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Found 12 results

  1. repA_09626739_513-061645-13519104_1.pdfAnyone have any experience with this company? Company Number: 09626739 Date of Incorporation:06/06/2015 Company Name: ASSURED SUPPORT LTD Registered Ofce: SUITE 10 THE GLOBE CENTRE ST JAMES SQUARE ACCRINGTON LANCASHIRE ENGLAND BB5 0RE Company Type: Private Limited Company Country of Origin: United Kingdom Status: Active Nature Of Business (SIC): 82990 - Other business support service activities Seems to have been involved in a string of companies - about 19 of them - almost all of which were dissolved after a very short time. https://www.endole.co.uk/profile/8731695/oliver-richard-tennant Also often with Helen Lousie Wood https://www.endole.co.uk/profile/15177342/helen-lousie-wood Lots of overdue accounts and returns At least one outstanding charge - https://www.endole.co.uk/company/08912889/assured-nw-ltd?page=charges
  2. Basically me and my brother have been renting together a few years, made financial sense and we get on well. It is through an agent. He has since had a child(hes not with the mother but they get on) and he has been on the housing association list for a while as he wants to be able to have his son staying over etc. He's over every weekend anyway but stays at my dads. Last week he was accepted for a 2 bedroom flat with the housing association and is going to accept it so will wish to leave shortly. This leaves me in a tricky situation as I would like to stay here, it is his name on the tennancy and he obviously cant stay on it. The reason we went with his name was that I had a lot of recentish adverse credit + was self employed(this was over 5 years ago). I am still self employed and still have some adverse credit but its at the back end of the 6 years, some have already dropped off. The only recent things I have are an ee account which is spotless for 3 years. I believe they probably didnt even check me in any way. I do deal with the agents as much as my brother though if not more + pay half of the rent from my bank. Does anyone know what might happen in such a situation?,we are I believe here till October ie they charge £100 or so renewal fee(excessive I know). I know I can afford to keep the place on my own but again with the knowledge of how agents work I have a feeling I might have to go through all the application etc again. More £££, risk of credit fail and dificulty proving income again. Part of me thinks surely they could swap the names in the knowledge weve always paid without issue and in 5 years only had a washing machine repaired, bathroom floor replaced(due to damp) and a toilet flusher so we are low maintenance. I do know the landlord as he is a friend of my dads if that makes any difference. I presume its in their interest to keep me in as long as the rents flowing, + they still have the deposit + rent advance. I was thinking of maybe saying see where we are in October when the "renewal" comes up. Any views would be appreicated.
  3. Edit....Sorry title should read: Removing one tenant from an agreement where violence and abuse is. I'm asking this question for a friend. A friend of my daughter is having to move out of a property that is in joint names with her husband, she has contacted the housing association (Sanctuary housing Shropshire) who have told her the only way she can get her name removed from the tenancy is to get her husband to sign and agree, well this can't happen as she is leaving because of violence and abuse towards her. She has already secured another private property for her and her children which her husband doesn't know about yet so can anyone tell me what she can do because there is no possibility of her husband signing to release her from the tenancy.
  4. Hi, Just received "the letter from Capital regarding and their form 'single person discount review", 14 days to reply etc. This has plenty of info available of which i've done abit of research inc this forum etc. I've read how the system works, how some people have commented on how they twist words on such forms and the scare tactics the use, how the operate, how they profit etc. Although the c/tax to the property still has only one adult occupant, it is now filled by one adult tenant as ive rented my place out (now an overseas l/lord but i've always paid the c/tax on time, no arrears etc is involved in this post). Ive paid the c/tax as part of the agreement with the tenant. I realise my mistake but what is the best way to go about it ? i guess id like to do abit more homework before contacting/having conversations regarding this matter with such parties, hence my post here. 1.Contact my local council directly, inform them of the change/mistake etc ( i understand now the rules regarding the tenant is responsible for c/tax except if property is HIMO - house in multiple occupancy etc. Ask them what the next step is. 2. Deal with Capital - ive read all the negative info around and really dont wanna deal with these guys. Im wondering if its mainly a technical aspect with regard to the persons name in question, meaning the c/tax is paid and upto date on this property, update of info, maybe a small fine etc? From what i understand, if Capital do not receive the completed form they send out, they'll cancel my one person discount. This would seem a small price to pay compared to dealing with such a company from what ive read ! I realise ive still got to set the record straight.......hopefully not using these guys. I was reading these topics, as a matter of research/interest, ( i can ony hyperlink tafter ive made 10 posts) - search "consumeractiongroup forum show thread single persons discount review and capita" And some kind of related info here but abit off topic - search info council tax single persons discount review experian equifax one comment in these threads stood out - It is not even a civil penalty, leave alone an offence not to declare a person who lives in their household, so you can see that Capita are probably assuming that people are frauds in cases where there is no actusreus and no mens rea. any info would be great.
  5. Hi. Cut a bad story short,,,Tenant never paid rent for 6 month then left property overnight leaving a trail of destruction for my mate to resolve, now my mate has collection agy chasing him for unpaid gas and electric? they say he is responsible? Who is right and who must pay ? Thank you
  6. Hello, This is my first post and I'm so grateful to have found this site and really hoping that someone may be able to help me. I have been asked to attend an Interview Under Caution on Monday and need to prepare myself. My story is that last year I was living in rented accommodation that I could no longer afford so was looking for a private tenancy for myself and young daughter. My neighbour who was a friend offered to rent me two bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and shared kitchen. I gladly accepted and moved in on the 1st March 2013. I was working 23 hours at the time and received WTC, CTC, CB and HB. I notified them of my move and completed a tenancy agreement with my local authority stating what I received for my rent etc. In October 2013, I left my job to pursue further training in which I am in the assessment stages and hope to be qualified and working by late Summer. I declared myself self-employed from 1st January 2014 and notified both HMRC and LA. The relationship between myself and my landlord developed over late last year and his divorce was finalised in December 2013. I have to attend the interview as they believe I am living with my partner. My question is, what defines a couple? I pay rent to him every month and I pay for everything with regards to my daughter, groceries, my debts, car etc myself. He does not support me in anyway financially. So what are we doing wrong in the eyes of the law?? I am so confused and unsure what they are going to ask and present to me as evidence?? Please help!
  7. A few years ago i rented my house to my brother who claims help with his rent.. Throughout the tenancy the council have messed about with the rent, and so i have been thoroughly messed about, but as it was my brother i did not force the issue. if it had been another landlord he would have been given his notice a long time ago. I complied with all the paperwork and issued him with a tenancy agreement and even though he did not pay me a deposit i put on the tenancy agreement that he had paid a deposit, because he thought the council may have been suspicious. The house is now going up for sale and we are trying to get my brother a council house. I have served him with a S21 notice which expires in about a week. My brother went to see the council who told him not to move out when the notice expires, they told him if he does move out he will not get any where to live. They sent me a letter telling me that i would have to apply for a court order to get the tenant out. This make me so angry, when they have messed about all through the tenancy. I have looked on line at the forms i need to fill in for an accelerated possession order but what i am concerned about is the deposit thing. It asks if a deposit has been taken and then asks for the Tds number, but as i said before i never took a deposit from him. Any ideas on how this will go and how to proceed. Many thanks
  8. I had granted a AST tenancy for 6 moths to a tenant. This was for all house and only one tenant.tenant stayed at property for 9 months (3 months periodic tenancy).tenant vanished and did not inform me or returned keys. I was unable to make contact with tenant, tenants mobile diverted to answer service. I have issued a s21 notice and upon expiry will seek in courts for a possession order. now the local authority are trying to bill me the council tax from the end of 6 month tenancy, i explained to them that until possession of property has taken place, liability is still with tenant is the council right to bill me for the tax or does the liability fall once the court order is made and possession is made?
  9. Not exactly a problem with British gas but have been getting bills for the previous Tennant which I keep sending back as not at this address. Got something from them today saying sorry for writing to you about ×××××× xxxxxxxx we will write tom them at their new address which is HMP xxxxxxxx Surely they have broken some data protection here by giving me this information???
  10. Hi all, My friend is in rather a awful fix. I helped her move into a new room within a houseshare last week, and when I arrived the room, and indeed the entire house was filthy. Ashtrays everywhere, stank of stale smoke and the room itself was in a state. Distressed, she broke down into tears and clearly I decided I would put her up at mine and help her find something else. The apartment was clean during her viewing, and nothing like the state it was in when we arrived. Prior to the move in, she paid £500 to secure the room. The room was advertised via an estate agency. The room itself was let by someone who is already a tenant of the property (therefore a sublet) without the consent of the landlord. No agreement was at any point signed. The landlord is apparently furious she has tried to do this and is taking her to court for unpaid rent already. The landlord and agency have both contacted the current tenant to return the money who initially returned £200 of the money and has since refused to return the rest stating that she has 'spoken to citizens advice bureau and she is within her right to keep the money'. My question is, having not stayed or even moved into the room, are we not entitled the full amount back? Has she contravened one or several laws by not having a contract, not putting a deposit into a government scheme and also for subletting a room without the landlords consent? I am at a loss to help her, and I know there are some incredibly knowledgeable people on this forum and am turning to you all for help. I have read through some similar posts and it seems the only option is to recover via the Small Claims Court, but I would love some advice on if I should report this to the police as theft, or can I claim interest on the amount owed (I have read 8% APR calculated daily on the amount owed?). I have read that if a landlord does not enter a deposit into a scheme then as per the law introduced in April 2007 we are entitled to 10x the deposit back. Not sure if this stands however as no contract was signed...). The agency have tried to help as best they can but now all calls and letters are being ignored. They are happy to provide logs of emails and provide a statement to support our case. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance
  11. My mother is a council tennant (Scotland) and reprted a damp problem 12 weeks ago. No one from the council knew where the damp was coming from and was guess work as to where the damp was coming from. I called out a builder (friend) who lifted the floor and was able to tell us exactly what the problem was, so we spoke to the council and weeks later they sent out a worker to break up a screed and install a damp proof membrane and re-screed. .........But the council worker basically broke up the screed and put a new one down without a membrane. An inspector came out to the house and agreed that the repair was not done properly and that it would be re-done. They were supposed to start on friday but never turned up, no-one on monday either and no one today so we got the builder to rip it all up again and do it properly this afternoon. We took pictures of the whole process and plan to claim to the council as this is now on the 12th week since reporting it plus the fire had to be removed as well so been without a fire also ( although she does also have central heating) With a quick search on the web it states that a repair can be done using a contractor on the councils list, but the worker they sent in the first place was a sub contractor. Our builder has stated that he would price the job at £260. Main thing is that its fixed but I know the council will not budge. Does anyone know how else to handle this. I also plan to complain to the ombudsman (for local authority councils) Thanks
  12. Afternoon,This website has been very useful to me in the past so here it goes.Just moved from place A to place B. I was paying rent for 6 months to a tenant who I lived with and soon reliased the contract i signed was not a contract but a sub contract he created and the real house! contract was in his name and giving himself a favourable rent cost (thats not the issue). What is this issue is we have now moved and this person has still got our money as he was no where to be seen the last few days.He now wants to meet up to discuss the deposit. He refuses to state the amount or give a breakdown ... meaning he has a different amount than what we have in mind LESS. What can I do to protect the money......Can I in any way. I have the receipt of the original deposit.Thanks.
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