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Found 10 results

  1. I was, until the Tax year ending March 2015, part time self employed. I sent my paperwork to DS£ Accounting Ltd (DS£ Acc) every year so they could compile my Tax Return for me. They did this very well and I was always able to claim a Tax Rebate from HMRC. Every year, many of their customers sent their paperwork in December or January. This made it difficult for DS£ Acc to process these accounts in time for the HMRC deadline of 31st Jan. Therefore, DS£ Acc introduced a surcharge of £50 if the paperwork was not received by them before 31st Oct. This encouraged their custom
  2. Could do with some URGENT advice please. I received a court claim from Lowell's in January, & completed acknowledgement of service as requested. At the time, I stated that I would defend in full. Deadline being tomorrow 28th Feb. Unfortunately, family bereavement & my own health (which tend to affect concentration & memory) have led to me lose track of time-scale, & unable to prepare any defence. This claim is for an amount outstanding from 2008 on an old catalogue. From the paperwork in my possession, I last made a payment in Sept 2008, with a balance of £333.49.
  3. I have recieved my claim form but I cannot remember which of the two listed failings my policy covered. I am considering using both the listed failings and explaining that in either case the policy was mis-sold. I am seeking guidance because the MSE site states that only one of the listed failings can be used in the claim form. Any thoughts on this welcomed. The other issue I have is the declaration. The declaration states: I confirm the information I have given in this form is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I agree to release CPP, the Business Partners and th
  4. Hi Guys I need to submit reps for a parking ticket I received. I was out for the day and while I was out one of my family members found my spare car keys and drove to the shops. When I returned in the evening I found my car parked as I'd left it in the driveway with a PCN attached to the window. I've uploaded the ticket and would appreciate your guidance on submitting my initial reps. Are there any errors in the PCN?
  5. I'm in the process of making an application for (income based) ESA. I understand that there's an assessment phase for 3-months? I'm not looking for a definite answer, but roughly how long does it take for a new application to be processed, and if successful, the amount of time in receiving a payment?
  6. Last date for submitting online ET1 form for tribunal claims is Friday 4pm. saw this on justice gov uk site. From Monday you have to pay to pay some £300 fees for submitting the form as well as some £950 for hearing. Right now it is all free. New form ET1 A revised ET1 claim form will be introduced on Monday 29 July 2013. From that date, the new claim form should be used to present a claim. Please note: The online submission service will no longer be able to accept claims from 4pm on Friday 26 July 2013. The new online submission service, with the new ET1 form, will be availabl
  7. Does anyone know if it is helpful or worth while to submit information leaflets with your ESA50 about the medical condition you have? Unfortunately what I have many people have but they are not too badly effected while I am seriously debilitated by it. In my experiance ATOS & the DWP seem to choose to see my illness as something managable and that lots of people have rather than be take into account that many people do have a chronic form of the illness. I am not sure if submitting say information printed out from the NHS website for example would be useful. The information does
  8. i need assistance with employment law, and personal injury claims. i would appreciate any advice that fellow CAG's can provided Work Related Breakdown i suffered a work related breakdown a year ago approx, however despite the problems at work i loved the actually job itself and always intended to return to work when i was well enough to do so, however i was pre empted financially and returned October last year and at that point formally started my grievance. like most people i had not idea of how a grievance procedure would work, so it was a massive learning curve. it is so unbeli
  9. I have a lot of debt. I can't go bankrupt willingly as CCCS said I should, as I will lose my rent agreement on my house and I have 3 children, the eldest is disabled. I paid all my debts solidly, (borrowing from Peter to pay Paul) until a couple of months ago. I sold everything I had to pay for them as well. Now I've just stopped paying as I can't do it anymore. I have nothing left to sell. I have also recently been diagnosed with Bipolar-disorder and, yes I spent an awful lot of money during my highs, which I then tried to recuperate by selling during m
  10. Hello, I wou1d just like your opinon about withdrawing and re-submitting ET1s. (I did post something similar in my original thread, but no one replied) On or about 14/05/12 an act of discrimnation happened which lead me to raise a grievance. (I did not realize that act of discrimination happened on that date until after I got the grievance investigation results.) On 25/05/12 I raised a grievance. On 12/06/12 I had a grievance meeting On 26/06/12 I filed an ET1 On 12/07/12 I received the results of the grievance investigation. New info came to light. On 22/07/12 I appealed
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