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Found 18 results

  1. I've decided to post this in the Homelessness section, despite there being several issues at once and I need your advice, but mods, feel free to move this to a different section if necessary. My situation: - Just about to become 50 - Have lived in a terrible and dodgy guest house for 2.5 years. It wasn't dodgy and terrible when I went there - When I went there I had a job and a single room. Now I've been on the dole for some time (on and off) and I am forced to share a room with other people. - New people and new staff have come through the years and they have brought... how ca
  2. Hello I wonder if anyone could help please? We purchased a 4 year old dog from a private seller and had her for a total of two and a half weeks. She was sold as being friendly and gentle and the owners assured us that, "She doesn't have a bad bone in her body and wouldn't hurt a fly". Since purchasing Lola, she was always very vocal when out on a lead and barked and pulled strongly towards other animals and at times also towards people, especially so when out with my girlfriend. We were in daily contact with the previous owners via text with regular updates on Lola and
  3. Good Evening Folks, Looking for some advice about whether or not I can actually get anything back from Samsung for their totally unacceptable customer service. To save me re-explaining to you guys, here is a copy of the email I have just sent to their complaints department. See what you think: Good Evening, I would like to make a formal complaint against the terrible customer service I have received. Around a month ago I contacted Samsung regarding a fault with my Galaxy Note 4 and the camera. The person I spoke to arranged for my phone to be picked up and repaired, I expressed
  4. The ABLE GROUP provide property maintenance services, ie glaziers, locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, drainage, gas, heating, pest control, etc. Please note however: If you need any such services, I suggest you look elsewhere. I have had the most horrendous experience with them and I hope my post helps others avoid going through the same horror story. Booked them to clear my house external drains, was quoted £114 to have them 4 drains unblocked. On the 7th of April, their Eng. came out, informed that the drains were now in good working order. My other half took his word for it
  5. hi there, I need some advice as I am now going out of my mind. On Thursday 14th January 2016 I took out a contract with Vodafone pay monthly for an iPhone 6s in Rose Gold 16gb I received an order acknowledgement but no further information. I then called on 15th January 2016 to find out what was going on with the order. After being passed around at least 6 different departments and often without being told and just being put on hold I got through to a very helpful sales advisor. This advisor took it upon himself to cancel my original order placed on the 14th and place a new order wi
  6. I had a breakdown in May 2014 after working for 12 years without a break I am sufferring from severe anxiety disorder, have panic attacks, at times agraphobia. I also suffer from back problems after a double slipped disc some time ago. I have received CBT, Intensive CBT and been referred to a psycologist as i have intense problems sleeping and had a number of suicide attempts which I am glad wernt successful. (although at times i wish they were) I was signed on to ESA by my doctor in May 2014 and as of yet, even tho i have telephoned, i have not had my WCA from ATOS
  7. Okay, for about 6 months or so there is constantly maintenance work happening with the service and the 3G service is usually about 0.2mbps which is terrible. I was on the webchat again today for what is about the millionth time since joining in January (exaggeration maybe but you get the point ) Today, the advisor actually admitted there is a network problem with half of my postcode ; actually confused how half the postcode can get coverage yet the other half have issues. Nevertheless the advisor then offered a penalty free cancellation if I returned the device to them. The problem here b
  8. For the past 2 weeks the 3G on my phone has been way below 1mbps which is unacceptable. I've been on to vodafone several times who blamed the phone despite the 3G speeds being good elsewhere, the sim card to which they replaced it, then numerous masts not working correctly despite their live coverage checker saying everything was fine. Now I have been back on today and the advisor tried to sell me a Sure Signal box for £75 which I wasn't prepared to pay. The advisor later stated that " We can confirm that it is not fault at all, and there are no faults or anything reported in the ar
  9. i have currently been insured with hastings direct,i am in my second year with them and up until now never had a problem.... my issue has now come from me adding my partner to my insurance as a named driver,i did this in november last year. anyway on friday the 4th april,her car wouldnt start so she used mine,i must stipulate that it is very rare she uses mine,its only for emergencys,so on the m62/m60 to manchester in the smog/fog pollution that was around she lightly bumped a van in front in the fast lane but in very slow moving traffic,the highways agency came to move the car t
  10. I have recently published a blog post about a terrible experience endured by Amy Kewell at her local Sainsburys in Tonbridge. The fundamental issue with her experience is that it is very difficult to shop in a supermarket with children in a buggy. We are very keen to find a supermarket who are willing to develop a simple solution to make it easier for mums and dads with buggies. [weblink removed for consideration by site team]
  11. Default Terrible Teen Debt Hi Guys, Need some help and guidance, I will be the first to admit I was stupid for doing this but I got involved with a bad circle of friends and ran up some debt with loans and credit cards. I buried my head in the sand and decided to stop paying these off. It all got a bit too much so I decided the best way out would be to start fresh and change my name which I did successfully via deedpol. I have recently received a CCJ on my old name for this debt it's been a long time since I stopped paying this off. I do not have a cl
  12. I am sure this has been said before, but am now in a bit of a battle with customer services. I will not bore everyone with the specifics (there are many pages of those), however I sold a phone for spares which was defective. The symptoms were explained extremely clearly in the description. A case was raised against me for an additional symptom one that was connected to the one I posted in the description that I was unaware of, however was, in my mind, directly connected (I stated the SIM was not being recognised, but 1 reboot of the phone in 50 odd would see the SIM, the buyer stated the
  13. Hey everyone! Really need your help! Last Thursday 6th June, I lostmy phone walking near my house and back. I immediately phoned Vodafoneinsurance to report the loss and make a claim. I rely heavily on my iPhone forwork so it’s a real struggle without it. I was told it would take 1 to 5working days to assess the claim but every time I call I’m advised they areawaiting third party info, however, nobody knows who from or how long it willtake. Vodafone are really unhelpful, and theymake you feel like a criminal when you call. One guy asked me what I waswearing so that he can check
  14. Have been trying to deal with Vodafone over the last few weeks on two issues and their customer service has hit new lows. I work in London and Brighton - first issue is for the last month there's been no vodafone coverage in the bn1 area of brighton due to a fault that has no time scale to be fixed. When you start looking into it, VF customer service send you round the departments, each one making you carry out pointless and time consuming diy tech support. Eventually you find everyone else on a network forum with the same problem, then on going back to VF they say they can't fix i
  15. I purchased a cooker from Currys online and received 2 emails confirming the delivery date as 15/3. My o/h rang them in the week, to confirm time of delivery, and was told they would contact us nearer the time, or we could track it online. I dutifully booked the day off of work and arranged for a qualified gas fitter to come out. At 4.30 14/3 I got a phone call from a really rude woman at the manufacturers telling me that the cooker was out of stock, they didn't know when it would be back in, and it was all my fault because I didn't ring her to check!!! I rang Currys and asked what was going
  16. I wanted to purchase an Apple laptop and the sales person sold the benefits of the apple warranty and after care so I agreed to purchase that along with a dslr camera,total cost £1700. This took far to long to process for a start only to get all the way through for their till to take the money from my account and then reverse the payment because the serial number didn't match Apples records. The assistant tried again, this time the payment was declined because they had already taken the money which takes between 7-10 working days to go back on my card. A further hour talking to my
  17. Hi, My mother has been having trouble with Talk Talk and just want to see if there are any grounds to claim back what she has paid. About a year ago, we signed up for a year membership for phone and it included free broadband. My mother admittedly got in to a bit of trouble and got behind on her payments and since around March earlier this year they have been less than helpful. They have basically made her pay the arrears but have not provided the service. She basically has paid them a few hundred pounds and we have not had a phone or internet service since March 2012. She tried to s
  18. Hi all and I am sorry if I am posting in the wrong place I will try to condense the information has not to ramble. I worked in an admin post that was well paid and a decent pension for 12 years. My mother had set up her own business with her partner a couple of years earlier. In 2010 her partner left her and she begged me to leave my job and work for her doing the admin has she could not do the work. In July 2011 she met another bloke, moved him in and went on holiday with him leaving me in charge to run the business for two weeks. I worked long hours but I did very well doing
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