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Found 3 results

  1. Good Morning All, I'm just looking for a bit of advice. Myself and my partner booked our honeymoon in Marrakech from Sunmaster.co.uk, found a really good deal in a nice little Riad, a suite over two floors, adults only, perfect. I logged onto my e-mails yesterday and had an e-mail from Sunmaster. "Unfortunately the Riad has been closed until further notice" and giving us alternative accommodation. The alternative is terrible, big complex of apartments, small pokey apartment, and the first 5 reviews I read on it were far from good - complaints about bed bugs, debris falling through ceiling etc. So not how we imagined spending our honeymoon. I spent the whole day arguing with them that this is not an "alternative" as it is not comparable to where we were staying, and the said that was the only option available. I asked for a refund and was told we would not qualify for one as this isn't a substantial change to booking terms. Out of interest I contacted the Riad direct to see whether they were in fact closed, and couldn't believe I had a reply from them within a few hours saying they have rooms available on the dates we wanted (one of which is the suite which should be booked in our name). Does anybody have any ideas what I should do? Getting v.stressful as we are getting married on 6th April and due to fly on honeymoon on the 7th April. Thanks, Adam
  2. Last August it was my birthday and I turned the old age of 23 *embarrassed face* Anyway..my mum knew that one of my life long things I've wanted to do but never had the money was go to Ibiza. So she booked a holiday online through sunmaster for me and my 17 year old brother to go to Ibiza. It was advertised as a package deal with flights she could choose and the rest. She paid for it two weeks before my birthday and about a week before travelling Sunmaster phoned her to tell her the hotel she had booked was oversubscribed (this hotel was 4 stars) but they would put me and my brother in another hotel of the same rating. She said that was fine as long as it was of the same rating and same area in Ibiza demographically. Anyway the trip came and on arriving at Ibiza Airport, the coach organisation sunmaster had booked didn't speak any english, a very basic level (he understood yes no thats it) So when he was dropping everyone off at the hotel we had to keep asking him if we were there yet and we were. In the end he dropped us off down an alley and we were left to try and figure out where our hotel was. Luckily we found it using a tom tom map on my phone. It was never described to us or my mother when she bought the holiday that we wouldn't be dropped of at the hotel and would have to walk 5-10 minutes to the hotel. But i put this down to language issues and let it go. On the booking sheet sunmaster sent us, it said to ring someone in spain and book the return coach. So I did that. When I rang they told me I will recieve a text confirming my return coach. So I awaited the text. When in resort, I discovered that 'Piscis Park' our hotel was not infact a 4 star hotel and on many sites 2 star. The room was dirty, scratched and had blood on the bedsheets. I took photographs of it all as evidence. The bathroom ceiling constantly kept leaking and I therefore reported all of this to the hotel. They told me a maintaince man would come but never did. The hotel was also not maintained or cleanly generally in the lift and lobby and for 3 days there was vomit and drinks in the lift left. I also had numerous people knocking on my door and one even knocked and said 'oh your a ***** you probs smoke weed right? You want some'' to which response he got a door closed on him. I therefore decided to go and tell the hotel that they have drug dealers and they did act on this. However by this time the gentlemen had left and the security guard who did not understand spanish was baffled by what I said. Anyway on the 3rd of 7 days we were in the dining area and then told by a old gentlemen who was staff there that we had eaten too much food and half board which was what my mother had booked, was only half of 1 meal a day. So we went to reception of the hotel and dealt with a man who claimed he was the manager. Not only did he shout at us saying 'how dare you take more meals' and refused to give me a pen. But I explained to him and showed him our booking sheet and that it clearly indicated half board which was 2 meals from my belief. He said the tour operator had got it wrong and it was only 1 meal. When I rang the tour operators emergency number as we were being banned from the dining area, the woman said she'd pass my concern onto sunmaster. I then asked the manager if he would put in writing that due to the fact half board was only half of 1 meal that we had been thus banned for taking 2 meals a day. He refused and said 'i told yo already you !!!!ing nigga'. I was shocked and baffled as were other members of the hotel who were waiting for their taxis/coachs at reception. I asked them if they heard the comment and they told me they did, so I took down their details as evidence he had said this and ignored it. So I left the hotel. On arriving back the manager and his staff gave me constant dirty looks and I was again told now that at any point I went to the dining area or attempted to I was banned and not even entitled to half a meal. Therefore I had to pay for my own food for myself and my brother and kept all the reciept of the costs. On the day of leaving, the text from the return coach booking never arrived. So I rang them that morning. They insisted the text would arrive later that day. It got to 1 hour before our coach was meant to be here and due to the fact we had not got the text we had no idea where. I rang the emergency line sunmaster provided and they were based in 'majorca' and the gentlemen told me he had no record of my booking as his system was different but to take a taxi to the airport, keep his name and the reciept for the taxi and I'll be reimbursed as it is their fault. Luckily I had made friends with someone who booked the same coach company and when I went to his coach, my name was on the list so Sunmaster must have used the same coach back and booked it just never text me, so it worked out. On arriving back in the UK i sent sunmaster all my photos and evidence. I got an email back replying saying 'thanks mrs ***** for your complaint again'. this customer they had sent me the reply to was not even my name or my mothers who made the booking. I awaited 3 months and no reply. I then a month ago (almost 7 months later) sent them recorded delievery a explanation and my complaint number and the evidence again. Yesterday I recieved a letter stating that the hotel had offered me meals, as far as they knew there was no problem. Their hotel is a star rating to them of 4 stars but it varies and they've never had any problems of what I've explained. Basically implying I'm lieing. They said that the hotel has always been polite and had good reviews, and only ever had bad reviews from people who were 'narrow minded' according to them. Therefore all they could do was apologise for sending me the wrong persons complaint response and the lack of time it had taken- as they hadn't mananged to contact the hotel. They then said however that the hotel has offered me a 'special deal on return' but have not stated what this deal is directly to them- Triton Rooms. I really don't feel that this responded to my complaint and the state of the room (walls loose, water failing from ceiling, scratches, blood on the sheets, electric wires hanging off plugs which could shock people or children) They then went onto say that they can't confirm any racist comment happened but they are unable to accept witness evidence as they cannot contact other people due to data confidentality! And they've never had any problems like this. Funny because Tripadvisor is full of people who have put negative reviews of the organisation and hotel! What consumer rights do I have? I am coincendentally going to Ibiza again this summer and to my dread have found out the same group who own piscis park- GPS I'm told theyre called own my hotel I've booked in this summer. I was hoping perhaps I could ask the hotel if they would allow me another room in the hotel ive booked in the summer as compensation as I'd accept this, but I wondered if its possible..
  3. Hi I am looking help/advice regarding Sunmaster holiday company. I booked a holiday for my 18 year old son and five friends in January with the above company. The holiday was specifically booked for a named hotel in Magaluf; due to recommendations from others due to standards/ location etc arriving on 30th July to the 9th August. The final balance was paid on the 7th May, yesterday I received an email from Sunmaster saying the hotel was not available ( I have confirmation of the booking from Sunmaster through the OHG accommodation LTD). To cut a long story short Sunmaster wanted to send my son to Palma Nova to inferior accommodation, after I refused this they conveniently remembered they could only deal with my son. They are dragging their heels and have failed to offer an alternative accommodation so far. My son rang this morning after checking availability on their website and suggested four other hotels they would be willing to stay in, and still haven't resolved the issue(contact from them is appalling, we have to do all the ringing). I also rang the original hotel in Magaluf yesterday and have an email from the manager stating my son's party was never booked in on that date. Could someone please help as I feel as I booked this group of lads first holiday abroad I am some way responsible ( I know I'm not it is Sunmaster's fault). Could any one tell me what are the legal rights of my son and his friends. Many Thanks Kate
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