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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all. I'm so sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but I had no idea where to put it so please feel free to move it to the correct place. I am currently working in a temporary, full time position with the possibility of going permanent after 3 months. While I'm temp, I am "under" Manpower, if/when I go perm I then get took over by the company I am working for. Manpower use the TSA Scheme but I'm having a few problems and I hope someone can help me. I have been paid 4 times (I worked 1 week in hand and get paid weekly while temp). My first wage and TSA was correct: TSA Allow: 34.60 - A TSA Adjust: -34.60 the allow and adjust matched but the next 3 payments have not matched: TSA Allow: 43.25 - M TSA Adjust: -47.58 as you can see, what has been taken out is greater than what has been put in, which means I am short by almost £5 per week. I asked our point of contact for Manpower if the allow and adjust should be the same - she said yes and said she would look into it for me but I havent heard anything from her for 2 weeks. Now I am emailing the whole team as advised for someone to help but I'd like some info in case they are trying to pull a fast one. Can anyone who knows about TSA explain or let me know if the allow/adjust should be the same or if they are meant to be different and why? Is the above TSA correct and I'm worrying about nothing? I've heard so many bad things about Manpower since I started my new job that I'm worrying they may be taking money from me (and others). What rights I have and what I do about it if all this is wrong. Any help/info is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. hello there. maybe you guys could at least put me into a right direction. my Employer has been running this Travel & Subsistence scheme which allows employees to claim the expenses and pay less tax, thereby saving money to the employee. However, the benefit split is very unfair 15% to the employee only and 85% to the employer. when we entered into the scheme all the employer told us is that we would be better off when on the scheme and it is true that we do earn a little bit more as the tax paid is much less but the employer never negotiated any fees and so as a consumer of such service in the Tax area i think the employer should be much more transparent. however, i later did further calculations. and it transpired that the employer saves a lot by paying much less of Employees National Insurance and less of Employers National Insurance , which means that we get 15 pounds but the employer takes 75 pounds , and this 70 pounds should have otherwise gone to the total pot of Employee's NIC which is connected to the employee's State Pension , Unemployment Benefits, other benefits and so on, in other words after a full and careful calculation the scheme is actually misleading and in reality is not beneficial at all !!! and is thus either a fraud or a gross negligent misrepresentation, deceit, theft whatever you want to call it. naturally it is very frustrating to enter into any disputes with your employer, but i am so ****ed off about it that i feel like i have no choice because this company has done a lot of nasty things, and they have been evading my questions about this scheme for like 4 years. now questions are: what do i do ? can i sue them? if yes can i also sue them for examplary damages as this practice is very widespread. am i a consumer of a service. this is sort of a Tax area and thus possibly i am a consumer of a Tax Consulting Service where a fee should have been negotiated. also , as an employee, it is an employee and Employement relationship and thus there must be an implied trust. so we sort of trusted that this scheme is genuinely good for us but in reality it is a rip off, it is like telling a granny that you will paint her a fence whilst you steal half of her fence. maybe someone can recommend a cheap but good lawyer or good legal aid lawyer. any advice would be very much appreciated. many thanks
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