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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All My parents have a BT telegraph pole in their back garden. It was there when they bought the place in the early 80s and may have been there since the original build in the 50s. Apart from being a bit of an eyesore it hasn't caused any real problems. Now they have received a letter informing them the pole has been recorded as faulty and in an unsafe condition and will be renewed 'in or close to it's current location' within 6 weeks. The unsafe condition part has me slightly puzzled. Only my parents or their neighbours can get close enough to this pole to note any deterioration and neither has contacted anyone about the pole. It appears as solid as it ever did and does not even seem to wobble in high winds. The cynic in me suspects it may have something to do with upgrading to fibre for BT infinity. I'm concerned as it's difficult to see how they will achieve this without causing substantial damage. The pole sits on the boundary between my parents house and the neighbours so it will likely affect them too. I'm planning to speak to them and show them the letter as I don't want them to think that my parents have instigated this. Obviously we would prefer the new pole to be sited elsewhere. I know they're not keen to move these things normally but as they've stated this one needs replaced anyway perhaps that will help. It wouldn't need to move far to be beyond the property line. My parents aren't aware of a wayleave on the property. About 20 years ago they were having some work done on the house and contacted BT to remove a large bracket attached to the rear wall which they did without complaint and without attempting to charge for the work. I'm planning to photograph the garden extensively to show it's condition prior to work commencing. I would be very grateful for any advice as to what our rights are. We are in Glasgow in case Scots law applys differently to situations like this.
  2. The Co-operative Bank has been fined £113,300 for failing to handle complaints regarding payment protection insurance (PPI) properly. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/9780162/Co-op-Bank-fined-113000-for-mishandling-PPI-claims.html
  3. Just noticed this one so have popped over from the bailiff forum for a mo Link to an article that is telling RBS to cease using Charging Orders like confetti on low value debts: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/consumertips/banking/9795724/OFT-bars-RBS-debt-collecting-that-puts-homes-at-risk.html several comments basically saying the bailiffs should clean the houses of these debtors out and flog their chattels.
  4. There is an article in the Sunday Telegraph(Torygraph to some) about Wonga, and there seems to be an intimation in the comments that maybe their debt collection methods are dodgy: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/loans/9606570/Wonga-faces-questions-over-borrowing-by-children.html#disqus_thread Might be worth regulars taking a look.
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