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Found 2 results

  1. hi to all im a new user on here and need some advice please! here is a brief description on the matter back in 2013 i signed up with talk talk for phone bb and tv services, after approx 3/4 weeks of no services i rang them up and told them i would like to cancel the contract as they had not provided me what im paying for. after numerous phone calls about the above issues talk talk said the contract would be cancelled and that would be the end of the matter there would be no charges due to early termination of contract etc. although i never received anything in writing from them i left it as the matter was delt with. fast forward to two days ago and i got a claim form from Moriarty law working on behalf of jc international acquisition. they are claiming £572 for non payment of agreement from talk talk I'm confused about this as i was under the impression it had been sorted years back!. i have sent a reply to the court with a acknowledgement of service i can get some information about this as i intend to fully dispute this. how do i get information about this old account ? any letters that was sent to me , phone calls ?? how do i file a defence for the court I'm confused by all the info on this if anybody could help id be so grateful many thanks for your help
  2. First of all my dad went into hospital seriously ill after he came out after 9 months obv the phone was cut off, So my dad rang up to get this put back on basically we had to get a new line which is understandable BUT what talk talk said is we maybe able to keep our old number if we contact BT, later on that evening i rang talk talk back up to be told this is not even possible at all. so obv i asked why the last agent gave false info they could not explain this so we left that at that. BUT an engineer came out on the 23rd and told us our number would not be the one on the leaflet we received in the post and gave us a different number. So we thought ok then 2 days later an engineer comes out again and tells us our number will be another different number! because something to do with the phone box down the road. This is where the fun starts the next day we realized we could only make calls and hen calling any of the two numbers we received the house phone would not ring but it was ringing on the phone which we was ringing off. So we rang up customer services to find out what the talk talk number was the first guy told me the first number we received which the engineer said was not, while he was on the phone i dialed that number and showed this did not work then he said "OH YOUR PHONE LINES INACTIVE WHEN IS YOUR GO LIVE DATE" so i explained to him this cant be inactive because im using it and the go live date was on the 23rd baring in mind this was the 26th, the next thing he said is ill put you through to someone who can help. The next thing i here is HELLO YOUR THROUGH TO SALES i explained the case to them and they did not no why he had put me through basically he just fobbed me off and could not tell me my number :S seems odd then SALES told me they will put me through to the right department which was then another random department and then they transfered me again to BROADBAND TECHNICAL HELP! as broadband technical help answered i asked for the spelling of the person who answered and explained i have been passed round everywhere and not happy to HAVE THE PHONE PUT DOWN ON ME AS SHE WAS SPELLING THE NAME OUT. so i rang customer services and they could not see the last agent due to they did not open the case. Now an engineer has been out again to tell us we have two line connected to this address and the fault was in the box down the road! and if we dont cancel one of the lines we will be billed for two lines. but im sure this is their fault not ours. ANY ADVICE WILL BE MUCH APPRECIATED OH AND IF ANYONE NEEDS ADVICE FOR CURRYS/DIXONS PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
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