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Found 8 results

  1. Can a EU citizen that has been away from the UK for some time claim Working Tax Credits, and if so can he claim from day one? On the Gov.uk site there's only mention of 3 months wait for Child Tax Credits, not Working Tax Credits.
  2. Hi there, I've been stupidly careless and am now desperately worried about renewing our tax credits for the current year! I called TC back in August to let them know that I'd given up my office job to become f-t self-employed and that my twin daughters had stopped going to nursery. I gave them my new estimated income for the year which was a lot lower than previously due to being a fairly new business etc. Shortly after, our payments went up by quite a lot which I presumed was due to our change in circumstances. I'm now going through all the paperwork to complete our renewal for this year and seen that they'd set my husbands salary to £0, instead of the £20k I notified them of! I glanced over the award notice when it came at the time, but didn't notice the error All this means that the tax credits we've been receiving have been based solely on my salary and estimated income from self-employment i.e. only about £5k!! I received a letter from B&C Compliance Operations saying they were doing a random check on childcare which is fine and correct, but I also need to complete my annual declaration by 28 June which is now obviously going to be much higher than what our actual earnings were. I'm worried sick about what all this is going to mean. I'm struggling a bit with my business at the moment due to my daughters' change in sleep/behaviour and being on a long waiting list for council childcare. I should hopefully get a place for them come August which will mean my ability to earn will increase, but meanwhile I am paying my share of the bills out of my tax credits payments. I accept that I'll need to pay back the overpayment, but am scared that all payments will be stopped until it's all paid back. I'm expecting our earnings for the current year to be around £23k combined. Anyway, after that long rambling post, please can anyone give me a likely indication to the outcome of all this? Has this happened to anyone before? I see that TC get round mistakes they've made by saying that we should check their work so I'm guessing I won't be able to argue it at all? In short, PLEASE HELP ME I'm so scared!!
  3. Hi..I wonder if anyone can give me some advice. I am a single gay male who has been claiming Working Tax Credits since 2009.Currently and throughout the period,I am in shared accommodation.When my claim was first awarded,I was living in a shared house with 5 others.This had to close down and as I could not afford my own place it was suggested that I could maybe flat share with someone and share bills.Several of us looked into it and I decided to move into the cheapest form of accommodation available,a 1 bedroom place(2 beds are way out of my budget) that could be used as two bedsits.ie the living area now becomes a bedroom.Many people I know are doing this as it is cheaper than a larger house share which also asks for a share of bills. I informed the TC office that I had moved(which I have always done)and all was fine until last week I received a letter from the Tax Compliance Office asking for details of my Self-Employment.I sent these off and got a letter back stating they were satisfied with the documents etc which were returned.Now I have recieved another letter saying that I will need to phone them to discuss 'Household,work and income details'.As I have already given the work and income details this must refer to 'household'. As far as I am concerned my circumstances have not changed.I still have my own room,am single and in a flat-share as opposed to a house share.The other occupier is a woman(who was also in the house share) so my concern is that they may suggest we are a 'couple' of some sort even though we have completely seperate lives having only the share of bills/rent in common. I read somewhere that you should not speak to these people before seeking legal advice.Before I do-even though I dont feel I have anything to hide,has anyone any advice?I may be worrying for nothing but Im concerned.
  4. I have recently came out of a year's employment, and made a claim for contribution based jobseekers allowance, since my partner is working. Unfortunately, i was disallowed this as i had not paid enough contributions, and my partner is not allowed any working tax credits as she earns £23000 per year. Is there any other help we may be entitled to, as at the time being we cannot afford to live, being £80 short on the monthly bills, before food shopping.
  5. Hello What a great place this is. Loads of good - invaluable - information, in lots of areas. I would be v. grateful if anyone knows the answer to my query about the kind of information that is held on the DWP's system, the Customer Information System. Particularly if any ex-benefits officers or similar are able to respond (I say this having noticed there are some on this forum!). Basically, I am looking to make a tax credits claim. I understand that HMRC tax credits information gets put on the Customer Information System. This means that Local Authorities get given the tax credits information. This is no problem for me on its own - I just wonder if *more* than tax credits information gets put on the CIS after you make your tax credits claim. Do your tax details (ie details of income and tax paid) get put on CIS also? Again, not a problem per se, it's just I don't like the idea of all my personal details like, other stuff beyond the simple tax credits information (award level, date starts, when it's going on to etc) going on the CIS. Does income and tax paid, then, go on to CIS? And if I make a tax credits claim now, do details of my income and tax paid for any previous years also go on to CIS? Additionally, what exact details of my housing benefit claim go on to CIS (if I make one)? Is it just a 'flag' to show I am claiming or is the amount on there as well? I remember claiming JSA once, a fair time back, and although I didn't think CIS was supposed to have the amount of housing benefit per week on it, I could see that it did have, so the person I was signing on with every fortnight could see how much housing benefit I was getting. That's fine I suppose (again there's no problem, per se - it's just, is that the way the system is supposed to or does work (maybe it was a fluke in my case), if so I would like to know about it as it is all to do with my personal information, and who has access to it. Sounds in theory like CIS doesn't have the amount of HB on it, only that you are claiming (though they can find out if they wanted to, anyone looking at CIS); and that it records tax credits details but not other details on people's tax returns; and that HMRC people aren't supposed to be able to look at CIS without applying for special access/permission (which LA people also need although in practice this is given routinely). No doubt I ought to stop fussing about the way my information could be spreading around beyond this 'way things are supposed to work' picture...but anyway it would be good to know whether this picture is correct in its details, of the way things are supposed to work. Anyone especially any experts on here?! many thanks in advance, much appreciated. Best regards Jimmy Richardson
  6. Hi everyone! I'm new to this, I've been searching on the Internet about something terrible that I have done and I seen this site come up, I don't expect any trouble from anyone as I am so ashamed of myself and I know that I done this to myself but I was on maternity leave until aug of last year, when I was going back to work I decided to put my kids into childcare. The day I was due to go back to work my eldest son woke up with the chicken pox and so neither of my kids could go to the childcare provider. I countined to claim that my kids were in childcare, I thought that they would have been going back once they were well, my youngest son then also got the pox, and after that he got very I'll and was in hospital, he was sick for what seemed like ages, due to me not working I fell behind on some of my bills and started to use TNT tax credits to pay for this, I knew it was wrong whe. I was doing it..... After a while I went back to work and I kept saying to myself I had to ring and tell them what I had done, but I was scared, I wish I had done it then as I am petriffed now. I let it continue and i was soo stupid to do this, but I can't stop thinkjng that I am going to go to jail? It's all I think about now and can't stop thinking about it. I renewed my tax credits and had written down the info from my p60 and renewed it in work. Lastsaturday I recieved a letter asking for the contract from the childcare provider and reciepts of what monies was paid. I don't know what to do, I know it is all my own fault but I am scared as to what will happen to me and my boys. Can someone please give me some advise as I really don't know where to turn to? Thanks
  7. HI, wonder if anyone can help. I my partner and I claim working tax credits and child tax credits for her son. I have two daughters wholive with their mum most of the time but stay with us most weekends, during the week at times and some holidays. My ex wife doesn't claim any tax credits as their income is too high. As I claim tax credits, could I claim child tax credits for my children? thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I have been out of week since September last year and my only income has been Tax Credits, I had a couple of £22 reserve fee's taken which I had forgotten about and since being on Tax credits I have not exceeded the money I had going in to my account but due to the original reserve fee's it has meant that I have been using my reserve every month without my knowledge due to the fact i knew the excact amount going in to my account and knew how much I could withdraw. My tax credits have dropped considerably and do not even cover the reserve amount let alone my overdraft now. Due to the first couple of reserve fee's the subsequent fee's since then have amounted to over £800 how do I stand in getting these charges refunded as I believe the Banks are not allowed to take charges from a benefit. Thanks
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