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Found 22 results

  1. I wont list all the details but i used my husband season ticket today and got caught. I stated he was aware of me having his ticket but i only told him this as i was on the train in the morning and got caught on the return journey home. Wish i was not so honest telling the truth but there i am, i shoulg have never took his ticket. I dont think it would look good having made a false journey once already plus it is a season ticket, plus the owner was aware of this. As you advised, i will await for the letter from swt but sigh,, , dont really wanting to end a yea
  2. Hello, I don't have any questions, but I used this forum a lot to read similar cases to mine and as mine has been resolved today I thought I'd share my story as a source for anyone who has the same problems. I have had a gambling problem for a few years, which often leaves me short of money each month. Unfortunately, this led to me making the terrible decision to buy a zone 1-2 travelcard when I live in zone 6 as the station I go to doesn't have barriers. I often work late so I rarely get the train home (usually a cab paid for by the company I work for) and so I justified it to myse
  3. Hi All, Many thanks for reading this entry, if anyone has any advice just to settle me that would be ideal. I sent an email to the south west train customer service desk before the letter arrived but haven't heard back as of yet. The events were as follows I had been travelling to xxx from xxx late afternoon and proceeded to tap my contactless card at the entrance gates to xxx train station. The gates opened and my card was logged. I proceeded to take the train towards xxx and upon my arrival, attempted to leave the station by tapping my card out, I was unable t
  4. Back in July I bought a ticket at Richmond station (Zone 1-4 travelcard) and travelled into Waterloo I used the ticket to enter the platform (The barriers are 99% in use at the station and always at the time travelled i.e. 17.30). Once I arrived at Waterloo and upon getting to the barriers I realised I no longer had the ticket. I approached the attendant and explained the situation he then instructed me to see the Enforcement officer. Having been once bitten (not enough balance on my oyster on one occasion four years ago) I considered just using my oyster to go through but stupidly
  5. Good Morning All, I was up in London from 9/2/15-13/2/15 on a training course. I bought a car parking ticket at Salisbury station for the duration and put it up in the top corner of my windscreen. On the Wednesday I got back in the evening to Penalty Notice attached to my windscreen about 6 inches below the ticket. I wrote to CP Plus Ltd using the address given on their Notice (which helpful states that appeals can be sent in writing to that address). I attached copies of both my actual parking ticket and also the receipt from Salisbury clearing showing the validity purchase
  6. I had a weekly ticket, but forgot my photocard. My ticket was taken from me (still had 4 days left on it) and I was questioned by an RPI guy. Unfortunately, I have no recollection of what I said to him because being forced to stand on a crowded train platform caused me to have a panic attack. I think I was so desperate to get out of there that I just agreed to everything he said. A few months later I get a letter saying that I had 14 days to give my side of the story. I wrote back apologizing for my error and I also sent them the photocard. I have had panic attacks and chest pains ever s
  7. Hi All, In late November last year, I was stopped at London Waterloo, having walked through open turnstyles without a ticket. On 5th January this year I received a letter from SWT Prosecutions Department asking me to submit any mitigating factors to them within 14 days, which I did. Then a couple of weeks ago, a summons arrived, with 2 charges: 1) Did travel, or attempt to travel, upon a railway without having previously paid the fare and with the intention to avoid payment thereof, 2) Did contravene Byelaw No.9(2), in that you did without permission from an autho
  8. Hi In August of last year I was caught by an inspector on a train to Waterloo, with the wrong ticket. I had purchased a cheaper ticket that would not reach my destination, when I was questioned I panicked about the fine and initially gave a different address to my own. I then admitted this and signed the inspectors statement. I won't make excuses, it was the worst decision I have ever made and was something that has caused me great pain and regret since. All I can say is that I was travelling up to a temporary work placement for which I was not getting paid and was short of money at
  9. Hi All Looking for some advice / guidance please. Yesterday I received a letter from SWT Prosecution Department to attend an interview at Richmond Station next month under caution in accordance to the police and criminal evidence act 1984 in relation to use of my weekly rail ticket back in June. I have now been travelling from Shepperton to Wimbledon every week day. I had always paid the correct ticket. Sometimes daily ticket sometimes weekly or monthly depending on cash flow. 3 years ago my partner gave birth to twins, I stumbled on the fact that Hampton w
  10. Hi all, first post here but i was looking for some expert advice please. A few months ago i was traveling with a standard ticket on a packed South West Trains (SWT), i managed to squeeze on to the overcrowded train and was jammed in the vesting area between first and standard class. I had recently had surgery on my knee and it had been it was in the first few days after i was off crutches. It was extremely difficult and uncomfortable to stand for a long period of time in a packed vesting area. After waiting 15 minutes in extreme discomfort the next stop arrived and some further pas
  11. Hi all, I’ve spent some time looking at this site and it’s finally time to put forward our situation and get some advice from the helpful people on this forum. It’s very similar to the situation of Noveum and the current one of Sharris 100, but as ever slight variance on each situation I guess. My wife took my season ticket, without the photocard (no, it was not given to her, I must stress, I had been at home working that day and it was sitting on the side in the kitchen) on a one off occasion to go up to London. Needless to say she was caught on the way up to Lo
  12. Hello everyone - thank you in advance for any help you're able to give me. I have been sent a court summons for travelling without having previously paid the fare and with the intention to avoid payment. I would like some advice please because I do not think I am guilty, yet would prefer to pay than go to court. The situation is that last October I was travelling from London to commuter-land after work. It's not a journey I do at all regularly. I had a railcard for London zones 1-3 and as I was running slightly late for the train I asked the member of staff by the ticket barrier in L
  13. I’m hoping someone might be ableto help me..I have been sent a letter by SWT to attend a meeting I was stopped on the train a couple of months ago, having just boarded a train after touching in at a zone 5 station, I live one stop passed this station in zone 6 and had begun my journey there. I was asked where I had got on which I stated and asked to provide theticket forthe rest of my journey which I didn't have. I was suffering with an illness at the time and not 100% with it and I now have a couple of concerns. Firstly I remember very little of what I said during the 2
  14. On a Saturday I used my husband’s season ticket on a journey into London, using South West Trains. I know it was wrong and I completely underestimated the consequences. I absolutely didn’t intend to break the law. This has been an incredible learning curve, not just for me but my friends and family. I'm so angry with myself. Having researched the situation on the internet I’m now a complete mess. I am a professional person, but currently raising my son full time. I’m always very honest and have never done anything like this before. I received a speeding fine and 3 poi
  15. I purchased a ticket, Trowbridge to Waterloo, via the FGW website. Ticket issued no problem, got the email and SMS confirmations as usual. Arrived at the Station - train is cancelled. Station staff told me I can claim a refund for the ticket, plus compensation (as I told them I would then have to drive to London). Filled out the form, attached (and luckily scanned) the tickets. Waited. A while later, get a letter from FGW apologisin. No refund. No compensation. A while later still, get an email from SWT saying they don't have to offer compensation for a cancelled train. I
  16. Hi CAG; I've been holding out on posting here since the incident as I have been checking other topics, but now I would like to ask for advice. I traveled on South West Trains on March 20th from Poole to Holton Heath (HH is unmanned and no barrier). I got to Poole train station and boarded without a ticket. I had previously purchased tickets a number of times on the actual SW train and have never been warned for doing so. Of course I have used ticket machines on platforms before, but that today was not one of those occasions. The train was quiet, so I sat down and took out my
  17. Afternoon all, Id appreciate some advice in responding or managing a prosecution letter from SWT. The issue arouse when my partner was travelling and unable to buy a ticket on a Sunday from a small unmanned station. She arrived at Guildford informed the ticket staff who directed her to the entrance of the station to buy one. I knew the time she was arriving and had parked in the drop off/collection point. She saw the que by the ticket machine and could see me in my car waving for her to get in and the que behind. She came out of the station to tell me to move
  18. Hi folks, I dearly need some advice. Yesterday, I received a letter, summoning me to appear before the Magistrates Court on Monday to answer alleged offences under Byelaws No. 19 and No. 23 (1). I'm very worried. I had previously correspondended with the Prosecutions department (i.e. confirming my details and listing mitigating factors) but heard nothing back, until the summons. The background to the summons was that I was travelling in the First Class cabin without a valid ticket, hoping that I could get an upgrade. The carriage was empty when I got on [and for 10 stops, thereafter]
  19. Hi all, 1st post here and I will try to keep it short. In January this year I travelled on a train from Earlsfield to Waterloo on a South-West Trains route with friends. Through my own stupidity I failed to buy a ticket before travelling and when getting to Waterloo, panicked and passed through the barrier behind a friend. I was with a group of friends (all who had paid). I stopped them and began explaining that I had made an error and ought to go get a ticket. Then I was approached by the 'Station revenue assistant' who asked me to go with him. I complied and then apologised, explained my s
  20. Yesterday I received a £20 penalty fare at Waterloo. Later that day I discovered that the ticket inspectors are supposed to offer you the chance to pay the penalty fare upfront- this one didn't, he insisted upon me giving my details of address so that SWT could bill me the fare which is a real inconvenience as I'm at University and don't live at home much these days. When I asked him if I could pay it upfront he said that I couldn't because he'd already started filling out the form- but this is not in line with SWT policy on penalty fares. I've heard that the penalty fare can be paid online bu
  21. Hi everyone, This is a long one!I wonder if anyone can help me. I travel Monday to Friday to Waterloo and then get a bus or the Tube to Holborn. For June and July I purchased a season ticket from London Road, Guildford to London Terminals including underground at a cost of around £330. The service is run by South West Trains.I have been living back in the UK since the end of May, mainly staying at my dad's in Guildford which is why my Season ticket originated there.However, I also travel to Pulborough in West Sussex on Thursday evenings, travel to London and back on a Friday and again to Lo
  22. Today I got back home and had the joy of finding some correspondence from the South West Trains Prosecution Department. The letter, I think relates to a time when I found out that I did not have the cash on me to buy a ticket but needed to get to work. I intended to buy a ticket and had the money to do so but I just didn't have it on me at the time, hence I could not pay any of the penalty fare either. (Now with the sob story over I will continue with my question.) Anyway in the letter there is an issue, firstly the date referred to as the "incident date" is not correct, not by a long
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