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Found 3 results

  1. I made a complaint to the NHS against my dentist about the quality of his work concerning my crown. My crown fell out and I have it put back by my dentist but it remained in place only two days. The NHS replied to me asking me to fill a consent form and it told me that it will send my complaint to the dental practice and that I will receive a reply within 40 working days. I would like to know what to do so that the NHS examine my teeth and my crown to prove that the work of my dentist was no good. Evidence is needed otherwise the dental practice could simply deny the accusation. The issue is that if we wait 40 working days to examine my teeth and my crown the evidence on my teeth and my crown can disappear for example if my dentist did not put properly the glue on my teeth and my crown or put too much glue or too little. Moreover I will have to remain 40 working days without having my crown put back
  2. twinkle1234

    Teeth Implants

    A few years ago, I had a bad Seizure, While I was out Which resulted in the loss of, 3 Bottom Teeth, And Crack 2 Top Teeth, My Epilepsy causes me to have Grand Mals, Which have been quite bad at times, This time being one of them. Sometimes I've no memory of up to 2 weeks before it, When I went to the Dentist , He said a Pallet wasn't an option, Due to the danger of possibly having a Grand Mal while wearing it, And it becoming stuck in my throat, Which i knew anyway, because i'd almost swallowed my tongue and hurt it quite bad in the past. So A Temporary Bridge and Caps were the first to try, Over about a year I felt it loosening the teeth either side of it, So now Basically, What teeth I have left are knackered, The Only Option U Have Is Implants. Which I Know at the price they are , I'll Never Be Able to Afford, This Made Me Paranoid, I Suffer With Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Which Became Worse. Never going out anywhere incase anyone saw me. And Very Depressed, I Wont have my pictures taken, I hate how i look to people My GP came to my home last year,And said that she was Referring me on Medical Grounds, To get the treatment needed at The Dental Hospital We Looked Up The Reasons Why You Would Be Refared For The Implants On NHS, The Reasons Being..... 1. Missing More Than Half Of Teeth On "EITHER", Your Top Or Bottom Jaw.. 2. Missing Over Half Your Teeth Before The Age Of 40 3. It Can Be Confirmed In Writing That All Other Methods Had Been Tried To Fix The Problem, 4. Or If It's Proved To Be Having An Affect To My Health And Living On A Day To Day Basis And Continue To Do So If Left As They Are I Don't Just Come Under 1..I Come Under All 4 Of Them, I'm Not Only Missing A Few On The Top Or Bottom Of My Mouth, I've Been Missing Almost All Of Them, By The Time I Was 38. I Can't Wear Removables, Through Risk Of Choking I Just want to be able to talk without covering my face, Smile on a picture with my daughter,Go up to her school, Things what are normal everyday things to other people, But things i cant do When I went to The Dental Hospital, The Dentist wasn't nice at all. He said, I Wasn't Suitable for Implants, Because I Hadn't Had Cancer Of The Mouth, Or Had Suffered Severe Trauma, Due To Being In An Accident ., That's were I'm stuck at , It was My GP s First Time Dealing With Dentists, She Also Was Shocked That Medical Issues Meant Nothing When It Came To Treatments And Dentists, She said whatever she can do, She will do Has Anyone Any Information Of Other Ways To Go About This Please ?
  3. Ahhh. . . our old friends Welcome Financial Services ltd get £150,000 fine. . . Organisations are learning the hard way of the consequences of mishandling people’s information – and others need to heed the lessons the Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, warned today at the launch of the ICO’s 2011/12 annual report. The Commissioner’s comments came as the ICO imposed a civil monetary penalty (CMP) of £150,000 on the consumer lender, Welcome Financial Services Limited (WFSL), after the loss of more than half a million customers’ details. Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, said: “Over the past year the ICO has bared its teeth and has taken effective action to punish organisations many of which have shown a cavalier attitude to looking after people’s personal information. “This year we have seen some truly shocking examples, with sensitive personal information, including health records and court documents, being lost or misplaced, causing considerable distress to those concerned. This is not acceptable and today’s penalty shows just how much information can be lost if organisations don’t keep people’s details secure. “We hope these penalties send a clear message to both the public and private sectors that they cannot afford to fail when it comes to handling people’s data correctly.” Today’s penalty was issued after WFSL’s Shopacheck business lost two back up tapes which contained the names, addresses and telephone numbers of their customers in November last year. The tapes have never been recovered. This latest penalty means that, since being given the power to issue CMPs from 6 April 2010, the ICO has issued 21 penalty notices, bringing the total value of the penalties issued by the ICO to over £2 million. “It’s a case of ‘wake up and smell the CMP,” the Commissioner said. While figures from today’s annual report show a 0.3% drop in the number of data protection complaints received by the ICO - with 12,985 complaints made last year – the report highlights the public’s growing concerns about unsolicited marketing calls and texts. During the last financial year the ICO saw a 43% rise in the number of complaints under the Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations (PECR) – which govern electronic marketing - with 7,095 complaints received. Commenting on these latest figures, the Information Commissioner said: “Last year the ICO gained tough new powers to tackle unsolicited marketing calls and texts, including the power to impose a penalty of up to £500,000 on the worst offenders. “We have now set up a dedicated team to enforce the Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations and we are currently working to identify the operators responsible. The ICO has executed search warrants at a number of sites across the UK linked to companies we believe are breaking the law. “We have also set up an online reporting mechanism on our website that allows people to report any marketing texts or calls from unidentified senders. We have received over 12,000 reports to date and we are confident that this work will help us identify those responsible.” The ICO has also witnessed a 7% rise in the number of Freedom of Information complaints, with 4,633 complaints received during 2011/12. Despite this increase in the ICO’s workload and despite cuts in government grant-in-aid, the ICO has reduced by 66% the number of FOI cases that have been with the office for longer than 6 months. The number of data protection cases taking over six months to complete has also fallen by 82%. “Our work resolving freedom of information requests has also increased. As budgets tighten and public spending comes under even greater scrutiny, public authorities must remain transparent and accountable if they are to retain the trust of the public they serve,” the Commissioner said. Meanwhile, figures from today’s annual report show a 60% increase in the number of audits carried out by the ICO Good Practice team. Of the 42 organisations audited, 90% felt that the process raised awareness of the importance of data protection in their organisations, showing that that the ICO’s audits are bringing real information rights benefits to those that take part. The ICO is extending its audits to cover public authorities’ compliance with the Freedom of Information Act and has also introduced advisory visits to help small and medium sized organisations. Link: http://www.ico.gov.uk/news/latest_news/2012/ico-shows-its-teeth-as-the-public-concern-over-illegal-marketing-calls-grows-05072012.aspx
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