on holidays and he works so hard I really don't want to ruin his long-deserved break; b) the letter from RLP will arrive with request for payment much higher than the value of the item in question. I am a new mother who, due to prohibitive cost of childcare, couldn't return to work. c) the RLP letter will arrive in my absence, and the demand for payment will be progressively increasing, as well as the sum of money. d) as I will be away for nearly two months (visiting family), the amassing letters will arouse suspicion in my husband. Do they look rather inconspicuous, or..? e) impending pollice, court orders, baylifs etc. are to come. That would kill me and destroy my family. I would be very grateful for all your answers / help. ps. also, does a ban from Boots mean that as soon as I enter any store I will be recognised? And is this permanent? Should I phone the store manager and appologise? *police were never called
  6. My husband has been disabled with mental health difficulties most of his life. 20+ years ago he had an industrial accident and was unable to work. he had been receiving Incapacity Benefit, he was then moved to income based income support. He receives DLA at higher rate mobility and middle rate of care. He continued to receive these allowances until he was moved on to contribution based ESA and was told he needed to start sending in sick notes from his doctor, which he did. He was called to an ATOS medical and told he was fit for work, one breakdown later and we appealed. His money was initially stopped but then re-instated with a drop of £160 a month! In total we received carers allowance for me: industrial injuries benefit for him: DLA for me (I have fibromyalgia) and DLA for him, as well as his new amount of ESA, providing he sent in sick notes. On the 21st Dec 2012 we went to appeal and won! From nil points he was awarded 36 points and we were told by the judge "You have won, they shoould leave you alone now for two years" We were so relieved. His money was stopped again after the appeal though with no explanation. I have to add that during this whole process we have not recieved one letter from the DWP. Yesterday he was told that his money would be back dated and he would be getting £82 a week. This morning he received a letter syaing his contribution based ESA had run out and he would get £0.00! now we're frantic, we have nothing accept carers allowance, DLA and IIB and don't know where to turn. Our housing benefit has also been stopped, what do we do?
  7. I just out of the blue received a letter from a Compliance Officer asking me to attend an interview about my benefits at the Job Centre. Does this mean they suspect me of fraud? I have no partner or family, keep myself to myself and nobody even knows I'm on benefits so it seems unlikely anyone would have "reported" me. I applied for ESA in 2009 for serious mental health problems. I had Atos medical, got some points but not enough. I appealed, won my appeal and got put into Work Related ESA Group in July 2010. Since then I've not heard a thing, never been invited to any Work Related interview, never been called for a new medical. This in itself seems very unusual? I am also on DLA. My circumstances have not changed since the claim. What could this be about? Theres a so called direct line on the letter but Ive been calling all day and it's constantly engaged. The interview is not for over a month. I'm already in a complete state and I don't know how to cope. My mental health problems have incapacitated me and I use the benefit payments for psychotherapy and for keeping a roof over my head (paying my rent). I am terrified because the letter says something about they might suspend my benefit. If they did such a thing WHEN would it happen? Would it be without warning? How would I afford to eat and pay my rent? I called the DLA people and they have no idea what I am talking about. I called ESA and they also had no idea what I am talking about and said, "your claim is live and there is no end date."
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