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Found 62 results

  1. I am a litigant in person in civil court and the defendant has just informed me by email that they have accepted my part 36 offer. They are days out of time and did not complete the form that accompanied the part 36. They want my costs. Pls, could someone tell me what is the next step? I have researched the internet to no avail. Do I discontinue? If yes on what form? I have come too far to fail now.
  2. Hi has anyone had any success with claiming money back for the mis-sale of PPI through the Next Directory Store card. I have been told by NEXT that I have paid £1, 130 PPI since 1991. I have made a claim via the PA(GI) ltd , outcome expected next week, but have not seen any successful claims on any forums. Any success stories would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. I had a account with Barclays it was one of the bundled accounts an one of the services kept charging me that I could not cancel so easily, I incurred overdrawn fees, dd returned fees an interest that all snowballed until I went onto a DMP, later they got DSAR'd and a complaint sent to them. Eventually they wrote me a lengthy reply to my complaint and phoned me several times to discuss it. One of the issues I had was they attempted to contact me by but my details had changed but they did not email or try my home address. Another of the issues was they closed a account down of mine with money in it (that I was not able to retrieve). To be fair they were good in handling my complaint an I got it resolved an received compensation + interest up-to the same amount of all monies deemed owed & paid directly back to me. The amount in question was below £2k but more than £500, it took me around 5 years to take action on this account so I am well pleased with the result of my efforts. I may post more info on here later to help others
  4. I complained to Creation and just confirmed that I've had a payout of just over 3k from them in relation to PPI. Had to escalate to the ombudsman, but just received the cheque today, happy days!
  5. Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that for those of you dealing with 247 Money Box that it is possible to get a Default removed. I opened a complaint with them yesterday and I have today received an email from them confirming they will write off my balance of £274 and remove ALL adverse data from the credit reference agencies. I will believe it when I see it, but this was the most recent of my Defaults not coming off my credit file until November 2021, so I am just slightly happy at the moment. Thank you to the help on this site and the template letters, it would not have been possible
  6. I wanted to share my story with you all, hopefully you will find something useful here. Last week I went to court and had the case thrown out by the judge due to "fundamental errors in the claimants case". As I know Lowell's read this forum - and because I have another case pending against them - I am going to be vague in some respects, but hopefully there will be enough information to help someone out there win against them. Over 15 years ago I worked for a well known credit card company. Shortly after I left, I took out a card with them. The card was operated normally, payments were made every month and when I no longer needed it, I paid off the balance and closed the account. All good, no problems. I even remember when activating the card, reading back the customer service ops speech they have to read new cardholders. We both thought it was funny at the time that I remembered the entire speech word for word by memory. A few years go by and I receive a claim form from the County Court Business Centre on behalf of Lowell, claiming i owed a large amount of money on the card, the debt had been sold to them, they had sent all the required documents and notices and as I had not responded they had no option other than to issue proceedings against me. The only problem is, I had received no letters, no notices of assignment, no statements, no defaults, nothing. The first I heard of it was when the claim form landed on the doorstep. I immediately contested the claim and sent letters to Lowell demand they prove the debt. I sent several letters over a few months. Lowell ignored all of them. I included statutory fees where applicable and sent those letters record delivery. I gave Lowell's more than the required amount of time to respond, after which the debt becomes unenforceable anyway, but I was not interested in that. I wanted my day in court. I received their witness statement a few days before appearing in court. It contained one of the letters I wrote, some of the documents I requested and several others they were using to prove their case. Being in mind the amount of time passed since closing the account, I no longer had any statements. I didn't care. I literally walked into the judges chambers with a copy of the letters I had sent and a notepad, nothing else. No other documents, nothing at all to prove my case. Their solicitor walked in with their witness statement, a bundle of documents and enough details to bury me. I wasn't concerned at all. Because I was representing myself, the judge explained how the case was going to be handled, what I had to do, and that it was normal in his court for the claimant to offer their evidence first. I said I understood and sat in silence while the solicitor gave all the details about how I denied ever having a card, how I obviously was lying as the account statement clearly showed transactions in and out of the account. They showed copies of all the letters they said I was sent which would comply with their legal obligations and even said I was lying about working for the credit card company. They even produced a letter from the HR dept saying no one with my name or details had ever been employed by them. Back on their evidence, I was not only guilty, I was also guilty of contempt as I had sworn in my rebuttal statement that everything I was saying was true. I just sat and waited patiently for my turn. The judge allowed the solicitor to finish and then read from his notes to give a summary of the points they had raised. He asked if the summary he just read was an accurate representation of the facts just given and we both agreed. Then it was my turn. The first thing I said was that I never denied having the card. I actually had it with me and held it up saying "here it is". I then held up my company id badge which had their logo, an expiry date (long expired) and my photo on it. I explained that I was never employed by the company, but as is the case with most of their staff, I was an agency employee. The judge noticed I had no documents with me and asked me why. I said I had requested documents from the claimant which would be able to prove there was no debt to sell, but they had never replied to them. Their solicitor said no letters were received, despite one of them being included as evidence in their own witness statement, with the recorded delivery sticker on it. I told the judge I had operated the account normally, and requested he look at the claimants statement of account they included as evidence. This clearly showed things in my favour and he agreed. I apologized to the judge for not preparing any more than I had and said I was prepared to defend myself based solely on the documents offered as evidence against me by the claimant. He asked if I was sure and said he would be happy to adjourn. I said I was sure. I asked the judge to turn to the default statement supposedly sent to me and to look at the amount claimed on the default. I mentioned that it was a completely different amount to the amount claimed as due. I then asked the judge to turn to another default notice, again this had another completely different number on it. I asked the judge to add together the TOTAL amount spent on the card, ignoring any money paid back in repayments. That figure did not even come close to the amount claimed I owed. I then asked the judge to look at the amount claimed on the claim form. Every single number was different. Not just slightly different, not just a fat-finger typo, but vastly different. The judge demanded they explain how they calculated the amount they said I owed. They could not. I finally asked the judge to look at a certain date on the account statement used as evidence by the claimant. That clearly showed I made a full and final repayment, and that I had made no transactions after that. He accepted that was true and that I owed no money at all. Their solicitor just sat there squirming through the whole thing. The judge stated that as I had proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I closed the account with a zero balance, and because of a series of fundamental errors with the claimants evidence, there was no case to answer and it was struck out in my favour. I am currently waiting for a letter from the court detailing the judgement so I can start getting defaults removed and make repairs to my credit files. Do not be afraid if you get court claims from them. Most of the time (based on my experiences and reading those of others here) their information is incorrect, incomplete or just plain made up. Fight it with the help of people here, and if it does get as far as a court room, you will more than likely win. I went in with no evidence other than what was provided against me, and still won. You will too.
  7. Or avoiding £8 handling charge from rm? My mum and dad gave me some money for my birthday and I went about buying a new phone through mums card. Decided on a Redmi from banggood and all was well. My friends mum told me that I should ask for the parcel to be sent via swiss post which I did. So I come home from school today and my mum has a right face on her like dragging on the floor kind of thing and whats happened is shes had a notice through the door asking for and extra 11.42 for charges £8 for rm and 3.42 for tax? dad said i cant do nowt about the tax but maybe with rm charge and sent me here to ask. Shes threatening to refuse to pay and send it back which is bonkers. The declared value was $21.94. can anybody advise please.
  8. Hi everybody, I complained to Wonga about a series of loans that I took out with them from 2011-2012, that I felt in hindsight, should not have been lent to me as I was in a cycle of taking out payday loans, paying them back and then immediately taking out another to pay for the one that I had just paid. I was in a terrible financial mess, however, I thankfully entered a DMP in 2013, which I am very happy to say is now complete. Wonga dismissed my complaint, so I escalated this to the FOS. The adjudicator agreed with my complaint and gave Wonga until 25th July to respond. Unfortunately, they still have not responded to the FOS or myself. I have just had an email from the adjudicator, and he has told me that he has now escalated this to get a response from Wonga. Has anybody else had this? Do Wonga normally respond within the FOS timelines? I would be grateful for any thoughts on what the next steps might be? Thank you!
  9. Would like to thank some of the peeps on here over the years for their advice. I've finally had it agreed in writing that the Halifax are going to write off £9K worth of debt. This is a big weight off me and I feel so less stressed. They will close my account and mark my credit file "partially settled". They had accepted my income and expenditure, and that I had a variety of health problems meaning I am unable to work to pay it off. One very happy chappy!!
  10. I have been a member on here for 11 years give or take a month or two. When i joined i worked for minimum wage at a bacon factory in Blackpool, it was an ok job, i enjoyed it, but the money was very poor, i was in debt, paying the bank in late payment fees every week, switching banks due to owing money etc, Constantly playing catchup with car finance. which was £50 a week!! i was in a right ole pickle, i had 3 kids a wife and a dog, lived in a rented home. only benefits we claimed was Child benefit and WTC In 2006 i heard about the bank charge reclaiming that was going on, on the Jeremy Vine show on radio 2 iirc. i set about on my last bank which was Barclays, recovered £1600. i made the car finance people a lump sum offer of 1200 to pay the finance off and the accepted it. meanwhile, i was no reclaiming Halifax, capital one and a couple for wifey too. Christmas 2006 was best ever, we had recovered about 6k more, paid off all out debts and had about 2.5k left for xmas. We had always wanted our own home, but as you would expect, we were always laughed out of the bank. At this point, our credit history was really bad, credit score was -1000 lol. after xmas we had about £1500 left, a cloud loomed, back to square one with debt?? £1500 wouldnt last long, so wifey n i stuck our heads together and came up with a plan, with the remainder, i went to an IT auction and bought a load of I.T.tech, which included computers, laptops printers etc, St start of my business. I fixed up 10 of the laptops and sold them on ebay. put that money, profit n all, back into more stock. a so it went on, i was buying and selling allsorts by now, things off carboot sales, local auction houses, found a local guy who would sell me cheap laptops, Two months later i handed my notice in at my work. i then set about repairing our credit files, taking off all that was out of date etc, that took about 12 months to get sorted. The home we rented had fallen under massive disrepair as the LL lived down under 10 years down the road, we had saved up 21k, on May 20th this year, i took possession of the keys to my own home with a 16k deposit, mortgage with RBS who i have to say,were fantastic, at the ripe old age of 48, i now have a pension worth 22k,not much by some standards, but to us, its a win win, all thanks to this site and a little reading from else where. Been self employed for all this time now and loving it, we were able to help put my daughter through university by letting her live rent free etc with us, she still needed student loans tho. Thankyou to Bankfodder and the team for this site. I have donated along the way as its only right. Any one else any one else out there with similar stories
  11. Just got back from an eviction hearing - though I didn't ask for help - I have read endless threads and derived a great deal of strength from this site. I thought I'd briefly outline my story to give help and hope to others in my situation. Long story short bad payment history - secured loan in arrears of £2,400 - lender wanted repossession and would not agree to payment proposal. I knew I had no option to but to submit N244 to save my home. Filled it in and secured budget sheet and wrote a rather lengthy statement outlining my reasons for getting into arrears and all the contact I had had with lender to try and remedy situation before court action. Outlined my ability to afford payment proposal. Submitted form on Monday 17/11/14 and actually felt relatively relaxed once the wheels were in motion. Drew strength from the success stories and tried to keep positive... .. until last night when naturally reality dawned, stayed awake most of the night and petrified I would oversleep and miss court scheduled for today at 10.25 am. Incredibly nervous waiting to be called and turned up 20 mins early - spoke with other side who was actually friendly but didn't give him any more information than was necessary. When we got into room it wasn't at all scary and the Judge was very nice - he told me not to worry and told me he just wanted to know how arrears had occurred and could I maintain proposal I had offered - I explained and said yes. He clarified a few points, amount of arrears and time left on loan In all honesty I think he had made up his mind even before I entered the room. The other side tried to make a few points but the Judge wasn't interested in hearing his opinion. The other side tried to suggest that as my situation was due to improve drastically in about 4 months with unsecured credit ending that a review should be made with a possibility of increasing payments. The Judge just ignored him and said eviction suspended. Judge smiled at me and said don't worry eviction won't happen on Tuesday (25/11/14). Phew !!! am relieved of course but never want to be in that situation again. I know how close I have come to losing my home and every repayment will be on time !!! Just wanted to say thanks to all on this site - you are inspiring people to fight every day !!!! and sometimes you don't even know you're doing it xx
  12. Hi there, First post on here but have followed the stories of many previously - what a fabulous source of info, reassurance and advice. I hope my story will offer the same. In Dec 2015 we received a County Court Claim Form from Reston's re an alleged old credit card debt. The agreed debt had been paid off two years earlier with a DMP but there was a query re applied interest and late payment fees. Reston's continued to pursue, we continued to ignore them but behind the scenes followed the advice on here around SARs etc, preparing statements, evidence and generally getting our affairs in order. Reston's focus was on threatening us they would be asking the Judge to strike out our defence. 1st court date (Oct 2016). Reston's sent a Head of Chambers barrister to represent them, we represented ourselves. Reston's aim a few days before was to ask the judge to strike out our defence and award against us, however on the day they decided to ask the Judge for an adjournment as new evidence had been provided to them a day before (it hadnt). The judge took a dim view of the fact they had been messing around for around 12 months but allowed them another 8 weeks. 2nd court date (Feb 2017). We (along with an advocate) arrived at the Court, Reston's did not. They had contacted the court the afternoon before to ask for a further adjournment (the Judge agreed and we waited another 8 weeks) During this time we saw a solicitor who wrote to Reston's to assure them we were more than willing to fight the case and would push for a full hearing. Reston's replied to them in April stating that they were confident of their case and would again ask the judge to strike out our defence. 3rd court date was due to be last week, however Reston's sent a communication to the solicitors one day before withdrawing proceedings. So, it's all finished. I think the morale of the tale is to not be scared. Whichever tactic you choose in dealing with them they will twist it. Reston's told us that by ignoring them we were going against the Civil Procedure Rules and the Judge could rule against us purely for that, others who have engaged with them have been tied up in knots. What does seem apparent though is that they talk the talk but are into easy wins and not up for a fight. So, go get 'em tiger and all the very best wishes to anyone going through it all xx
  13. Hi in 2009 i had personal problems and got into financial mess. I went overdrawn on bank account and took out many many payday loans. I was taking out loans to payback loans. After putting my head in he sand for many years i decided to sort finances out. I complained to each of my lenders on grounds of irresponsible lending and here are the results Wonga 5 loans £1000 outstanding written off due to technical error? Quick quick 16 loans many rollover £1000 written off plus £250 compensation did take several letters before agreement Payday express 2 loans £1200 written off 1 letter of complaint Lending srream 4 loans several months of complaining then went to FOS interest refunded plus £250 compensation Merligen investments £150 written off 2 letters to complain Good banks Barclays had 2 loans and overdraft which they lump together in on loan with 0% interest. Then 2 years later after paying £100 per month offered settlement of £2400 on a amount of £12000 Hlaifax accumulated £600 of bank charges after I had been paying for a couple of years phoned them and they wrote the balance of £400 off Bad banks Natwest had to continue write go to FOS for ppi compensation still fighting for CPP before 2015 Trition evil phone me nightly and threatened to take away my house and told me i would lose my job they made me worthless to the point one night after a particularly nasty call i thought about suicide and only did not because i knew my 4 year old son would find my body. I acknowledge that i was an irresponsible But so were the lenders. . In many cases such as quick quid i paid double the amount written off in interest. If you feel that lenders have been irresponsible complain
  14. Hi I regularly took payday loans out from Wonga as well as many more companies over a period of 4 years. i continually rolled over or paid it off only to have to re-loan the same day. By the time I realised i could no longer continue with this cycle i had loans with 10 companies and owed nearly £5000. I had paid many thousands in interest over this time. All my loans are now paid off after requesting repayment plans. My last loan with wonga was paid in 12 installments the last one being may 2014. When the announcement came at the beginning of october that they were writing off thousands of loans I was annoyed that it only applied to live loans. I sent in a formal complaint and accused them of irresponsible lending. They could not possibly have done the relevant checks to see if the loans were affordable. I had been lending £1000 each time with £300 interest, at the time i was only bringing home £1300. They took so long looking into my complaint I eventually referred it to the Ombudsman. I received and e-mail from Wonga on Monday saying they had upheld my complaint and agreed that a large majority of the loans were unaffordable given my income and other borrowings. I have received the money in my account today which is close to £5k. I am so happy. I have never looked at another payday loan since I paid them all back and feel that this nightmare has finally come full circle.
  15. Hi, apologies if this is the wrong place to post this but just thought I'd ask for some help. A few weeks ago I was referred to Steps to Success (N.Ireland) with Ingeus being the provider. Having heard bad press about them I Google'd a lot and came across this great forum. The massive Ingeus thread was a massive help and calmed my nerves and I've saved a bunch of information from it such as Freedom of Information posts, operational guidelines from DWP, etc. giving me more confidence on how to deal with them and not be bullied into doing anything I don't have to do just so they can earn a few extra quid. I'm just wondering does the operational guidelines posted from the DWP cover the work programme over in N.Ireland regarding Ingeus? The reason I ask is when I went for my referral meeting I didn't sign the form that allows them to send your data to companies as a lot of people on here said not to do. Of course, the person tried to lie to me and say it's mandatory and I need to sign it, but I pointed out that it said on the form itself that I could withdraw my consent at any point, so the form can't be mandatory and it was dropped. The only issue now is that the whole form signing thing has popped up again and I just wanna make sure those operational guidelines about me not having to sign this form cover me in N.Ireland so I can continue to refuse to sign it? Thanks. tl;dr... Does the operational guidelines for the work programme posted by DWP cover the work programme in N.Ireland in relation to Ingeus?
  16. Looked through forum many times, also people have helped me through several eviction attempts over the years with these low life's. In a good place right now, Experian showing my mortgage payments to Acenden up to date for last 3 years. The payment is taken by DD and the only problem I have every year is they add buildings insurance on but I get them to remove. However my mortgage is 10k higher now than when it commenced in 2004. I have literally paid tens of thousands in charges, solicitors cost etc. like many they turned up to court and presented false figures, at one stage the county court agreed with them and I faced eviction. The bailiffs stood outside my house whilst I was seen by a circuit judge who luckily overturned the previous ruling. they would demand large payments to cancel suspended eviction, then do it all over again until I was in a right mess. I have tried to reclaim charges before, FOS always dragged it out for 2 years and then sided with them. I did a SAR and Acenden requested more time due to staff issues and never actually sent it out. After all these years I didn't have the energy to fight so gave up. I plan to sell up at the end of the year, luckily I have some equity. I feel that I should have one last try to reclaim some charges. Forget the FOS and hit the small claims court. I have sent off today a SAR. if not received in 40 days I will chase it up. My question is, has anyone actually ever been successful in claiming back from Acenden?
  17. Sorry for the long read... Over the past 9 months I have been involved with a debtor that had numerous debts including some that were with an enforcement agent. I have been able to arrange a number of the debts to be made part of a payment plan with the OC minus the EA fees and we have kept to the arrangement plan. One of the debts with the EA was for a PCN, the debt was in excess of £440-00 including EA fees of £310. The warrant was issued last July and sent to enforcement on the 16/07/2015. As I have been dealing with this debtor for some time I knew there was just a small window of opportunity to get this debt added to the repayment plan. BUT... There is always a but with me, in this particular case I asked them to consider writing off this debt. I am very surprised to say they agreed with me and have since confirmed this on headed paper via email. Therefore by sitting it out this debtor saved a massive £440.... I had to keep an eye on this as there may have a chance it could have gone to a 2nd EA to deal with.... Suffice to say with each debtor this does get easier to deal with as each debtor is unique. Which is why I am still posting on CAG. Also that I enjoy what I do here. Secondly: It has been noted by myself that there have been posts stating that dealing with this type of debt and not dealing with it is called debt avoidance this is simply not true!! I see this method of dealing with the EA acceptable as if the debt is returned to the OC the fees of £310 are wiped out and it is possible to arrange a much more viable and manageable repayment plan with the OC or like in this case have the debt written off. The money saved by not paying the EA fees has always in my cases been used to clear the debts of the person I am helping, Everyone has their own way of helping debtors, mine is to get the debts paid at a reasonable rate IF they are enforceable, or like the debt above dealing with the EA or not in this case. So 'sitting it out' as it is called by some is frowned upon it can have its benefits at times. I have always found that talking to the OC is always best and can produce some great results, talking to the EA also has some results but normally they don't care and just want their fees regardless. Even if a debt is out for enforcement you don't always need to pay the high fees or face losing your person items. Currently this debtor is very happy that another debt is gone for good and that the help they are getting is correct and very helpful. To coin a phrase 'it pays to talk' Note to admin: Although this debt was a PCN I have posted here because it was in the hands of an EA, please don't move it as it may be helpful to other readers /posters.
  18. Hi all, Just in case any one is looking to make a complaint about irresponsible lending to cash convertors- I was helping a friend, follwing advice from here- and I have to say, they are the easiest company i have dealt with so far. The statement of accounts was there within an hour of requesting, and following an email complaint on Thursday, a final response has arrived today, with an offer of almost £1500. She is more than happy with that figure, and looking at the loan history, although she has paid more over the years, I really dont think she would do much better with FOS, so she is happy to accept it. The contact details i have incase anyone is struggling getting a reply- Without the spaces- Im not allowed to post email addresses yet! Good luck
  19. I have requested that CapOne write off my debt due to age related issues and ever decreasing finances as I'm retired on basic pension and pension credit (which gave me an increase of less than 2% this year and DLA which increased by 95p per week). I've been paying this religiously since 2010, only decreasing the debt by relatively small amounts, but which is still a drain on my finances. They keep banging on about me providing evidence of my "ill health" (age related conditions) and how it affects me and whether I can go back to work. I have been trying to get it through to them that this is not just about my health but about the fact that my income is not increasing anything remotely like the outgoings that I cannot avoid paying, how I have to save to pay other people to do things for me as I get older (eg decorating) and that I am no longer working and will not be going back to work. They continued to ignore this and have only now had an explanation that they would "never" consider a write-off (even with a token payment) on the grounds of hardship and that they would look at setting up a repayment plan of £1 per month because "it's their money". Whilst I can obviously agree to that, I was hoping to be able to just get all this closed so I can let go of it all and move on for what remains of my life and not leave it to my son who has an ASD to have to deal with when I pop me clogs. (There is no money to pay a solicitor to act as executor). I also believe that if we did go the £1 per month route, they'd pass the debt to a DCA (which they did do before for a short time) and I'd then be suffering all the harassment all over again from such an organisation which I really cannot cope with any more as I am just not well enough any more. If I get a doctor's letter, that obviously will be another cost and yet again I had to point out to the rep (because of what she said) that the doctor's letter would not be about whether I was fit to return to work. banging head against the wall here! I pointed out that £12 per year, spread over 10 years which may well be the max that I last is not going to be as much as the offer I made to write it off, but that doesn't seem to have made any difference. They simply will not write a debt off unless I can show how my "illness" impacts my life and income. If I do get the doctor's letter, does anyone know what are my chances of getting the debt written off or do I face a higher risk that they'll just snigger behind their hands and tell me they still won't agree to it and that they are entitled to request continued payments?
  20. Took my complaint to FOS for irrisponsible lending after Fancyapayday rejected my complaint - FOS upheld my complaint - removal of 5 out oof 8 laons from my credit file, refund of all loan fees, charges etc plus refund of the £700 they took from my account using a CPA. So thats around £1500 refund fancy will probably escalate to the ombudsman, lets see what their next move is
  21. I took out 16 loans with 247Moneybox over an 18month period starting back in 2011. All but one successully paid back, the last loan I defaulted on. Usual story, started out with 1 PDL then had to take out a new loan at the end of the month to cover shortfall then another loan with other PDL companies. So I complained to 247 re the amount of loans provided and asked that all loan fees etc be refunded and the default loan to be cleared using monies from the refund. They said nope, we were responsible lenders etc etc. So off to FOS and FOS have upheld my complaint so am now expecting something like £1k of refunds after deduction of defaulted loan, plus all data for the loans removed from my credit files.
  22. We recently received notification of our successful claim for our PPI refund. They have offered us £5600. However we defaulted on the loan due to my husband losing his job and have been on a DMP. Bank of Scotland debt was transferred to Blair Oliver Scott, who I believe are part of Bank of Scotland. So here's my question... Blair Oliver Scott say the outstanding balance on my account is £2850 of the original loan, which will have included the original loan and PPI, so will they pay this off and send me the the remainder of the £5600??? Secondly we had a loan before this one with BOS that was paid in full that also had PPI, can we claim for this one since I don't have any paperwork or account numbers and it was taken out in 1998. Thanks in advance...
  23. i closed my virgin media tv acct in july 2015. ....waited for a final bill until aug and then paid that in full 3 weeks later..... ..2 weeks after that they defaulted me which made my credit rating fall by 223 and went into the poor section..i was not a happy person ....went onto the forums here and found the ceo mr hockbridge and i emailed him telling him this. ..they responded by saying a dedicated TEAM WILL DEAL WITH THIS.. THEY CONTACTED MY 2 DAYS LATER THE PERSON NOT VERY HELPFUL AND SAID THE DEFAULT WOULD NOT BE REMOVE. ...i then waited another 3 weeks and sent the same email with a little bit of tweeking Again the next day another person ( sadly never took his name). .he said he would look into it and will contact me again ( i thought that would not happen and was giving up hope )... Got a big surprise the next day when he phoned me and said that the default was going to be removed the next day..I was gobsmacked... .i checked my credit score the next day and it had been removed.. .all i can say to anyone trying is to keep pressing them. .do not give up hope and with luck get the correct person on the other end of the phone.. .I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!
  24. 'The (mill) wheels... grind slow, but they grind exceeding small.' I noticed the thread HFO/OFT Minded to Revoke thread had its last post eight months ago, so I'm putting this in a new thread - I hope admin will move it if they see fit. With help from many CAGgers, specifically DonkeyB (good luck in the Rugby World Cup:oops:) we were part of a process that ended in a thorough, days' long interview with the OFT to do with being hounded by HFO using draconian and humiliating practices on a debt we didn't owe them. We were asked but due to ill health were unable to be witnesses. It gives me great pleasure to share the mucho satisfactory letter received today: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Sir/Madam HFO Services Limited, Roxburghe (UK) Limited, HFO Capital Limited and Alasdair Turnbull ('The Appellants') v The Financial Conduct Authority Further to our recent correspondence, I write to update you on developments in the above proceedings. Following settlement discussions, the Appellants have agreed to exit the consumer credit market and to write off any outstanding consumer credit debts which they own. The FCA has agreed to the quashing of the determination made by the Office of Trading on 27 January 2014. It follows that the Tribunal proceedings have concluded and therefore there will not be a Tribunal hearing in this atter. A statement reflecting this outcome will be published on our website soon. We are grateful to you for all your assistance in this matter. ============================================ Alice in Limboland! It couldn't happen to a nicer bloke. Thank you again for all your help.
  25. Hello all, finally got myPPI back and refund of additions account, so thank youth those who've me great advice. Now it would seem Barclays is in the discrimination game of where you live! Just got a letter (took 15 days to get to Cyprus!) informing me that because i don't have 100K in my current account and because i live in Cyprus they will close my accounts on 11 September. Just spoke to them and first information was don't worry, you use your account so ignore the letter but because i wanted that in writing i then got told this wasn't true - oh how strange!!!!!! For starters, how many customers keep 100K in their accounts? I haven't used my UK Barclays debit card for any purchase in Cyprus (well not for 7 years anyway) i only use it to purchase items from retailers and pay bills in the UK but thats not good enough. I am now being told where i can live, how much money i have to have in my account in order o bank with them. Isn't this discrimination against other EU states ?(and yes Cyprus is in the EU) Even better, i am returning to the UK for good as soon as my house is sold but unless I'm there before Sept 11 2015 i won't have a bank account. I wonder what they will do when i can't pay my barclaycard bill due to not having a bank account~! Does anyone know if this is legal or are they breaking some EU banking code. thanks for reading my rant
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