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Found 11 results

  1. A bit of a story but I am very worried about something. On 21st April 2017 my aunt passed away. She had a son and a daughter (my cousins). She treated her daughter very cruelly all her childhood, whilst favouring the son and at 16 dtr left home, cut most ties, several attempts over years to put things right, no joy. Dtr now happy, loved, housed, and fed, all by her own hand and pure hardwork lol. However, the son is dishonest, used to thieve off his employers, and steal out of his mother's purse. He then set up a business with his sons and has been bankrupt three times (although as far as we know not currently bankrupt). Aunty has left a property worth nearly £500,000, and she was also rather cash rich. Now, my mother and Aunty used to sit and joke about the little nest egg she had left my mum . Mum used to say she was going to give it to the Donkey Sanctuary, and Aunty said at least some good would come of it. Dtr also confirms that on the one occasion when she challenged her mother about the sheer injustice of all this (after all father had TWO children and had he not died at 47 Aunt wouldn't be in the wealthy position she was when she went) was told emphatically "everything to go to son outright, except a bit of money for you, my sister and her daughter. I have only left you money so that you don't try and contest the will and ruin your brother's life!" Aunt also told my mother this several times. Over the last 8 years or so Aunty became more housebound so her son and his wife took over her care and control of her bank account (although not by power of attorney). I know all this from my mother. Moving onto June 2017, my mum died unexpectedly. She was not a wealthy lady at all. I was able to give her the send off she deserved, and I asked for donations to the Donkey Sanctuary. Well, in doing this it reminded me about Aunt's will, and I thought, well if probate has been granted, then I could look at the Will (becomes a public document then?). And do what mum wanted with whatever she had been left. I really cannot imagine I would have been left anything much because my Aunt helped me out so much when I was a kid. But when I look at the Probate thing on line, they haven't registered it. Now, I told my cousin (dtr) about this, and she says "of course he hasn't applied for probate yet, he wants to empty his mother's bank account first, he is not a suitable person to deal with the estate. he is extremely sly and dishonest". Is there anything I can do here? I think my mum was left a small amount of cash, I would like to have that sent to the Donkey Sanctuary as per her wishes, but I suspect my cousin (son) is not applying for probate yet so he can continue to use the cash in my Aunt's bank account, just as if she were still with us. This cannot be right can it? I do not speak to him, and will not be speaking to him. On another note, I really feel for my cousin (dtr). She truly had an awful life with her mother. This is all confirmed by my own mother. And the things I have had to listen to from my cousin, its heart breaking. It was outright child abuse. My late Uncle (who adored his daughter) got early onset dementia and died when he was 47 . He was in a highly paid position with a fuel company, the house was paid off and Aunt received his very generous pension and all the rights that went with that until she died at 87. I feel that my cousin (dtr) should have an equal share in this, and I wonder, does she have any grounds to contest this Will, whenever we get to see what is in it? I do hope someone can help us out here, neither of us have ever had to deal with anything like this, and the first time we try to, it seems full of dishonesty and unfairness! Thanks for taking the time to read.
  2. Shoplifting suspect dies after being tackled by store security guard Bit young to be a security guard isn't he ?
  3. Around 20 people have been killed and 42 hospitalised after a suspected terrorist opened fire at a gay nightclub in the Florida city of Orlando. Officials confirmed the shooter had been killed by police and was carrying a “suspicious device”. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/orlando-shooting-florida-pulse-nightclub-attack_uk_575d23bde4b041514369cf54?fnu2428e7bc7bvs4i& Shooter inside the nightclub is dead The shooter behind an attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida is dead, police said Sunday, describing the scene as a "mass casualty situation. 4 videos. http://edition.cnn.com/videos/us/2016/06/12/florida-nightclub-shooting.cnn/video/playlists/orlando-nightclub-shooting/
  4. Hi - i wonder if anyone can help. My parents are on holiday in Majorca on a Thomson holiday (I am back in UK) My mum has become very ill, vomiting 6 times overnight and bedridden and unable to get up. My stepdad let me know. So far, I have called the helpline and they got in contact and a doctor came - charged €180 and said he suspected gastroenteritis. She has some medication and some isotonic water. It is only 2 days into a 1 week holiday. Has anyone been in a similar situation, especially with a view to: 1. making sure she gets the right treatment 2. possibly getting her home 3. once, the important bits above are done, what can be done with regards to exploring whether the hotel/Thomsons is/are liable So far, my stepdad has kept a log of everything, has food receipts etc. Thomsons have filed the incident, asked them a load of questions: i.e. does she drink a lot of alcohol (answer = she barley drinks and has maximum of 2 unit with food occasionally), did she swim in the pool (yes), did she swim in the sea (yes). I assume these questions are for evidence later should we claim. Also, the person in the next door suite said 'Oh no, not another outbreak, we have had similar problems here before and people were dropping like flies' but I guess that is just hearsay Any advice would be much appreciated thanks
  5. here is the story. On Saturday (25th Oct), early in the morning I was heading towards the Tube station in London and I saw some fella heading towards me. He then stopped and offered me his paper railcard, saying that he's done with travelling for the day and kindly offered me to take his card. I accepted this as an act of kindness from the stranger and continued walking towards the station. Since I got a valid rail card, my initial intent to top up my existent Student Photocard Oyster was foregone. The rail card worked perfectly and was actually valid till the end of the next day (weekly pass, worth 57 pounds). Unluckily for me, in the station that I got off, I was stopped by an inspector. I gave him this railcard I had received and he asked for a photocard associated with this travel pass. I explained the situation to the investigator that I do not have it and I was given this card by a stranger outside the tube station. He then said that this is illegal and I haven't paid for my travel. He also mentioned, that this card may be fake, which I was absolutely unaware of. He also scanned my Student Oyster (there was 80p only) and took my details from there, and took notes on his notebook (Qs and As). At the end he said that I should receive a letter shortly with either a warning, a fine or a prosecution. I am panicking and stressing hell of a lot. I am a master's graduate from prestige University and also am a financialist by a profession. I want to avoid criminal record at any cost as it may ruin my life and career. Please advise on the most obvious outcome and what should I do next?? Also, I was not asked to sign anything by the inspector and was let to continue with my journey.
  6. I've posted several times on the forum regarding different issues, but this is something I strongly suspect is false paperwork. Had to order the Judgement Debtor to attend for questioning for the fact we have a CCJ and they're not paying. So, she brings all the evidence (and I was there to witness all this, and have their partner stare me out silently) and I receive a copy in the post. Now I'm not sure this is where I have any case whatsoever. They submit their partner's wageslip as "any other income to the household" and the wageslip stinks. Tax code is a very old one (it's 10000 now, this is less than half that), a date showing next year's date, a tax office reference that the HM Customs & Revenue website doesn't recognise, the amount earned to date divided by the date (back to 4th April) shows they earn more than stated on this wageslip and finally, no one seems to have heard of the job title shown on the wageslip. All adds up to something fishy methinks. But can I go back to the Court to point these irregularities out? If I can get evidence of false paperwork (ie non existent tax office) would this be classed as contempt of court for submitting falsified paperwork?
  7. Hello all, I opened a restaurant in April and in March I arranged to have 2 phone lines and broadband with BT. In April I switched my energy supply to BES energy as their rates were about half of what British Gas wanted. Shortly after this I got a call from BES telecom and this is where it all went wrong. They wanted me to switch both of my lines and my broadband to them as they were cheaper. I told them that I was in contract with BT and if I moved I would receive a bill with cancellation charges which would remove the whole point of me moving as I wouldn't save any money. I was assured by the salesperson that as the contract with BT was so young I would not get any cancellation charges. I asked him to repeat this and he assured me it was the case, saying if he was wrong I could just stay at BT and there would be no harm done. Imagine my surprise when I then received a letter from BT with cancellation charges of around £700! I called BT and explained the situation for them to tell me that the only way I could not pay the charges with BT was for me to keep BT as my supplier. BT told me that one of my lines had moved to BES but nothing else had. BT would now move that line back to BT. I called BES and told them I was no longer moving to them and they tried to talk me out of it but I just told them and put down the phone as they wouldn't stop going on. Move on a few weeks and I'm still getting reminders from BT about not paying the £700 bill. I called them and explained the situation and they told me it was their mistake and that the charges would be dropped. This same scenario has happened 7 times with BT. My line gets restricted, I call them to complain and explain the situation, they say they will get the charges cleared off and reinstate my line, then it happens again approx 10 days later. Last week it happened again so I called BT and spent 90 minutes on the phone with them. They told me that the reason the charges weren't being removed from my account is because the line they were supposed to get back from BES was still with BES and therefore I had cancelled it! I explained that they were supposed to move the line back and they admitted they had forgotten. Looking at my bank account I now see that I have been paying BES £23.99 per month for this line. I told BT to move it back once and for all and they told me it would happen within 14 days. Now here is where it gets interesting. I just received a call from BES who told me that there had been an application to remove one of my lines back to BT. I said yes that is correct. He then informed me that there would be a £600 cancellation charge for this which would need paying within 14 days. I explained the whole situation and that I only moved as I was assured by their salesperson that I wouldn't receive any cancellation charges from BT. He then asked me what proof I have of his salesperson saying this. Of course I don't have proof. He then went on to tell me that their '3rd party sales people' were not regulated and that no matter what was said, I had to pay the £600. I told him that I was mis-sold and he said 'prove it'. I said 'so basically your sales people can say whatever they like to get someone to sign up and they can lie to people and you allow this?' He just kept repeating 'its up to them what they say' So, I believe I have been mis-sold and I'm in a bit of a predicament. Not only has all of this been a major hassle and cost me hours on the phone, it looks like it might end up costing me £600 too. I'm a new business and we are struggling, I can't afford to pay this bill. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I have received a letter asking me to attend an interview under caution in relation to a benefit fraud. Alledgedly living with someone as husband and wife and fraudently claiming income support and housing benefit. I am a single mother to 5 children and do not live with anyone. The childrens father does visit my home regularly, almost every day. He is here to see his children and helps me get them to bed at night because first and foremost he wants to be a good father and secondly because 2 of our 5 children have disabilities and it is incredibly hard for me to deal with, I have no family nearby to help so he is my only source of help at all. He makes no financial contribution to my home apart from paying child maintainence as he was instructed to do so by the CSA. The only thing that may we may be doing wrong, but I am not sure hence asking for advice, is that he pays my rent directly from his account to my landlord every month. The majority of this sum is actually he mainitainence, the remaining sum I then give to him cash so he is not paying more than he should be and my rent is covered. We do this because I am not always able to get into town to deposit the money into my bank account, by him paying it direct I have one less thing to worry about and find time to do (which would ultimately result in me paying my rent late). He does visit our home a lot as I have said, one of the children with a disability only sleeps a few hours at night and never sleeps before midnight. He would help me bath the children and get them into bed, he would then let me go to bed for a few hours and get some sleep. Once our child falls asleep he would wake me to tell me that he is leaving, sometimes this could be 3am. I understand that to someone outside the home this may look like he lives with me but all the bills in my home are in my name and paid by me (aside from the rent which I have explained), he contributes nothing except the CSA money. I would appreciate some help in telling me how the investigation is likely to go once I have given them my explanations. Thanks
  9. Hi, I have been suspended from work recently due to suspected gross misconduct. My employment contract expired on 30th of August 2013 and since then I have not been given any written agreement of further extension of my contract. I have been working for two months without contract and getting paid. In August 2013 when I asked my employer to give me a permanent contract then the only thing he mentioned verbally to me was he can extend my contract for another 6 months. But it was only a verbal communication and he has never given me any proof of contract since then. Can my employer still suspend me for the suspected gross misconduct if no contract has been signed or issued? Thanks
  10. Evening all, Well, I've finally had a letter from DWP saying that I scored 0 points on my assessment, no surprise there - and that my entitlement to ESA has ended from last week. I've sent a letter by recorded delivery (yesterday) to DWP requesting a copy of the face to face assessment report as going by the DMs letter and what was said at the f2f most of my answers have either been omitted or changed and I want them to look at the decision again. I'm waiting for an appointment with someone to help me go through this procedure, but I was wondering if there is anything I should be doing in the mean time as I don't know how long the appointment is going to take? (It has been passed as urgent) Do I complete the GL24 at this stage or is it just a letter requesting them to look at the decision again? I know I can't really do much until I get the report because it might be correct, but I'm obviously anxious that its time sensitive and want to get things started. (Don't want to get into the same rut as I did with the ESA50 by burying my head in the sand until the week before deadline) If the DWP drag their feet in sending this report, should I send the letter/GL24 anyway? I'm sorry if these questions have been posted before, I have had a look around the forum but am just getting myself confused and into more of a state. Many thanks for any help Up2
  11. Hi guys yesterday I swapped my old car for a new one then today I had my friend (whos a mechanic) check it over and he is certain it has been in an accident in the past. And I was not told this so I want to know if I have any rights towards this matter? He told me the car ran perfect and he never had a problem with it. I suspect its been in a collision even more after looking at the V5 he put all his details down on. He put down his address is in Dorset but we met half way between where I live in Farnborough and he came from Birmingham. So I'm more led to believe this is a completely dodgy motor. So is there anything I can do to maybe even get my car back? Thanks.
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