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Found 7 results

  1. Apparently Falcon Management Services Ltd have had their membership of the Credit Services Association terminated.
  2. Need some advice so any input appreciated. Moved to Plusnet - both phone line and broadband on the understanding the transfer from my previous ISP would be simultaneous. Didn't happen that way. A router was meant to be despatched but never arrived. I made a phone call to discover it hadn't been despatched - so that eventually arrived late. Received an e-mail from Plusnet advising that the phone was active on the 3rd July and ADSL would follow later in the day. They were apologetic in their mail and advised a small credit (for the phone) would be applied. Not much use to me as I only use that line for ADSL. The ADSL was not enabled and for the rest of the day I had to hook up my smartphone to get on-line which is a bit hit and miss where I live. So on a couple of occasions, I had to visit town to get a decent signal to download a couple of important documents. Next day, 4th July still no ADSL. Got hold of someone at Plusnet who stated it was the fault of Openreach. They pushed a button or whatever and hey presto, suddenly ADSL arrives. So was it really the fault of Openreach. Elected to go with Fibre and received confirmation from Plusnet on the 18th July that this would be enabled on the 3rd August (tomorrow). If there were any problems then they would contact me within 7 days. Received a subsequent e-mail on the 30th July that my fibre was now going to be on the 6th, 7th or 10th August and a router would be despatched which I never ordered. I telephoned Plusnet to complain an was told it was the fault of Openreach - they had cancelled the appointment. Posted my displeasure on the Plusnet forum on the 30th July and at long last a representative of Plusnet admitted they had dropped the ball on this and no one had picked up the error. Also confirmed by them I would receive an e-mail and text on the 30th or the 31st July of the exact date. I simply cannot condone deliberate lies especially when a finger is pointed at another organisation who are totally innocent. Whatever my thoughts about Openreach may be they were the innocent party that were being accused. Nothing received so I managed to speak with Plusnet via their live chat this morning to be informed that fibre will now be enabled on the 11th August. No mention about any of the previous dates - these have now been lost. Complained that I had not received any communication to this effect - more apologies as I should have received notification. So where do I stand on this guys/gals. I feel like breaking the contract and walking away. Sure they will charge me for the remainder of the contract but I suppose I could always try and reclaim that in the small claims court. For a telecoms company they certainly fail when it comes to communicating. All of the Plusnet e-mails - all two of them - mention that if I break the date when Openreach are due to call then I will be charged. Apologies for the long post but really my whole experience in the short time I have been with Plusnet has been nothing short of a fiasco. Any input appreciated.
  3. Hi all I'm in a right mess and would be really grateful of any advice. I took out a mortgage 4 years ago for £42k but didn't have enough with just my wages so was advised by mortgage company to get my son to come on it with me. God how I wish I hadn't! Things changed so quickly about 16 months ago with me losing my job and my son moving away. After a long battle my home was finally repossessed last April and sold the month later for £45k. I had tried to sell it privately and the original valuation was for £70k but I dropped it a few times for quick sale but sadly no buyers. It was an interest only mortgage so nothing had actually been paid off the original debt. I've now had a letter from the solicitors of the mortgage company claiming there was a shortfall of £9,543.18p and enclosing a form for me and my son to fill in with regarding our income. Due to ill health I'm now claiming ESA and have no idea of my sons income. I'm renting from a housing association and have nothing. I'm at my wits end as my son knows nothing about this. I've also started getting letters from various debt collection agencies demanding payments on credit cards ect and not sure how they have managed to get my address as I haven't registered my name on the council registration form. I did speak to someone about going bankrupt but they said I can't do this as the court wouldn't accept it because I have more going out than I have coming in? Sorry for such a long post but I'm desperate and don't know where to turn.
  4. I originally posted these in another thread... mods please feel free to delete those posts now... HI all! I'm new to CAG, unfortunately i, like most others here i suppose, have an ongoing 'billing issue' with one of 'the big six' which i have been trying to resolve for the past few months.... This thread is absolutely fascinating and has certainly added to my knowledge which, again unfortunately, i have been put in the position of HAVING to acquire. I have had months of stress, guarantees, inaction, SERIOUSLY insulted by a call centre member of staff.. the list goes on!!!! I cannot post too many details presently as it is still ongoing and i am expecting contact from one of their staff next week some time to resolve the issue. I can say though that i have been given numerous assurances that this would be sorted out within 28 days and we're now about 4 months in...... the 28 day 'cutoff' period for complaints passed some time ago and when i informed a member of staff of this i was told 'oh we can have up to 56 days' to which i obviously responded 'well why do you state 28 then' and was met with a 'durrrh'???? I have overwhelming evidence to support my case in the form of VERY high quality recordings which make very interesting listening and when this is all dealt with i will look into some way of making these available, legal issues aside, to help others who may be in a similar situation. I would SERIOUSLY urge people to record ALL contact with these people as some of the responses i have had from the company in question have been quite hilarious and frankly delusional .... well they would be funny if it weren't such a HUGE amount of money involved... so i have been able to refer to those calls and am able to recall names, dates and the content of conversations verbatim... they have now realised this and the last contact i received from them was INCREDIBLY apologetic. Even IF the 'debt' is written off and i am 'compensated' i am not going to walk away from this....... i read a quote on another forum the other day from someone who has had/is still having the same issues with this company..... 'i've decided not to change companies, i'm going to be exactly the kind of customer XXXXX deserve'!!!!! I think the more of us that subscribe to that paradigm the better.... Time to bully the bullies don't you think?
  5. Hi can anyone help me before I get myself into trouble? I have a young colleague (21) that keeps snitching on me to our boss. I am finding this very irritating and would like to put in a complaint against her. For instance I recently called in sick due to a stomache upset that I had been sent home from work for. That morning I drove my son to school and she passed me in her car but did not acknowledge that she had seen me. By the time I got back home I had received a text from my boss requesting to know why I had called in sick if I could drive my son to school as this person had informed her. Then today our CEO sent an email informing the company that we had taken over another company and that it would manly affect our department. I addressed the email and then was told by every person in my department that they already knew is some shape or form, i then stated that I felt leftout and thought that I should have been informed if everyone else knew. Within half an hour of the tell tale colleague leaving my boss who was out of the office called me to say that she had received a call from the grass and why was I voicing my opinon about the take over and getting my knickers in a twist. I explain that the others had informed me that they all knew and that i simply said that I felt left out. Why did she feel the need to call my boss and am I right to want to put in a complaint because I feel that this may be happening more than I am aware of?
  6. Hi Last week i bought a Shogun from a private seller for the intent of useing it for work,I live 29 miles away from the place of work,{He did state that the car was very able to take me to work and back withnout any problems, Bought it last weekend, Insured it on the monday,used it on the monday night,Returning from work the car lost its power and would not drive above 35 mph blowing out lots of smoke ,a total of 65 miles altogether, I inform the seller who said he was a mechanic, He took the car back ,said he worked on it friday and cant fix it as he dont know whats up with it, He also said that the exaust had broken in 2 and he had weilded it back up,He also stated that as the car had not been used much and there would be a bit of rust on the discs ,I have since descovered that it is infact a warped disc I have left the car there and have asked for a refund,I have sent him a letter stating my case I feel i have been mis sold the car as its clearlly not fit for purpose am i right in thinking that as he has done some work on the car its his responsbilty to get it sorted ? The car has been mis sold due to fauilty brakes and do you think i have a good chance in the small claimes court ? Thanks in advance
  7. Having used KwikFit for the last 20 odd years I was a little too trusting today....I needed 2 new front tyres, looked up the price and it said this (and indeed I have just checked again and it is saying the same price below !!). Not only that but another very local tyre company were quoting the same price (online price from the other company WASN'T an internet offer either.... Fine I thought..... This is what KwikFit were stating on their web site Make Model Tyre Size Price Quantity Total Continental Premium Contact 2 215/55H18 £140.00 £280.00 Standard Valve £4.75 2 £9.50 Wheel Balancing £6.75 2 £13.50 Environmental Tyre Disposal £1.50 2 £3.00 Total £306.00 When arriving there the chap said i'll check your alignment too and it would take about an hour, I said ok fine..... I got back and he said it had all been done, it came to paying in the office, and he started showing me diagrams of my wheel alignment (which didn't mean a lot to me to be honest). He tapped the screen a few times and I could have sworn he said £409.....I paid and only AFTER I paid did he print off the receipt, slipped it in a nice KwikFit enevelope, and as I was in a rush to get back on my 4 hour journey into the snow I didn't check the bill...I get home a couple of hours ago and the receipt shows this Tyres 2 (exactly as named above) - £191 each x 2 = £382:00 WHEEL BALANCE x 2 @ £6.75 = £13:50 ECO TYRE DISPOSAL x 2 = £3:00 NITROGEN INFLATION x 2 @ £1:50 = £3:00 VALVE x 2 @ £4.75 = £9:50 CHECK & FRONT ADJUST = £39;95 REAR TOE ADJUST = £19:95 REAR CAMBER ADJUST = £19;95 TOTAL COST £490.85 an increase of way over 50% and not only have they 'inflated' (excuse the pun) the price of the tyres by £38 EACH they have the nerve to also add on all the extras too.... Needless to say I am more than a little peeved about this, I have never been ripped off like this before, especially so as you build up a certain amount of trust with a company like this after a number of years.... I will not be using this company again and will go to a local supplier, all I can say is get them to quote whilst you are there, if they ask about anything you aren't sure of then ask them how much it will cost.......otherwise stay well clear and support a smaller business.
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