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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, am new to place, wish you all well. My problem happened weeks ago, the B Gas Revenue Protection Team lock pick in to my shop and took my meter away and said i am suspicious for Tampering their meter. The Meter was outside the shop front behind the counter table, when they come to get the meter reading, i always let them in straight away. What i had in mind was "Since i haven't done anything to the meter, it shouldn't be a problem with it anyway, if they want to check, let them do it." The reason they think i tampered the meter is because the gas usage in my shop is lower than the average usage around my shop. (My shop is new takeaway in the area, only opened less than 1 year so not many business going on, that's why the usage was lower than other shop.) BUT They come back today with the test results which said "The test results shows Diaphragm Has Not Been Tampered." but in their Conclusion it said "In My Opinion, The Meter Has Been Programmed Reverse." (They said there is some wearing in side the pinion this is why they think the meter has been reversed before. though i still have no idea how this works... how can a meter reverse and still working?) (I had been ask them if they know when the reverse happened, the Company who did the check said they don't know when it happened but the guy who brings the report said it happened after i took over the shop, no roughly information of month) and now they took my meter away and asking me to pay 5300 before they can reinstall the meter back if not they will call the police and bring me on court. i have called British Gas to ask what is really happening and why i got accused for it when i have no idea about it. but they always passed me through to the guy who took the meter away. I HAVE NOT done anything to the meter, and I CAN'T Afford to play 5000 now to get my business back on running... and the business is my only income... they stopped it now which means there is no way i can make 5000. I really need some advice of what i should do.... i don't want to take this blame since i actually haven't done anything to the meter. and now my only income, my business has been closed because of this....
  2. I bought a car from Car giant four days ago. On the way to home I noticed a knocking kind of noise from the engine. I believed it's a minor problem but I immediately booked an appointment with a SEAT service center for an inspection. They confirmed engine sound was due to lack of service and it will take 5-8 hrs to strip the engine and find the problem. They said most probably new engine may required. They also showed me next service due to date and mileage on the service book had been tampered. Actually I didn't noticed or believed that it had altered at the time of purchase. Next service date altered to 07-06-2016 from 07-06-2015. We can see this clearly, it has been altered by pen. No service been carried out in 2015. Had I seen there was a missed service I wouldn't have bought the car. Now due to this lack of service, engine appear to have damaged. Only one service been done from new (06-2012). I called to Cargiant today to return the car for a full refund. They said they want to inspect the car and fix the fault. Recovery has been booked. I told them I was sold the car with tampered service book hence I need the full refund of the car regardless of type of the engine fault. They said they cannot take the responsibility of the tampered service book because that's how they received it from the previous car owner. I believe this so un-fare to sell a car like this. I'm wondering what are my rights in this case. Can I request for a full refund just based on tampered service log book ? Thanks for your advise in advance
  3. Hi everyone, Here is a quick summary of my story. I moved to my property in late 2011. My gas and electricity are pre payment meters. After a year I thought it would be more convenient and cheaper to go on to a pay monthly meter so I called EDF to arrange it for me. They said it would be free of charge to change the meters and booked in both meters to be changed the same day. Long story short, the engineer popped up in the morning, had a look at the meter and said he couldn't get this fixed and would escalate the job to another engineer who would come and fix it. I said ok, as long as you change the meter today that's fine with me. He said they will come today to fix it. By the way, the gas engineer showed up, changed the meter and left in a jiffy, no problems. The engineer for the electric meter came and said the meter had been bridged from terminal 1 and 2 and other technical stuff. I said what does that all mean, and he said that I was only paying for the standing charge (Which is false as I have my bills and receipts). He would prepare a report and send it off to the revenue protection team who would then charge me for my unbilled usage AND the call out and labour of the engineer!! I called to let them know that several of EDF engineers visited my flat over the course of the year to read the meter and didnt they notice the problem? Plus I do not use electric alot at home so I wouldnt accept any estimate consumption. Also I didnt tamper with the meter, it could be the tenant before me since its a private property. I am not permanent at this address so why should I have to pay for someone elses dirty work. I also told them that if it werent for me wanting to change to a pay monthly meter, EDF would of never found out about this problem so you should be thanking me rather than trying to judge me. I am ok with paying any unbilled units if I have used them, that I am fine with but I do not accept any of the allegations and charges. I just think its unfair to pay for something which isnt my fault. Can anyone please advise me on what to do as I am stressing myself out. Thank you in advance. Sorry for the long text.
  4. I have what I believe to be a faulty or Tampered Electric metre and I really need some advice on how I raise this with Scotiish power. The reason I think it's fault or been tampered with is that since I moved into this new property as it was in Aug 2008, I have only generally used on average 6 units of Electric a day. My Tariff is online is NSC fixed online. I am fairly engery conscious and most of my appliances are A rated and only use energy saving light bulbs. I submitted a reading on Friday 21st Dec 2012 as I wanted a refund on my built up credit, however when I entered the reading which I though was high, it came back to say from 16th Oct to 21st dec 2012 I had used 3837 Units I nearly fell off my chair. Please Please can someone advise me on this ? I have already raised a dispute with Scottish Power but am concerned if I can't prove I didnt use it I will still have to pay the 400 bill
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